10 Day Workout Challenge For Beginners

10 Day Workout Challenge For Beginners

Are you a beginner looking for a fun and effective workout challenge to do at home? Perhaps, you’re finally ready to put your fears and excuses aside and invest time in your body (woo-hoo, throwing lots of confetti your way), but don’t know where to begin? Well, look no further because I have the perfect 10 day workout challenge to help you begin your fitness journey! Although I have been working out for quite some time now, I was once a beginner, too! So, I know just how nerve-wracking and intimidating working out can seem when you are just starting out! However, the good news is that once you get into the rhythm of working out, everything gets easier (I pinky promise!) Therefore, if you’re ready to hop on the fitness train, I’m sharing my 10 day workout challenge for beginners who want to start their fitness journey successfully! 

If you can’t join the challenge now, no worries! Just pin or bookmark this page and come back to it when you are ready! 

10 day workout challenge for beginners

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Self-Proclaimed YouTube Workout Connoisseur 

While I am no fitness expert (not yet, at least!), I have been following + mastering home workouts for quite some time now. I’ve familiarized myself with YouTube workouts to the point where I have completely memorized various workout routines (don’t judge me, haha) and know them by heart. I have done all kinds of workouts – arm workouts, ab workouts, booty workouts, cardio workouts, full body workouts, yoga workouts, celeb inspired workouts, dance workouts, you name it! 

Prepare prizes for sticking to a 10-day fitness workout:

After 10 days of exercise following a YouTube fitness blogger, your figure must have changed significantly. If the challenge is successful, you can prepare prizes for yourself, such as: custom pins, medals, etc.This is the encouragement to yourself and the motivation to keep exercising. GS-JJ.com can custom pins, challenge coins, medals and other prizes online, affordable and excellent quality. Many fitness bloggers also customize medals, pins here to give to their fans and friends who succeed in their challenges. (AD)

Youtube Workouts Are My Go-To

Although YouTube workouts are more popular nowadays, they have been my go-to for awhile! I’ve been following workouts on YouTube for over 3 years and I absolutely LOVE them. I enjoy the flexibility of working out at home and getting to choose which fitness instructor I get to train with everyday! And luckily, there are so many great instructors on YouTube to train with for FREE. 

However, as you may already know, Pamela Reif is my #1 choice always! In my opinion, Pamela has the the most effective, fun to follow, and promising workouts on YouTube.  (If you don’t know who Pamela Reif is, click here to learn why she’s my #1 favorite and will be yours, too!) 

Pamela Reif based workout challenge

Since I started my fitness journey with Pamela Reif’s workouts and have seen the best results with her workouts, this 10 day workout challenge will be based on Pamela’s workouts only. So, I have chosen 10 of the best beginner friendly workouts on her channel for you to follow!

10 Day Workout Challenge Rules

Each day will consist of a different workout, muscle group to train, and style of workout to follow. So, you’ll have to follow the specific workout video assigned to each day for the next 10 days. 


To make it easier for you to follow and navigate through this challenge I have:

  • Labeled each day of the challenge (day 1 – day 10)
  • Specified the kind of workout you will be doing each day (full body, arms, cardio, etc) 
  • Stated the name of the workout.
  • Provided the total time of each workout. 
  • Shared the workout video straight from Pamela’s YouTube channel. 
  • Listed all of the exercises in the workout to give you an idea of what to expect!

Workout challenge suitable for beginners

Since all of these workouts are 20 minutes or less (perfect for beginners and anyone who doesn’t have time to workout), time is NOT an excuse to fail to complete this workout challenge! 😉 But, if by any chance you’re unable to workout during a day, just continue the challenge the next day! It’s better to skip a day than to miss the whole challenge. 

Workout challenge preview

Because it’s important to let our muscles rest in between workouts, we will be focusing on a different body part (muscle group) everyday! Here’s a preview of what to expect each day. 

  1. Abs training – DAY 1
  2. Full Body training – DAY 2
  3. Booty training – DAY 3
  4. Arms & Core training – DAY 4
  5. Cardio training – DAY 5
  6. Full Body training – DAY 6
  7. Booty training – DAY 7
  8. Arms training – DAY 8
  9. Dance – DAY 9
  10. Full Body training – DAY 10

If you’re ready to start an epic workout challenge, train your muscles, and get on with your fitness journey, here’s my 10 day workout challenge for beginners! 

10 Day Workout Challenge For Beginners

DAY 1: ABS  

Workout video: Beginner Ab Workout (click here to be directed to the workout)

Total time: 10 Minutes 

Muscle Group Focus: Abs 


  1. Crunch middle
  2. Rest – 10 seconds 
  3. Crunch left
  4. Crunch right
  5. Heel touches
  6. Ab hold
  7. Rest – 10 seconds
  8. Russian twist
  9. Lean back hold
  10. Rest – 10 seconds
  11. Slow mountain climber
  12. Rest – 10 seconds
  13. Plank
  14. Rest – 10 seconds
  15. Toe touches
  16. Rest – 10 seconds
  17. Bicycle crunch
  18. Rest – 10 seconds
  19. Hip lift
  20. Rest – 10 seconds
  21. Ab hold
  22. Rest – 10 seconds
  23. Spider plank
  24. Rest – 10 seconds 
  25. Plank


Workout video: Good Morning Workout (Stretch & Train) (click here to be directed to the workout)

Total time: 10 minutes 

Muscle Group Focus: Glutes, arms, and abs! 


  1. Deep squats w/arm reach
  2. Wide squat left/right 
  3. Jump squat
  4. Walk down to plank
  5. Plank w/ rotation
  6. Kickback w/arm tuck – right
  7. Booty half moons – right
  8. Kickback w/arm tuck – left
  9. Booty half moons – left
  10. Pushup w/ backstretch
  11. Pushup w/ child’s pose
  12. Right leg: Plank kickback 
  13. Left leg: Plank kickback
  14. Plank w/rotation 
  15. Superman
  16. Windshield Wiper
  17. Jack knife
  18. Sit up w/ forward bend
  19. Reverse plank (up &down)
  20. Reverse plank 


Workout video: Booty Burn Workout (click here to be directed to the workout)

Total time: 10 Minutes 

Muscle Group Focus: Glutes 


  1. Left leg: Pulse lunge
  2. Right leg: Pulse lunge
  3. Lunge w/ leg raise – left
  4. Lunge w/ leg raise – right
  5. Jump squat
  6. Side squat steps
  7. Sumo squat
  8. Abductor squat
  9. Rest – 20 seconds
  10. Donkey kicks – right leg
  11. Donkey kicks – left leg
  12. Fire hydrants – straight right kickback
  13. Fire hydrants – straight left kickback 
  14. Frog kicks – alternating
  15. Frog kicks
  16. Rest – 20 seconds
  17. Glute bridge
  18. Left leg: Glute bridge
  19. Right leg: Glute bridge
  20. Glute bridge: narrow stance 
  21. Alternating leg raise glute bridge 
  22. Glute bridge hold 


Workout video: Arms & Core Workout (click here to be directed to the workout)

Total time: 10 Minutes 

Muscle Group Focus: Arms and core.


  1. Push ups
  2. Shoulder taps
  3. Side push up: left side
  4. Side push up: right side
  5.  Rest – 30 seconds
  6. T rotating plank
  7. Up down plank
  8. Superman
  9. Superman w/ rotation
  10. Rest – 30 seconds
  11. Tricep dips
  12. Reverse plank
  13. Plank
  14. Plank back & forth
  15. Rest – 30 seconds
  16. Push ups
  17. Up down plank
  18. Ab crunch – cross touch
  19. Tricep push ups on knees


Workout video: Cardio No Jumping Workout (click here to be directed to the workout)

Total time: 10 Minutes 

Muscle Group Focus: Abs, glutes, and arms.


  1. Parcel up & down
  2. Squat knee to elbow
  3. Squat hold + stretch
  4. Silent burpees
  5. Plank + sitback
  6. Plank + toe reach 
  7. Mountain climber walk
  8. Silent burpees
  9. Squat knee to elbow
  10. Sumo squat + arm circle 
  11. Silent burpees
  12. Bicycle crunch
  13. Reverse crunch
  14. Starfish crunch
  15. Ab hold
  16. Silent burpees
  17. Low spider plank
  18. High spider plank
  19. Side to side walk
  20. Hardcore hold


Workout video: Full Body Beginner Workout (with talking) | (click here to be directed to the workout)

Total time: 15 Minutes 

Muscle Group Focus: Glutes, arms, and abs. 

  1. High crunches
  2. Floor taps
  3. 1 arm 1 leg reach out – right
  4. 1 arm 1 leg reach out – left
  5. Knee crunch in
  6. Glute bridge
  7. Wide glute bridge
  8. Close glute bridge
  9. Close glute bridge pulses
  10. Glute bridge hold
  11. Donkey kicks – right leg
  12. Straight leg pulses – right leg
  13. Straight leg hold – right leg
  14. Donkey kicks – left leg
  15. Straight leg pulses – left leg
  16. Straight leg hold – left leg
  17. Push up on knees
  18. Superman
  19. Superman + reach out
  20. Airplane push up
  21. Arm circles – backwards 
  22. Arm circles – forwards
  23. Flappy bird
  24. Arm hold
  25. Flappy bird
  26. Mountain climber walk
  27. Elbow plank
  28. Bear hold
  29. Cat & cow


Workout video: Low Impact (Knee Friendly) Booty Workout (click here to be directed to the workout)

Total time: 15 Minutes 

Muscle Group Focus: Glutes  and legs.

  1. Kickback – right leg
  2. Straight side lift – right leg
  3. Side lift pulses – right leg
  4. Kickback – left leg
  5. Straight side lift – left leg
  6. Side lift pulses – left leg
  7. Donkey kicks – right leg
  8. Straight leg pulses – right leg
  9. Straight leg hold – right leg
  10. Hamstring curl – right leg
  11. Donkey kick spider crunch – right leg
  12. Right leg outer thigh lift
  13. Right leg thigh circles
  14. Outer thigh pulses – right leg
  15. Outer thigh hold – right leg
  16. Donkey kicks – left leg
  17. Straight leg pulses – left leg
  18. Straight leg hold – left leg
  19. Hamstring curl – left leg
  20. Donkey kick spider crunch – left leg
  21. Left leg outer thigh lift
  22. Left leg outer thigh circles
  23. Outer thigh pulses – left leg
  24. Outer thigh hold – left leg
  25. Right leg glute bridge 
  26. Right leg glute bridge hold
  27. Left leg glute bridge
  28. Left leg glute bridge hold
  29. Glute bridge: high
  30. High bridge pulses
  31. High bridge hold


Workout video: Toned Arms With Water Bottles Workout (click here to be directed to the workout)

Total time: 10 Minutes 

Muscle Group Focus: arms and shoulders.

  1. Box + step 
  2. Bicep curl + step
  3. Chest press + step
  4. Shoulder + chest press
  5. Arm hold + shoulder press – right arm
  6. Arm hold + shoulder press – left arm
  7. Step + arm opener 
  8. Step + bicep curls
  9. Hold + step
  10. 1 Arm row – right arm
  11. 1 Arm row – left arm
  12. Row + side left
  13. Push up on knees
  14. Superman + reach out
  15. Bottle back + forth
  16. Right arm row + triceps push
  17. Left arm row + triceps push
  18. Biceps curl _ shoulder press
  19. Shoulder press + triceps push
  20. Flappy bird
  21. Arm hold


Workout video: Happy Dance Workout (click here to be directed to the workout)

Total time: 15 Minutes 

Muscle Group Focus: Glutes, arms, and legs. 

  1. Punch up + down
  2. Body tornado + side step
  3. Squat + side step
  4. Body roll + side step
  5. Side shuffle
  6. Body tornado + side step
  7. Squat + butt slap
  8. 3-Step walk
  9. Leg stretch 
  10. 4x hip 1 x squat
  11. Step + back squeeze
  12. Side step + wave
  13. Squat hold + touches 
  14. Sumo squats
  15. 4x hip 1x squat
  16. Step + arm circles
  17. Side step + sky push
  18. Slide + box
  19. Step + arm combo
  20. Punch up + down
  21. Slide + box + front reach
  22. Squat hold
  23. Slide + overhead clap
  24. High knees
  25. Squat hold + side punch
  26. High knees
  27. Squat + slap
  28. High knees
  29. Squat hold + side punch
  30. High knees
  31. Half squat step + arms
  32. Squat
  33. High knees


Workout video: Full Body Beginner Workout (click here to be directed to the workout)

Total time: 20 Minute 

Muscle Group Focus: Glutes, arms, and abs. 


  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Walk down to plank
  3. Jumping jacks
  4. Walk down to plank
  5. Rest – 30 seconds
  6. Squat
  7. Squat w/cross elbow
  8. Curtsey lunge
  9. Jump twist
  10. Squat
  11. Squat w/ cross elbow
  12. Rest – 30 seconds
  13. Squat
  14. Squat w/ cross elbow
  15. Curtsey lunge
  16. Jump twist
  17. Squat 
  18. Squat w/cross elbow
  19. Rest – 30 seconds
  20. Jumping jacks
  21. Walk down to plank
  22. Jumping jacks
  23. Walk down to plank
  24. Rest – 30 seconds
  25. Slow bicycle crunch
  26. Crunch w/ straight legs
  27. Slow mountain climber
  28. Plank
  29. Superman
  30. Slow mountain climber
  31. Plank
  32. Rest – 30 seconds
  33. Slow bicycle crunch
  34. Crunch w/ straight legs
  35. Slow mountain climber
  36. Superman
  37. Slow mountain climber 
  38. Plank
  39. Rest – 30 seconds
  40. Squat with stretch
  41. Hip stretch right
  42. Hip stretch left
  43. Whole body stretch


I have created a fun PDF to help you keep track of this workout challenge (cross off the days you complete!) So, if you want to download this free PDF, just enter your email below and you’ll get access to this workout challenge PDF and my entire resource library!  Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email with the password to my resource library! Just enter the password and you’ll be able to download this workout challenge and anything in my resource library.  


This is your official invitation to join me in this beginner friendly, suitable for busy people, fun to do at home, and equipment-free 10 day workout challenge! A challenge that does not take up your time, need any equipment, or require a fitness background? Sounds pretty perfect to me! So, will you accept my invitation and join me in this challenge? PS: You can start this challenge whenever you want!

So, if you’re not ready to join me just yet, save this page and join me when you are! I’ll be waiting for you! 

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If you’re ready to take on this challenge, let me know in the comments below! Also, what workout video are you excited for the most? 

Until next time,

Gabby Abigail

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