10 Healthy & Easy Post Workout Smoothie Recipes

10 healthy and easy post workout smoothie recipes

Woo-hoo! So, you’ve burnt calories, trained muscles, and have completed another successful workout session. Good for you! However, you’re not done just yet. A good workout session calls for a good post workout smoothie. Say what? I get to train and enjoy a smoothie afterwards? Yes! While exercising is vital to tone and train your body, your muscles require nutrients in order to recover (from intense workout sessions) and grow as desired! So, whether you spent the last hour exercising, walking, running, or doing some kind of high intensity activity, you need to replenish your body with a delicious, but healthy smoothie. If you don’t have any smoothie recipes, no worries! I’ve compiled a list of 10 healthy and easy post workout smoothie recipes for you! 

10 healthy & easy post workout smoothie recipes

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The Best Post Workout Drinks

What do you normally drink after your workouts? A bottle of water, a protein powder shake, an energy drink, or nothing at all? While it’s important to hydrate before, during, and after a workout, water is not enough to help your muscles grow and recover! On the other hand, protein shakes and energy drinks are pretty unhealthy for your body. Which completely defeats the purpose of being healthy, doesn’t it? 

Don’t sabotage your workouts

And if you’re not drinking or eating anything after a workout, what are you doing? Your body needs nutrients to replace the fluids, and electrolytes lost during your workout session! So, don’t let your hard work, time, and effort at the gym or at-home go down the drain by not eating properly afterwards. 

Easy post workout recipes for you

Make your workout count by indulging in a delicious, but healthy post workout smoothie that will contribute to the recovery and growth of your muscles! Don’t know what smoothies to make? Today is your lucky day because I’ll be sharing 10 healthy and easy post workout smoothie recipes that you can make in 5 minutes! So, time is not an excuse! 😉

10 Post Workout Smoothie Recipes For You


Burned some calories? Treat yourself to a good post workout smoothie! Enjoy a healthy but delicious strawberry milkshake smoothie guilt-free! This Strawberry Milkshake Smoothie is naturally sweetened with fruits, includes flaxseed (which is healthy for you), your choice of milk, and greek yogurt. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Does this smoothie recipe sound good to you? Click here for the full recipe! 

Image and recipe from Kristine’s Kitchen Blog


If you love cinnamon raisin bread and just finished an intense workout session, I have the perfect smoothie recipe for you! Here’s a smoothie recipe that’s vegan friendly, easy to make, and perfect for all cinnamon loving people. 

If this smoothie recipe sounds like a must for you, click here for the full recipe!

A cinnamon

Image and Recipe from: Averie Cooks


Dripping in sweat? Treat yourself to a delicious, refreshing, and creamy smoothie. This Strawberry Orange Sunrise Smoothie recipe is perfect for anyone who loves a good old combination of orange, strawberry, and banana. I mean, who doesn’t? 😉 

If you’re in the mood for a tropical post workout smoothie recipe, click here!

There are two strawberry smoothies on a table, garnished with a slice of orange and a strawberry.

Image and Recipe from Garnish and Glaze


Gave your muscles a good burn? It’s time to give back to your muscles by helping them grow and recover with a good protein smoothie! And no I’m not referring to your basic protein shake. We don’t do basic here! Enjoy a “berry” (see what I did there?) delicious Berry Coconut Protein Smoothie with this easy smoothie recipe that only requires 5 ingredients. Say what?

If this post workout smoothie recipe sounds appetizing to you, click here for the full recipe.

A purple berry smoothie topped with nuts.

Image and Recipe from Anne Smiles


Boost your immune system with this incredibly simple, but nevertheless delicious post workout orange smoothie! You can’t go wrong with a good workout and a good immunity boosting smoothie to compliment it. We can all use a dose of Vitamin C!

If you want to boost your immune system after an intense workout session, click here for this post workout smoothie recipe!

An orange smoothie with a slice of banana on top.

Image and Recipe from Kristine’s Kitchen Blog


Picture this: 5 ingredients, a blender, and you (a sweaty you, but it’s okay) creating a mouth-watering Peanut Butter & Berry Quinoa smoothie! Hello, deliciousness! (I’m talking about the smoothie btw) Personally, I’m not the biggest quinoa fan. However, I don’t mind it in a good smoothie. Especially not in a smoothie recipe like this one!

Does this smoothie sound and look delicious enough for you to make? If so, click here for the full recipe of this glorious post workout smoothie!

A pink berry post workout smoothie, topped with peanut butter.

Image and Recipe from: Exsloth


Finished a fun workout? Awesome, now it’s time to treat yourself to a Green Monster Orange Smoothie. You thought I forgot about all of you who love green drinks? I could never. There’s never a wrong time to enjoy a green smoothie, but there couldn’t be a more perfect time to enjoy a smoothie of this kind after a good workout session.

If you want to indulge in a glass of healthy goodness, click here for the full recipe.

This is a orange and green post workout smoothie garnished with a slice of orange and spinach.

Image and Recipe from Sugar and Soul


Exhausted from a killer workout session? You definitely deserve a good rest and a good booster. Boost your energy with a delightful Cocoa Almond Protein Smoothie. A shake full of flavor, protein, nutrition, and free of protein powders. Yuuuum. Does it get any better than that? I think not. 

Is your mouth watering? Then, click here for the full recipe!

There is a protein post workout smoothie with cocoa and banana slices sprinkled on top.

Image and Recipe  from Kristen’s Kitchen Blog


How does a sunset in a glass after a hardcore workout session sound to you? Sounds pretty magical to me. Brighten up your day with a Peach Melba Surprise Smoothie. Whether it’s warm or cold outside, here’s a smoothie filled with summer vibes and simple ingredients, and insane flavors! Talk about an exotic smoothie!

If you’re craving an exotic smoothie, click here for the full recipe!

A glass filled with a peach melba smoothie. The color of this smoothie is orange at the top and pink at the bottom of the glass.

Image and Recipe from Wall Flower Kitchen


Trained like a boss babe? It’s only fair that you treat yourself to a deliciously packed post workout smoothie! If you love blueberries, greens, and oats, here’s a smoothie specifically designed for you!  Prepare and enjoy a nutritious smoothie in only 5 minutes!

If you’re in the mood for some blueberry extravaganza, click here for the full recipe!

There is a purple blueberry post workout smoothie cup with spinach. There are blueberries and spinach leaves on the table serving as decor.

Image and Recipe from Kristen’s Kitchen Blog

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