10 Simple Affirmations To Tell Yourself Everyday

10 simple affirmations to tell yourself everyday

How many times have you gone out of your way to lift someone up? Whether it’d be to offer someone advice, words of encouragement, support, or to simply tell them “you will be alright” We’ve all taken time to look out for someone. And while it is amazing to help and look out for others, it is very important to not forget about ourselves in the process. A great way to boost your confidence and lift your mood is by practicing affirmations. If you are in the need of a confidence boost, below I’m sharing 10 simple affirmations to tell yourself everyday!

10 affirmations to tell yourself everyday

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Often times we forget to talk to ourselves because we are too busy talking to everyone else. We are excellent at giving advice. We are great at cheering other people up. But why is it that the few times that we do talk to ourselves it is only to nitpick our flaws “I suck a this, I should quit, etc” Why can’t we give ourselves the same you-will-be-alright speech that we tend to give to others?


When someone tells you “I’m so stupid because I don’t understand this” Do you just agree with them and tell them that they are right? Or do you tell them that they’re not stupid and they shouldn’t give up? I’m sure it’s option B!

So, why can’t you offer the same amount of kindness to yourself? Why must you be so hard on yourself to the point of bringing yourself down with your own negative thoughts and comments? Criticism is helpful and necessary, but negative self-talk is harmful.

Putting yourself down won’t help you grow. It’ll only bring your self-esteem down. So, I say that it’s time that we reclaim our confidence and start talking to ourselves with kindness.

If you’re tired of being hard on yourself, feeding your mind with lies, and speaking negatively, here are 10 affirmations to tell yourself everyday!

10 Simple Affirmations To Tell Yourself Everyday

1. I am grateful for the incredible and unique life I have been given.

2. Everyday I’m closer to becoming the very best version of myself.

3. I’m worthy of unconditional love.

4. The opinion of others is not a reflection of who I am but a reflection of who they are.

5. I choose to be happy and I deserve to have happiness in my life. 

6. I let go of anything and everything that doesn’t serve me.

7. I am proud of everything I have accomplished thus far and everything I have yet to accomplish.

8. I am intelligent, beautiful, successful, confident and enough. 

9. I am doing my best everyday.

10. I am excited to create the life I want and dream of.

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I hope you found these 10 simple affirmations helpful! Let me know which affirmations you will start repeating to yourself everyday!

Until next time,

Gabby Abigail

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