10 Ways To Boost Your Mood When You’re Feeling Sad

10 Ways To Boost Your Mood When You're Feeling Sad

Are you looking for ways to cope with sadness? Has sadness been invading your life lately? Are you tired of letting sadness control your life? While you can’t control everything that happens to you or around you, you can control the way you react in every situation. Yes, feeling sad is completely normal and human. However, there are a couple of things you can do to prevent sadness from controlling, hurting, and destroying you. So today, I’m going to share 10 ways to boost your mood when you’re feeling sad!

10 Ways To Boost Your Mood When You're Feeling Sad

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10 Ways To Boost Your Mood When You’re Feeling Sad

Use these ideas to help you get out of sadness on gloomy days.


Praying to God has been life-changing to me. There’s never been a time that I have come away from prayer feeling sad. God truly knows how to comfort your heart and bring peace to your mind in ways that no one else can. If you’ve never done this before, I challenge you to reach out to God the next time you’re feeling sad and watch how the power of prayer can transform your sadness into joy. And hey, you don’t have to know how to “pray” to do this. Prayer is simply talking to God! If you know how to talk, you know how to pray.


Sometimes the mind needs a little reminding of who you are, what you’re capable of, and how blessed you are. One of the best ways to give your mind a little reminder of your potential and your mood a little boost is by repeating powerful affirmations. Don’t know what affirmations to repeat? No worries, I have shared 10 simple affirmations to tell yourself everyday in this blog post.

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And if you’re a believer, there are no better affirmations to repeat than affirmations inspired from the Bible. Click here for 50 life-changing biblical affirmations that will change your perspective in life, give you confidence, and cheer you up.

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Right where you are out, stand up, close your eyes and simply breathe.


Something that really helps me when I’m sad is listening to happy upbeat music. Since I have only been listening to Christian music for quite some time now, I put together a blog post with the 100 best christian songs to jam to. In this blog post you’ll find some of my favorite up-beat christian songs that boost my mood when I’m feeling down!

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Or, if you’re not in the mood for an upbeat song, listen to soul-touching songs. Not depressing songs – those only make everything worst! I also have a blog post with 10 soul-touching christian songs that will comfort your heart, here!

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I know this sounds completely ridiculous, but trust me it works! I’ve tried this, my sister swears by this, and I’ve heard many others say that smiling is an effective medicine for your soul. Smiling (even when you don’t feel like it) helps trick your mind into thinking that you’re happy. As a result, your mood is lifted and feelings of sadness seem to be less heightened.


I don’t know about you, but when I look good, I feel good. This is one of the main reasons why I love getting dressed every single day, even when I’m working from home. So, when you’re feeling down, put on your favorite outfit! A little confidence boost never hurt anyone.


Have you noticed that the happiest people aren’t the ones who have everything but the ones who appreciate everything they have? Yes, happiness isn’t really about getting everything you want, but about appreciating everything you currently have. When you start to focus on the things you have, the blessings in your life, and the unique life you have been given, life becomes more enjoyable.

“Gratitude is the beginning of a life that is worth living.”

-Gabby abigail

The next time you’re feeling sad and unhappy with your life, create a list of all of the things you’re grateful for.


Not too long ago I read a story about a bird who was miserable. He was sick, without feathers, homeless, with nothing to eat or drink, and unhappy. One day, an angel passed by this bird and told him that he was going to heaven to meet with God. After hearing this, the bird, in his agony, begged the angel to ask God when his suffering will come to an end. So, the angel did as the bird asked and asked God when his suffering would end. To his dismay, God responded that the bird would suffer for the remainder of his life. After hearing the horrible news, the angel asked God if he could provide some kind of solution for the bird because this news would only devastate him more.

God told the angel to tell the bird to simply repeat this daily: “Thank you God for everything.” And so the angel delivered this message to the bird. After some time had passed, the angel went back to visit the bird. When he saw the bird, he saw the bird dancing and singing with joy. His feathers had grown, he was happy, and things around him were different. The angel couldn’t understand what had happened. How could the bird be happy when God said he would endure suffering forever?

So the angel went back to God and asked him how this was possible. And God explained that the bird changed the course of his life by practicing gratitude. When he couldn’t fly, he thanked God. When he was thirsty, he thanked God. In every situation, he thanked God. By thanking God in every situation, the bird was able to transform his misery into happiness. Gratitude changes EVERYTHING.


There’s never been a time that I have regretted a workout or felt bad after doing a workout. In fact, I always feel motivated, energized, and happy after a workout. You may think that I’m being biased because I love to workout, but working out really does help improve your self-esteem, confidence, mood, and health. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which helps reduce feelings of sadness, depression, and stress. I know that working out is probably the last thing you want to do when you’re sad, but trust me it is a incredible mood and confidence booster.

Bonus Ideas To Boost Your Mood When You’re Sad

  • Read the Bible.
  • Treat yourself to your favorite meal.
  • Accept your feelings in a positive way.
  • Go out for a walk by yourself.
  • Order take out and watch your favorite movie.
  • Watch funny tiktoks or videos on YouTube.
  • Look at old photos.
  • Close your eyes and think about times you were happy.
  • Text your favorite person.
  • Create a list of goals.
  • Distract yourself by cleaning.
  • Know that this feeling of sadness won’t last forever.

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I really hope you find these ideas helpful. Please know that you will not feel this way forever, your time of joy is coming. Now tell me, what do you like to do when you’re feeling down? Share it with me in the comments below!

Until next time,

Gabby Abigail

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