15 Summer Beauty Hacks To Boost Confidence 

15 Summer Beauty Hacks To Boost Confidence 

Summer is one of the most fun seasons of the year to enjoy. But as relaxing and wonderful as summer can be, it’s still so important to adjust our routine to align with the summer season. Each season is different and should be taken into consideration when planning ahead. Just like we wear boots and cozy sweaters during fall, we adjust to flip flops and shorts during the summertime. And adjusting to summer also includes changing up our beauty regimen. Summer is the perfect time to go outside and enjoy concerts, carnivals, and go on vacation. And with attending multiple fun events, we need to make sure to always look our best. Here are 15 summer beauty hacks that will help boost your confidence.

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15 Summer Beauty Hacks To Boost Confidence 

These summer beauty hacks will help you look your best. 

Of course looks aren’t everything, but when we feel beautiful, we feel on top of the world and ready to tackle any task that comes our way. And part of looking our best means feeling our best. That’s why below I am sharing practical summer beauty hacks that will help you feel your best this summer.


1. Be sure to hydrate your body. 

I’m sure you’ve heard this before plenty of times. Stay hydrated during the hot summer season. And if you’re hearing it so much, it’s only because it’s so important! Too often, people get sick from becoming dehydrated during summertime, even when it’s completely preventable. 

It’s so important to drink enough water during the summer to stay hydrated.

And if you don’t like drinking water, which is understandable, try different options. You can add lemon or any type of fruit that you prefer to give your water flavor.

Or maybe the water you like to drink has to be super cold. Make sure to chill it, if that’s the case.

Either way, try to stay hydrated and drink the amount of water your body needs everyday. 

2. Do easy workouts that will help keep you in shape. 

Working out during the summer never sounds like a fun thing.

But excising is a great way to boost your confidence and stay healthy. Now, you don’t have to push yourself to go on crazy adventures like hiking in order to burn calories. You can follow easy workouts on YouTube for free and without any pressure or heat. You can workout from the comfort of your home where it’s cool and air conditioned. How convenient is that? Working out at home during summer could just be what you are looking if you want to stay cool as you workout. 

3. Moisturize your skin overnight to look refreshed in the morning.

Try using a hydrating moisturizer such as CeraVe or Cetaphil before bedtime.

Our skin dries out so much during the day, it’s important to let it hydrate overnight with plenty of moisturizer so that it looks refreshed by the time you are up for the day. 

4. Use under eye creams so that the skin under your eyes doesn’t get puffy. 

Having puffy and dark under eye skin is not fun at all! As we get older, our skin tends to dry out faster too. That’s why it’s important to take care of our under eyes by applying a great under eye cream.

Plenty of brands you use already have their own under eye cream. So give those a try!

5. Be sure to use water resistant sunscreen. 

Sunscreen is a must everyday, especially during the summer. Being out in the sun too for long periods of time without wearing sunscreen to protect your skin health is a bad idea. A lot of makeup products come with sunscreen now but don’t rely on makeup to protect your skin from the sun. Be sure to apply sunscreen beforehand and re-apply as many times as you need to while you’re out and about!

6. Try using lighter makeup during the summer. 

Avoid heavy makeup during the summertime. Instead, try going for more natural looks that make your skin look glowy! Play with less makeup, choose lighter shades, use lipgloss instead of lipstick, etc!

7. Wear waterproof makeup. 

If you plan to be in the water a lot during the summer and don’t want to go with a bare face, wear waterproof makeup. Waterproof makeup will make it easy to participate in all the water activities you want while wearing makeup without worrying it will come off in the water. And the best thing is that you can find just about anything waterproof in the stores or online now.

8. Apply primer for a longer lasting makeup look. 

If you want your makeup to last longer and your skin to look great throughout the day, use primer.

Primer is meant to help makeup stay on and is needed as the base. Also, primer can help with dry and oily skin. So, apply primer before putting on any makeup and let it do it’s magic.

9. Use body lotion to stay hydrated and smell delish!

Put on enough body lotion to keep your skin hydrated and smelling great all day long.

And don’t be scared to reapply throughout the day.

A great quality option that you can try is CeraVe because it’s great for sensitive skin and it is oil free.

 10. Use chapstick with Broad spectrum SPF 30.  

Make sure your lips don’t get sunburnt by using an Aquaphor lip repair stick with SPF 30. It’s important to protect your lips from drying out and getting sunburnt. So, using a chapstick with SPF 30 will help prevent that. 

11. Protect your hair during your summer adventures.

Don’t let the sun or chlorine from the pool damage your hair.

Apply leave in conditioner before getting into the pool and use UV protectant spray to wear in your hair. 

Keep your hair hydrated and safe from becoming damaged or brittle by applying the necessary products that will protect your hair.

12. Have dry shampoo on hand in case you leave on a spur of the moment vacation. 

If a spontaneous trip comes up, make sure you are prepared with some dry shampoo.

Keep dry shampoo on hand for any fun events coming up as a quick solution to maintaining your hair clean when there aren’t many bathing opportunities available. There are even some amazing dry shampoo options that include protection from sun damage.

13. Use avocado oil to slick your hair back in a high ponytail. 

Summer hairstyles are always changing throughout the years, but a high ponytail has remained a personal favorite for everyone. The high ponytail is a hairstyle that will never go out of fashion.

But with the heat, many fly hairs can get in your face and in your way so eliminate them by using avocado oil. Avocado oil has many great benefits to your hair such as; adding moisture to your hair, helping hair growth, and helping hair grow more healthily.

14. Apply a vitamin C serum daily. 

Make sure to apply Vitamin C serum daily because of all the health benefits attached to it. Not only does Vitamin C help with the formation of collagen but it also helps you personally absorb iron better.

Vitamin C also helps your immune system and keeps you more healthy. 

Plus it will help your skin look more glowy and smooth.

15. Wear summer friendly outfits. 

Although you shouldn’t spend your summer worrying about coming up with cute summer outfits, you need to dress for the season. Wear clothes that will help you enjoy summer more effectively by staying cool, comfortable, and cute. Shorts, sandals, tank tops, and summer dresses are all great options.

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I hope these summer beauty hacks have helped you in one way or another. These helpful summer beauty hacks are meant to help you shine this summer. Having fun this summer is key and there are many different ways to add fun to your beauty regimen. Leave a comment down below if you have used any of these summer beauty hacks. And let me know which one is your favorite! 

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