20 Creative Bullet Journal Page Ideas

20 Creative Bullet Journal Page Ideas

One of my favorite discoveries this year has been bullet journaling! Bullet journaling has helped me organize my life in a more creative and unique manner. I love being able to play around with new themes, layouts, spreads, and ideas every month. While there are thousands of ways to set up your bullet journal, it can sometimes be tricky to come up with new page ideas. Especially if you’re just starting a bullet journal. So, whether you’re a bullet journal newbie, are running out of page ideas, or need some bujo inspo, here are 20 creative bullet journal page ideas that should try! 

20 creative bullet journal page ideas to use

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20 Creative Bullet Journal Page

1. Title page

The title page is quite simple, but it serves as a good introductory page. This page should introduce your theme for the month in a simple, but creative way. So, you can create a cool title page that will introduce the month to your liking! 

What to include in your title page?

  • Name of month
  • Quote
  • Stickers
  • Designs pertaining to your chosen theme

2. Quotes page

If you’re anything like me, you can’t live without quotes! I love going on Pinterest to pin inspirational quotes and save quotes that I can resonate with. And there’s no where better to write quotes down than on a good quotes page! So, create a simple layout to include quotes that you want to live by and are loving during the month. 

Here are ideas of quotes to add to this page:

  • Inspirational quotes
  • Motivational quotes
  • Quotes created by YOU
  • Funny quotes (we all need to laugh!)
  • A quote of the month. 
  • Fitness quotes

3. Bible verses page

If you enjoy reading the Bible like me, you need to have a page for Bible verses. Similarly, to a “quotes page”, you can create a layout where you can write the Bible verses that inspire you, stand out, and speak to you during the month. I love having my bullet journal next to me when I’m reading the Bible because it makes it easy for me to fill in my bullet journal with verses while I’m reading!

Bible verses ideas:

  • Bible verses that you love
  • Any Bible verses that inspire you
  • Bible verses that speak to you
  • Bible verses that you should apply to your life
April Bullet Journal Cover

4. Calendar layout page

Using a calendar helps give you a good overview of the month. You can use the calendar page in your bullet journal to mark birthdays, appointments, tasks, and events. I like to use two pages to create my monthly calendar layout! 

What to include in your calendar layout page? 

  • Name of month
  • Calendar 
  • Notes section
  • Goals section
  • Quote of the month

5. Reminders page

It’s always important to set reminders for yourself at the beginning of the month, during the month, and at the end of the month. So, create a layout where you can list the things you have to accomplish and the places you have to go during the month.

What to include in your reminders page?

  • Events
  • Appointments
  • Tasks that you have to accomplish
  • Birthdays
  • Important dates

6. Mood board page

Whether you’re working on a project, creating a business, or looking for inspiration, mood boards are a great way to gather ideas and inspiration! Simply create a mood board layout where you can add ALL kinds of inspiration in the form of text and images. 

What to include in your mood board page?

  • Quotes
  • Cut outs from magazines
  • Images of things that inspire you
  • Outfits you’re loving
  • Trends
April bujo layout

7. Goals page

Setting new goals every month helps you plan your daily tasks, stay motivated and productive throughout the month. So, create a layout to list your goals for the month. You can set little goals or big goals, a few goals or many goals.  Personally, I like setting 10 goals at the beginning of every month. So, I usually create a layout to fit at least 10 goals. 

What to include in your goals page?

  • A list of goals for the month
  • An inspiring quote 
  • Stats goals for social media accounts/blog

8. Mood tracker page

Create a layout to track your mood everyday of the month. Depending on your theme, create a layout where you can fit 30-31 days. Label everyday of the month, create a key bank chart with moods and colors to represent each mood.


  • Motivated – RED
  • Happy – PINK
  • Grateful – ORANGE
  • Gloomy – BLUE 
  • Angry – GRAY
goal and mood tracker page

9. Daily gratitude page

Regardless of what’s going on in our lives or around us, there is always something to be grateful for! If you want to practice gratitude every day, create a layout to list what you’re grateful for everyday.

What to include in your daily gratitude page?

  • The days of the month
  • Something you’re grateful for everyday
  • Gratitude reminders
  • Gratitude quotes

10. Stats page

If you’re a content creator (blogger, youtuber, influencer, etc) like myself, you should track your stats (followers, views, subscribers). It’s important to keep track of your social media statistics in order to grow your social media presence! Therefore, I highly suggest that you create a layout where you can keep track of your stats on all of your social media platforms. 

Stats to track:

  • Instagram followers
  • Twitter followers
  • Pinterest followers
  • TikTok followers
  • Snapchat followers
  • Website views/subscribers
  • YouTube views/subscribers

11. Wishlist page

It’s always so fun to create wishlists. Wishlist aka what I desire list! I love browsing through my favorite online stores, shopping, and then creating wishlists of things I would reaaaaally like to buy but can’t/shouldn’t buy at the moment. Can you relate? If you can, you need to create a monthly wishlist page of the things you desire in your bullet journal!

What to include in your wishlist page?

  • Things you want to buy
  • Products you want to try
  • New make up collections you want to try
  • Things you need to buy
  • Clothes you have been eyeing
  • New drops that interest you

12. Playlist page

Create a layout to list the songs you have been loving during the month!  It’s fun to keep track of the songs you most listen to and love each month. And, by creating a “playlist page” you’re basically creating a playlist of your favorite songs each month. How fun! 

What to include in your playlist page?

  • Song title
  • Author of the song
  • Your own rating of the song

13. Bucket list page

What do you want to accomplish this month? Create a layout where you can list 5-10 things you want to accomplish during the month. 

What to include in your bucket list page?

  • Places you want to go
  • Things you want to do
  • Things you want to see

14. Affirmations page

In order to practice affirmations, you have to write them down first! And what better place to list your affirmations than your bullet journal? Create a layout where you can list either daily affirmations or 10 affirmations that you want to practice during the month! You can create your own affirmations or repeat affirmations that you find online. Here are 10 affirmations you should tell yourself everyday. 

Affirmation Ideas:

  • Positive affirmations 
  • Self-discovery affirmations
  • Self-love affirmations
stats bullet journal page

15. Brainstorming page

I love having a page every month designed only for brainstorming aka brain dumping. A brainstorming page makes it so easy to dump all of the ideas and projects roaming around in your head and then turn these ideas into projects the following month. If you enjoy brainstorming, create a brainstorming page for your bullet journal! 

What to include in your brainstorming page?

  • Anything that comes to your head
  • Words
  • Images
  • Goals
  • Project ideas
  • New habits you want to implement
  • New things you want to do
  • Content ideas (if you’re a content creator)

16. Favorites page

Create a layout to include all of your monthly favorites! What are you loving this month? 

Here are some ideas of things you can include in your favorites page:

  • Favorite songs
  • Favorite books
  • All-time favorite movies
  • Favorite purchases
  • Favorite products you have been using

17. Daily habits tracker page

Developing great habits is essential for a healthy and happy lifestyle. I personally love trying new habits every month and replacing habits that produce no results. If you like keeping track of your daily habits, you should create a layout in your bullet journal to track the habits you want to accomplish daily! 

Daily habit ideas:

  • Drinking 2L of water everyday
  • Walking for 20 minutes
  • Eating a serving of fruits
  • Sleeping by 10PM

18. Fitness tracker page

If you’re into fitness (again, like me) you can create a layout where you can keep track of your fitness journey during the month! 

Here are things you can keep track of:

  • Workouts during the month
  • Muscles you train during the month
  • Workout routines you are following
  • Progress during the month (ex: how many push ups can you do?)
  • Measurements at the beg vs end of the month

19. Budget page

One of the best ways to keep track of your finances (income and expenses) is by creating a budget. A budget page helps you be conscious of your spending patters, the amount of money you have, the bills you have to pay, and money you have left over to save! So, if you’re into budgeting, you need to hav a budget page in your bullet journal where you can keep track of your finances! 

What to include in your budget page?

  • Income
  • Expenses 
  • Bills
  • Debts
  • Savings 

20. Month recap page

One of my favorite things to do at the end of every month is to recap the entire month. This is a great way to see what worked during the month, what didn’t work, what you accomplished, and what you learned! So, I definitely recommend creating a recap page in your bullet journal! 

What to include in your month recap page?

  • Things you accomplished, learned, and did during the month.
  • NEW things you have tried
brainstorm bullet journal page

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I hope you enjoyed these bullet journal page ideas and will use some of these ideas soon! Let me know what pages you like to include in your bullet journal every month!

Until next time,

Gabby Abigail

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