22 Life Lessons at 22 + What I got for my birthday.

January 1, 2019
The back of a woman is shown as she is reflecting by the ocean.
The back of a woman is shown as she is reflecting by the ocean.
  1. The greatest achievement in life is to be healthy and happy
  2. Learn to appreciate your own company. “Me” time is always necessary.
  3. The best habits produce the greatest results.  
  4. Silence is not a weakness. In some occasions, silence is the best response. 
  5. For your own sanity, always always always keep your mind busy. 
  6. Every day is a NEW day and with every new day comes new opportunities and new beginnings. 
  7. A happy you is the best you. Therefore, work diligently for your happiness. 
  8. Your health is the greatest investment you will ever make.
  9. The beginning of gratitude is the end of deception.
  10. Mental health is real and it should be taken seriously.
  11. Words have the power to either affect you positively or negatively. 
  12. Be surrounded with people that help your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual growth.
  13. Forgiveness is the hardest road, but it the only road that brings you peace. 
  14. Never let anyone or anything change your principles. 
  15. Discipline is the key to achieving goals.
  16. At-home workouts are just as effective as going to the gym. There are no excuses to not exercise. 
  17. You can’t choose what happens to you, but you can choose the way you react.
  18. ALWAYS trust your gut. There’s always a reason behind every feeling you have. 
  19. Use your time wisely. Time is the one thing we could never get back. 
  20. It is never too late to produce change in your life. Believe that! 
  21. No pain lasts forever. 
  22. Who you were yesterday does not have to be who you will be tomorrow. 

What I got for my birthday:

In past years, I would always want expensive and fancy gifts. However, after my 20th birthday, my mentality changed. Two days before my 20th birthday, I got severely injured. I couldn’t walk or even sit for more than 5 minutes at a time. I was devastated that I got injured so close to my birthday because I had made so many plans to make my 20th birthday the PERFECT birthday. However, due to my injury – I spent my 20th birthday lying in bed in so much PAIN. I was crushed that my birthday was ruined, not only because I had to cancel all my plans but because my health was on the ground. They do say that you only start to appreciate something after you lose it. 

In that moment, was I was lying in bed – I realized that without my health, I can’t do anything. How could I have had a celebration if I couldn’t even sit down to enjoy it? How could I enjoy my favorite dish if I had to rush to eat in order to get back in bed? Did gifts matter in that moment or take away my pain? No. The only thing that mattered to me in that moment was my health. I just wanted to be able to sit, walk and not feel excruciating pain (that not even Advil was able to relieve) for that day. 

Unfortunately, my pain didn’t just last that day – I spent around 4 months dealing with this injury but details about that injury will be saved for another blog post.  

Anyways, after that birthday, I realized the importance of health and how health is the greatest gift one could have. So, since then I have been more relaxed about my birthday. All I ask for every birthday is to be healthy and have all those around me healthy, too! 

Health is the greatest gift we have. Don’t forget to appreciate it and be grateful for it, because sadly not everyone has good health. And I’m not speaking just on birthdays, but every single day. 

This year, I didn’t ask for anything but health and happiness. 

However, my loved ones are truly exceptional. They never let me go a birthday without receiving gifts. So, I will share with you what I got for my birthday this year. If you truly know me you know that I appreciate anything stationery, art or health related. I love stationery gifts so much! You could honestly get me a $5 journal and some pens and I would be so grateful. 

Here are all the wonderful things I got this year: 

Nikki Bella’s “Do more. Fearless” Shirt.

Adidas Track Jacket 


Set of Dual Brush Marker Pens

120 High Quality Colored Pencils

Professional Paint Brushes

2 Packs of Pilot G-2 Pens

Collagen – C Supplements

Shaklee Organic Antiperspirant Cream & Roll on

Shaklee Organic Carotomax Vitamin 

Handmade Headbands by my mom

Boots, Jeans & Bomber Jackets (Not pictured)

I truly loved everything I received. I appreciate the intention and thought behind every gift. I am excited to wear all the new clothes/items I got, use all my art sets to make great projects, enjoy all my stationery gifts and continue taking my health to the next level with all the new organic products I got. 

I am blessed to be alive for yet another year and I am so so so grateful that I was healthy and happy on my 22nd birthday! 

Happy New Year to all of you reading this! May 2019 bring you HOPE, good health and endless happiness. 

Until next time,



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  • Greg holler

    September 7, 2019 at 10:39 pm

    Your block has a lot of self love in it and I really appreciate it. My for the discovery and it seems like you’ve discovered a lot of the answers on how to feel loved and be loved. Best of luck in your blog going forward

    1. admin

      September 10, 2019 at 11:08 am

      Thanks so much.


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