25 Productive Things To Do At Home To Stay Busy

25 productive things to do at home to stay busy

Whether you’re at home by choice or not, it’s important to use the time you have at home to be productive. Relaxing is essential to your well-being, but it should always be done with moderation. There are only 24 hours in the day. 24 hours to use wisely. Choosing to relax or sleep most of those hours may seem quite appealing, but in the long run, it will hurt you more than help you. Don’t get me wrong, I wholeheartedly believe it is important to take care of yourself and make yourself a priority. However, taking care of yourself also means taking care of the time you are given.

25 productive things to do at home to stay busy

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25 Productive Things You Can Do At Home

Every minute that passes is a minute that you will never get back again. So, it’s important to enjoy your time but to also use it wisely. If you’re someone who wants to make the most of of your time at home, here are 25 productive things to do at home to stay busy!


Get rid of the clutter in your home by going through your things and setting aside anything that you don’t like, use anymore, or doesn’t spark joy in your life. Successfully declutter items by either throwing them away or donating them. 

1. Wardrobe decluttering – declutter the clothes and shoes in your closet. Get rid of all items you don’t wear, like, or need in your closet! 

2. Accessories + Jewelry decluttering – declutter your jewelry (rings, necklaces, earrings, chokers, bracelets, etc) and accessories ( purses, scarves, hats, etc) 

3. Make up decluttering – declutter your make up collection (brushes, palettes, glosses, foundation, mascaras, highlighters, blushes, etc) You know you need to 😉 

4. Phone declutteringdeclutter your camera roll, delete unnecessary apps, notes, photos, and videos. 

5. Computer decluttering – delete unwanted files to make space for new files.

6. Other decluttering – whether you’re an artist, a gamer, a book nerd, or a cook, get rid of the clutter in your collections!  


There is nothing better than living in a clean and organized home. It’s essential to create an environment that inspires you to create and live in. Take your time to deep clean and organize your home, one area at a time! Your time spent will be worth it.

7. Deep clean your room: make your bed, clean your vanity, clean your closet, clean and organize your drawers, vacuum/sweep the floors, and empty out your trash can.

8. Deep clean your bathroom: throw away old products (replace tooth brushes, mouth wash, soap etc), organize cabinets, clean the tub, scrub the sink, and disinfect all areas.

9. Deep clean your kitchen: clean counters/cabinets, put away dishes, wash out sink, disinfect all areas, clean the outside and inside of appliances (ex: microwave) and throw away trash

10. Clean out and organize your refrigerator and pantry and create a list of household items you need to buy and restock.

11. Deep clean your living room: clean and rearrange furniture, wipe down windows, tables, cabinets, rearrange and add new decor.

12. Go through cabinets and closets around your house and organize them!

13. Clean and organize your office/workspace. Again, an organized workspace will help you be more productive. 


Planning ahead helps you prepare, control and tackle your daily tasks and goals. 

14. Establish a solid fitness plan for at-home workouts or gym workouts (if the gym is an option for you) Use a workout planner to plan out your next set of workouts. 

15. Create a budget to help you spend and save money wisely. 

16. Choose reading plans, devotionals and books to read. 

17. Meal prep! Prep meals and snacks for the week. This is a huge time saver. 

18. Fill out your planner or a calendar with your plans and events for the next month.


As always, it’s important to make time for self-care, self-love and self-improvement. 

19. Read the Bible (there are 66 marvelous books to learn from in the Bible!)

20. Use a regular journal or a bullet journal to journal. Choose monthly themes, create beautiful daily/monthly spreads, create gratitude lists, and journal daily. 

21. Start a 30-day challenge

22. Handle emails: go through your inbox, clean out your emails and unsubscribe from unnecessary emails. 

23. Enjoy an at-home workout (here’s how!) It’s effective, it’s fun and it’s possible. Find a fitness trainer on YouTube, choose a workout and exercise away. 

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24. Practice a creative hobby: create music, paintings, drawings, devotionals, workouts, recipes, tutorials, etc!  

25. And the best for last, start a blog. Start a blog, create and schedule content, share your work and your thoughts with the world! 

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I apologize for the amount of cleaning and organizing ideas on this list. We’re very OCD over here, haha! #SorryNotSorry All jokes aside, I really hope you enjoyed this list of productive things to do at home.

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