25 Things That Make Me Smile

25 Things That Make Me Smile

When life gets tough (because it does!) it’s important to remind yourself of the very things that make you smile wide, give you purpose in life, and set your soul on fire. Whether these things are a person, a place, or a thing, keep them close to your heart and mind. If you’re a blogger, I challenge you to create a post listing 25 things that make you smile. And if you aren’t a blogger, I still encourage you to create a list of 25 things that make you smile. Since I am needing a reminder of all the good in life, I’m going to create a list of 25 things that make me smile. Let’s see if by the end of this post I can get myself and even you guys to smile. So, if you’re ready for some smiles, keep reading!

25 things that make me smile

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25 Things That Make Me Smile

1. My faith in Jesus

I am fully aware that the only reasons I have made it this far in life (emotionally, spiritually, and professionally) is because of Jesus. In my 22 years of age, I have never felt as loved, comprehended, supported and comforted by anyone as much as I have by Jesus. And please don’t get me wrong. I completely value and appreciate the love I have received from all of my loved ones. In fact, I am surrounded by so many incredible people. However, nothing compares to the love I have experienced in and through Jesus. His love embraces me and comforts me in every situation.

Whenever I’m feeling sad, He’s there.

Whenever I’m feeling hopeless, He provides hope.

And whenever I’m feeling lost, He gives me direction.

2. My loving and caring family

I am so blessed to have incredible parents (the best in the entire world, seriously), supportive sisters, an outstanding nephew, a precious niece, loving grandparents, fun cousins to be around, and aunts and uncles that I share good memories with.

God has definitely blessed me with a great family who I am so grateful for. 

I have so many happy memories with my family that I will always cherish.

3. My blog

The birth of my blog has not only brought me a new baby (yes, my blog is my baby) but it has also brought me purpose. Ever since I created my blog, I have felt like I have purpose on this earth because I am finally doing something I love. I have always enjoyed creating, but I never really knew how to release my creativity other than through my art. So, my blog has become the main outlet where I can share my creativity with the world. Creating content gives me something to look forward to and to be happy about. 

4. My blogging family

One of the greatest outcomes of creating a blog has been meeting incredible bloggers who I can now call my friends. Honestly, I never thought I would meet people that would understand me as much as my blogger friends do. Being able to network with like-minded people has changed my life around. I know that whenever I am going through something that my friends IRL wouldn’t understand, my blogger friends can understand. I am so lucky to have become friends with such supportive, inspiring, and up-lifting bloggers (you all know who you are!)

5. Exercising

I don’t mean to exaggerate, but working out may be one of my favorite things to do in life.

There is something about exercise that fascinates me so much.

I absolutely love working out, trying new exercises, giving my body a challenge, and seeing improvement everyday. And while there may be times where I’m not as motivated to workout, I always push myself to get a workout in because I know my body will thank me later. 

There has honestly never been a time where I have regretted working out. 

6. Art

I have loved art ever since I could remember. I can’t begin to imagine just how dull the world would be without art. 

As a kid, I would always draw and sketch fashion designs (I wanted to be a fashion designer, lol) and as a teenager, I spend most of my free time painting.  Which is why I chose to major in Art when I started college. Although I switched my major to accounting, I have always remained connected to art in one way or another. Everytime that I get to draw, paint, or even sketch designs on my free time, I am one happy girl! 

7. Traveling

Some of my best memories include traveling. 

I love to travel. Traveling is truly one of the best things that life has to offer. My dream is to travel the world with the people I love while doing what I love. Most of the traveling I have done has been in the states (I’ve visited over 13 states!) but I hope to visit more countries someday.

I would definitely love to visit Brazil, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Egypt, Israel, and so many other wonderful countries.


8. Writing

I absolutely love writing for my blog and writing in my journal.

9. Reading and studying the Bible

Every single moment I devote to reading the Bible is so special to me.

10. Journaling

I love journaling on my regular journal and my bullet journal (I recently started using a bullet journal and I’m completely obsessed!)

11. Watching my favorite TV shows

I enjoy watching TV shows like Gossip Girl, TVD, The Originals, Dynasty, and Violeta while eating a snack!

12. Going to hotels

There’s something so magical about hotels. I love them.

13. Achieving my goals

The feeling of achievement really fulfills me. 

14. Creating my own workouts

I really enjoy creating workouts for myself and my blog! I love combining exercises, coming up with different routines, testing them out myself, and turning them into a blog-worthy workouts. Here are some of my workouts!

15. Putting on makeup

Although I don’t wear makeup often (I’m more of a moisturizer, mascara and lipgloss kind of girl),  I do enjoy doing a full face on special occasions.

16. Creating digital products

Apart from blogging, I enjoy coming up with printables, ebooks, and templates.

17. Sleeping

Even though it has taken me years to appreciate sleep, I have to admit that it’s one of the best pleasures of this world. I love it now!

18. Watching Youtube

I love watching Pamela RF (or better yet doing her workouts, haha), Harvest Virtue, and Encontrando El Camino.

19. Interacting with my audience

I love interacting with my Twitter, Instagram, Blog (WordPress), Pinterest, and TikTok family.

Responding to comments and returning the love always makes me so happy!

20. Listing items online and selling them

I love getting “get ready to ship, your item sold” notifications.

21. Learning new things

I enjoy learning new things about God, the Bible, blogging, fitness, entrepreneurship, social media, etc.

22. Going on walks

Whether it’s the morning or the evening, I love going on 20-30 minute walks to get steps in and relax my mind.

23. Listening to music

Music definitely makes me smile. I love listening to music as soon as I wake up, when I’m in the shower, when I go for walks, and when I work on projects. 

24. Making pizza

Making pizza with my dad and sister is always fun. Not trying to brag, but we really make the best NYC style homemade pizza! 

25. Practicing skin-care

Major heart eyes, haha. I love putting on masks and oils, serums, and lotions. 

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Well there you have it! I honestly thought this list would be harder to make but I feel like I could still list many more things if I wanted to! I might have to do a longer list next time, haha. Anyways, I’d really love to read about the things that make you smile. So comment below things that make you smile.

Until next time,

Gabby Abigail

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