3 Thoughtful Ways To Remember Your Angel Baby

3 Thoughtful Ways To Remember Your Angel Baby

AD | Losing a child can be incredibly hard. Whether you were in the beginning stages of your pregnancy, or your child passed away a few weeks or months into their life, you may be unsure of how to remember them. There is no set time period for grief. Each person needs to be able to process their thoughts and feelings in their own time. However, finding ways to honor and cherish your angel baby can help with the process. Below I’m sharing 3 thoughtful ways to remember your angel baby.

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3 Thoughtful Ways To Remember Your Angel Baby

Coping With Loss

Any kind of loss is hard to take in, understand, or process. Not to mention the loss of a baby. That’s why it’s very hard to find the right words to comfort someone after a loss. The best comfort you can find won’t come from another human, but from God. Before we get into sharing the 3 thoughtful ways to remember your angel baby, here are related blog posts to help and strengthen you during loss.

3 Thoughtful Ways To Remember Your Angel Baby

1. A Printed Photo

Depending on how your pregnancy went, you may have scan pictures or photographs of your baby. Rather than hiding them away, you may want to celebrate the life of your child, no matter how short it was. Using canvas printing, you could turn these images into beautiful prints for the home, much like you could do for any other children you or your partner have. Although some may see this as morbid, that baby was ultimately your child, and therefore deserves a space within your home. This can also help you to remember them, and keep the love you had for them alive.

2. Keepsake Jewelry

If you were further along in your pregnancy, or your baby was born, you may be given the option for a cremation or burial. This could allow you to create some bespoke jewelry using their ashes, or even a lock of hair. The price of these can vary, depending on what you want. The base metal, and any precious gemstones that you have added to the piece can also make a difference. However, this could allow you to wear a pendant and keep part of your baby with you. Certain providers might also be able to put a photograph onto the jewelry. 

3. Open Communication About Your Loss

While discussing death may once have been deemed as taboo, it is now a bit more normalized in society. In addition to this, there may be people around you who have also suffered a similar loss. Talking about the death of your baby, or any death in general, can be rather cathartic. Not only does it help to keep your memories of the baby alive, but it could also allow you to process your emotions more easily. Others may be able to share their own experiences, or simply be in a position to offer more support based on your needs. For those who already have children, opening communication could also help siblings to understand what happened, and to share how they might be feeling. This can be important to help the family heal, but still remember.


Regardless of how old your child was, losing a baby can be absolutely devastating. Rather than trying to tamper down any emotions or thoughts, it could be a much better idea to allow yourself to process that grief. In time, you may then be able to think fondly on your memories of your baby, and have ways of remembering them. I hope you found these 3 thoughtful ways to remember your angel baby helpful.

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