40 Specific Blog Post Ideas That You Will Love

40 specific blog post ideas that you will love

Are you experiencing severe writer’s blog? Whether you’re a lifestyle blogger, a fitness blogger, a beauty blogger, or any kind of blogger, facing writer’s block is inevitable! It’s not always easing coming up with new blog post ideas and finding topics that you genuinely like writing about. Which is why, it’s important that you’re always equipped with fresh, creative, and specific blog post ideas to help you defeat writer’s block. If you have been struggling to come up with good blog post ideas, have no inspiration to blog, or you simply want new ideas to work with, below I have created a list of 40 very specific blog post ideas that will help you cook up your next blogging masterpiece.

46 specific blog post ideas you will love

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I know blog post ideas kinda posts are very popular and you’re probably tired of reading them. However, I tried my best to get as specific as possible with the ideas that I’m sharing below. So, you won’t just find words or random post ideas in my list. You’ll find a list with very specific blog post ideas that you will love to work with.

Since we’re all knowledgable in different topics, I have created a list of over 40 post ideas for 6 different niches.

Blogging niches

  • Lifestyle/Personal Growth
  • Blogging
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Beauty
  • Traveling

So, whether you’re a lifestyle, personal growth, blogging, health, fitness, beauty, or traveling blogger, I hope you find a blog post idea that you’ll like and use! If you’re looking for evergreen blog post ideas, check out: 100 evergreen blog post ideas that you’ll adore! If you’re a Christian blogger, no worries! I have created a list of 100 creative and unique christian blog post ideas for you!

100 creative and unique christian blog post ideas

40 Specific Blog Post Ideas For Different Niches


If you are a self-care, inspirational, personal growth, or even a lifestyle blogger, here are 10 inspirational blog post ideas you could create next! 

1. 10 best tips to live a positive and happy life.

Ex: How do you manage to be positive on a daily basis? What are your BEST tips?

2. How to say no to others and yes to yourself in a healthy manner. 

3. 10 tips on how to get back on track after losing all of your motivation.

4. The 10 worst habits to cut out of your life for a better you.

5. 10 tips on how to remain positive during negative circumstances.

6. Where do you find motivation?

7. Tips on making yourself a priority without isolating yourself from the world.

8. How to instantly increase your confidence.

9. The top 10 habits for a successful life.

10. What are the top 10 biggest time wasters and how can you get rid of them.


If you blog about blogging, here are 10 blogging post ideas for you! 

11. The 20 best self-care tips for bloggers.

12. Your schedule as a full-time/part-time blogger (a day in the life)

13. Best tips to monetize your blog – for bloggers at different stages.

14. Top 10 reasons why you like to blog.

15. How to balance your blog, social media, and personal life.

16. The very best social media tips and tricks.

17. Your morning and night routine as a blogger.

18. Your greatest and worst experiences as a blogger – how you managed them.

19. The most important things you have learnt as a blogger.

20. Most effective ways to organize your time as a blogger.

21. How to organically boost your engagement on IG, Twitter, and Pinterest.

22. The do’s and dont’s as a blogger on social media.


If you blog about health and wellness, here are 4 blog posts you could create next. 

23. Valuable tips on eating healthy and clean.

24. How to become vegetarian as a meat-lover (realistically!)

25. Top 20 healthy habits to have for a healthy mind, body and soul.

26. Tips on how to fix your sleeping schedule and sleep early!


If you’re a fitness blogger, I have come up with 7 juicy post ideas for you.

27. The best workout routine to be in shape.

28. How to build muscle and gain weight.

29. Tips to make your workout more successful.

30. Your top 10 favorite exercises.

31. How to get back into working out after not working out for awhile.

32. Your opinion : Working out at the gym vs at home.

33. Favorite fitness gurus/youtubers.


If you’re a beauty blogger, take a look at 8 blog post ideas for your specific niche!

34. The best skincare products you’ve ever used.

35. Daily skin care routine for flawless skin.

36. Eye lash extensions – your honest review.

37. The best affordable VEGAN makeup brands. 

38. Everyday makeup routine (plus tips & tricks to save time)

39. A list of your favorite brand for each beauty product you own.

40. Make-up DO’s and DON’TS

41. Go-to hair products and hairstyles.


Lastly, if you’re a travel blogger (I didn’t forget about you), here are 5 blog post ideas you could use for your next blog post!

42. The best affordable places to travel to.

43. How to pack like a PRO.

44. How to save money when traveling. 

45. The best place you have traveled to.

46. Top 10 places you want to travel to someday and why.

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If you have already created a post from this list or if you plan on creating a blog post from this list, definitely send me a link in the comments below or via Twitter. I would most certaintly love to read. I truly hope you guys found these ideas helpful!

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