5 Addicting Habits That You Need To Break

October 30, 2020
5 addicting habits that you need to break

GUEST POST: In today’s post, Glen will be sharing 5 addicting habits that you need to break! If you’re tired of sabotaging your happiness and well-being with poor habits and want to break free from bad habits, you will find this post super helpful!

One decision could change your entire future. Do you think about how your daily habits can affect those decisions? Habits make up who we are and it’s those habits that will shape our character. In this case I am going to talk to you about 5 addicting habits that you need to break. I love the term “mindset trash” because these 5 addicting habits are mindset trash and they need to be thrown back into the trash where they belong. Metaphorically speaking you should be burning them and leaving them behind.  Let’s discuss them. 

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5 addicting habits that you need to break



“I have to do it all myself”

Human nature tends to dictate that if we don’t do it nobody else will and that if we have someone else assist in completing the task it won’t be done how we need it to be. As a perfectionist myself I tend to lean more towards doing it all.

This caused me to be overwhelmed, less productive, procrastinate and be more lazy.  

There was just too much to do and seeing it all caused me panic. I always felt like things were never finished and they weren’t.

There was this constant pressure of trying to get things done.

In my own head I created these deadlines for unimportant things and just as I was warned it started to burn me out. 


At times there are so many balls up in the air that we need to juggle.

This can lead to 100+ Hour weeks with no breaks in between. We want to get it all done and have it completed.

A while ago I had a conversation with my wife. She asked a very poignant question: When will enough be enough?

At that time I couldn’t answer her question because I felt like what I was doing was never enough. Then the universe took a nice spin and put things into perspective for me and brought me back to reality.

What was most important to me was actually almost lost because my priorities were not in line.


Since the arrival of social media combined with smart phones we have the ability to be in constant communication with one another.

Some might say it’s an extension of us.

How often are you picking up your phones or getting on your tablets to check your notifications on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Is it too often?

Lock away your phones and electronics at night. It’s vital for our mental health to rest and recharge from wireless life.

Get out and take a walk. Read A Book. Hop in a bubble bath just learn or even re-learn to relax. With Social Media there needs to be a balance. Finding that balance can be tough.

If you need to limit yourself then do it. It is okay to admit that you need to spend less time on social media. Believe me you are not the only one. 


We are our own worst critics.

We berate ourselves whenever we make a mistake and we are constantly battling the thoughts in our head that tell us we are not good enough.

It even makes it tougher when we are feeling judged by the outside world on our looks, what we wear, things we do or places we go, it adds up and makes us feel weak and small. 


Have you ever gotten passed up for a promotion at work?

How about having that feeling well I am better than this person, why did they get that and why not me?

If you are struggling with this take time and count your blessings. You are not entitled to anything. Work hard. Focus on yourself and stop worrying about others.

Feeling entitled leads to negative thoughts which turn into poisonous actions leading you to a life of regrets and disappointments. 


As you begin to work on breaking these 5 addicting habits, remember that all of them are not going to creep up at once. Work on them one day at a time. If you are feeling overwhelmed or discouraged take a deep breath, sit back and relax. Make it a goal to just be better than you were the day before. A victory is still a victory no matter how small or large that victory is. 


Glen aka “The Finance Freak” is the creator of glenparmenter.com and bloggersrevolutionmedia.com He is passionate about making money and helping others do the same!

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Comments (4)

  • The Newbury Girl

    October 30, 2020 at 11:51 pm

    I’m definitely super guilty of being on social media too much – it’s so hard because blogging really makes it so necessary. But in the future I need to try time blocking and putting my phone away for parts of the day.

    1. Gabby Abigail

      November 6, 2020 at 11:08 am

      you and me both, girl! blogging makes it hard to take a break. I’ve been trying to spend the weekends away from social media for the most part and it’s been great for my mental health!

  • Emily Underworld

    November 8, 2020 at 5:05 pm

    I’ve certainly been guilty of spending too much time on social media in the past! Whenever I find myself slipping back into the habit, I make sure to take breaks and remind myself that I’m happiest when I’m offline!

    1. Gabby Abigail

      November 13, 2020 at 9:45 am

      Absolutely! It’s very tricky to minimize your time on social media when it’s pretty much part of your job, but taking days off is so important. Even one day can make a difference.

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