5 At Home Workout Videos You Have To Try

5 at home workout videos you have to try

Still can’t go to the gym? I have an easy fix for you. When you can’t go to the gym, you have the choice of either not working out at all or bringing the fitness experience home. So, what’s it going to be? I hope option B. Luckily enough, there are many amazing fitness channels on YouTube (check out my top 5 favorite channels here), with hundreds of helpful, effective, fun, and versatile workout videos for all kinds of tastes and preferences. Nowadays, it’s super easy to workout straight from home with the help of effective workout videos and incredible fitness trainers on YouTube. So, if you’re looking for workouts to do at home, here are 5 of the very best at home workout videos you have to try on YouTube.

5 at home workout videos you have to try

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Choose How To Workout From Home

What I love about following at home workout videos is that you can choose when you want to workout, where you want to workout, and which fitness instructor you want to workout with. The options are endless. In my case, I absolutely love training with Pamela Reif. I find that her at home workout videos match my preferences the most because I enjoy straight to the pointintense, and fun workout videos that make you sweat! No matter how short or how her workout videos are, they always give my muscles a good burn!

Pamela Reif Workout Videos

Although I have only been training with Pamela’s at home workout videos since 2018, it feels like I’ve been doing her workouts since forever. I have not only done every single workout video on her channel, but I know most of her workout videos by heart. And every time she releases a new workout video, I’m always one of the first people to try out her new workouts when she releases them. 

So, as you can see, I’m a huge fan of Pamela Reif’s workouts and workout style. 

I guess you can call me a Pamela Reif workout connoisseur. Haha! Although I enjoy all of her workout videos, there are some workout videos I find to be more effective than others. Therefore, after much consideration (believe me, this was hard), here are my top 5 favorite at home workout videos from Pamela Reif’s YouTube channel. 

5 Killer At Home Workout Videos For You


I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love intense full body workouts that target multiple muscles at once and make you sweat. Although Pamela Reif has a couple of full body workouts on her channel, this 20 minute full body workout is by far my favorite. This fun 20 minute workout includes intense exercises such as, squat jumps, push ups, reverse crunches, glute bridges, jumping jacks, t-rotations, planks and more exercises that train your ab, arm, glute, and leg muscles. Luckily, there are two one-minute breaks included in the sequence to give you a chance to catch your breath. This workout is the complete full body package. If you want to train your arms, abs, booty, and legs in 20 minutes, this workout video is for you!

PS: This is the first workout of Pamela I ever came across, so it’s pretty special to me. 

Level: Medium Hard


Do you want to strengthen, tone, and sculpt your glutes at home? Pamela Reif has you covered with this killer 20 minute booty workout. This 20 minute workout is my absolute favorite booty workout from Pamela Reif’s channel because it includes a whole variety of booty exercises (not just your typical squats and lunges workout videos), targets your glutes from different angles, and is intense enough to make you drip in sweat. Just the way a good workout should be, right? With creative variations of squats, glute bridges, glute holds, lunges, straight leg kickbacks, and more, this workout will have you exercising from the ground, on your back, on your front, to your fours, and in regular standing position. And don’t worry, there is one break in this workout to give you the chance to breathe, haha! So, if you’re up for a bootylicious workout, this one’s for you! 

Level: Hard 


Okay, I’ll be honest, training legs is deliciously painful. Especially, when you follow a hardcore workout like Pamela Reif’s 12 minute leg workout. Even though this workout is only 12 minutes long, these 12 minutes are more than enough time to get your leg muscles burning (and I mean buuuuurning) and get your body sweating. This leg workout video includes fun and creative variations of bodyweight exercises such as squats, lunges, booty lifts, and side planks that are butt, thighs and calves-based. Although this is a leg workout, you’ll also feel a burn in your glutes. Bonus! So, if you only have 12 minutes to spare and want to give your legs a burn, try this workout out.

PS: Since this workout is only 12 minutes long, there are no breaks included. However, feel free to take a break in between if you need one.  

Level: Hard


Meet Pamela Reif’s iconic 10 minute six pack workout. This is the most popular workout video on Pamela Reif’s channel and with good reason! Although this is a quick 10 minute workout, it’s as intense and effective as any other long workout would be! The sequence of this workout was designed so majestically that only 10 minutes is enough to make your abs burn. This 10 minute ab workout includes fun but killer bodyweight exercises like reverse crunches, russian twists, leg lifts, flutter kicks, side planks and more. I promise you that in the short span of 10 minutes (that actually feel way longer) this workout will have your ab muscles burning and crying for help, haha! Also, to make this workout more challenging, no breaks were added. However, please feel free to take a break if you need one! 

If you want to train your abs with the queen of Ab workouts, this workout is for you!

Level: Medium – Hard


Lastly, we can’t forget to train our arms. 

Although I personally like to train booty and abs the most (we all do, don’t we?), I always make sure to add in arm workouts to my workout schedule. Even if it’s just once a week! Hey, our arms deserve some attention, as well! 🙂

While it’s harder to train your upper body than your lower body without using any equipment, Pamela Reif did an amazing job creating an intense arm workout without the use of any equipment. Trust me, some of these bodyweight exercises will make you feel like you are using weights because of how intense they are! This fun 10 minute workout includes intense exercises and creative variations of push-ups, shoulder circles, superman, and planks. And of course, no breaks are included in this workout to keep the momentum going. However, feel free to take a break if you need one. So, if you want to tone your arms and give them the attention they deserve, you have to try this 10 minute upper body workout! 

Level: Easy Medium


My goal when creating this post was to not only share my favorite workout videos on Pamela Reif’s YouTube channel but to share workout videos that can help YOU train your entire body – legs, booty, abs, and arms + a full-body workout. So, whether you want to train your glutes, arms, legs, or abs, there’s a workout video for you! 

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I hope you found this helpful and will try out these at home workout videos. Let me know in the comments below which workout video interested you the most.

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