5 Facial Workouts to Boost Your Appearance

5 Facial Workouts to Boost Your Appearance

AD | Exercise is something that countless people enjoy, but it’s also one that numerous people dread. Whichever class you fall into, you probably do it for one of two reasons: to stay fit and healthy or to boost your appearance. While there are countless exercises to help with building muscles and endurance, not everyone is pursuing a solid 6-pack. Of course, there’s always dark spot remover, makeup, and flattering clothing to help you look good and feel better, but it’s no secret that regular exercise can greatly benefit one’s physical appearance. Here are 5 facial workouts to boost your appearance.

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5 Facial Workouts to Boost Your Appearance

5 Facial Workouts To Boost Your Appearance

If you prefer to avoid aggressive treatments such as injections and laser procedures, facial exercises are some of the best home workouts and offer a natural alternative for maintaining firm facial skin. Like any physical activity such as yoga or HITT, different facial exercises focus on different muscles, and consistency is essential (don’t anticipate sculpted cheeks after just one try). Though there are countless exercises available, some of the most popular movements include:

5 facial workouts

Chin Toning

No, you don’t have to rely on that T101 treadmill to get toned up. Position two fingertips just behind your chin bone, in the soft area below your tongue. Apply gentle upward pressure with your fingers while simultaneously pushing your tongue against the roof of your mouth. This should trigger a muscle contraction beneath your fingers. After relaxing, redo the exercise a total of 10 times. You can also elevate your chin about two inches, pressing your tongue to the palate as you gaze upwards. Part your lips slightly, hold for five seconds, then release. Repeat this sequence three more times, each for 10 seconds.

Eye Pushups

Position the three central fingers of each hand under your eyebrows. Push your eyebrows upwards directly. While maintaining your gaze forward, exert pressure with your forehead muscles against your fingertips, stabilizing your brows. Maintain this position for ten seconds. On the seventh second, shut your eyes while keeping your eyebrows elevated and fixed. After a short relaxation, repeat this exercise twice more, totaling three rounds. Top it off with a micro-steam eye mask to give them some extra hydration too.

Neck Stretches

Tension in the neck can make your eyes seem smaller and give the impression that your face is being pulled downward. Initiating neck stretches and massages can help alleviate this tension. Start by inclining your head to one shoulder, then place your hand on your head and gently pull it closer to your shoulder to enhance the stretch. Follow the same process on the opposite side. After both sides have been stretched, use your hands to massage the muscles located on either side of your spine, working from the base of your neck upwards towards the back of your skull.

Under Eye Toning

The region beneath the eyes is exceptionally delicate, with skin that’s thinner compared to other parts of the face. Nonetheless, the muscles in this area require workouts too. Start by looking upwards, then partially close your eyes by lifting the lower lids first, as though you’re giving someone a stern look. Maintain this position, with the under-eye muscles tensed, for a duration of five seconds before releasing. Complete the exercise three times in total.

Jaw Tightening

The sagging of skin along our jawlines is a common sign of aging, and habits like continuously looking down at electronic devices can exacerbate this issue. Jowl-tightening exercises offer a solution, and you don’t even have to strap miniature Bala Bangles to your face. Simply elevate your chin to form a tight line from your chin to your clavicle, ensuring not to overstrain your neck. Rotate your head to the right, looking over your right shoulder toward the ceiling behind you, and project your jaw forward. Maintain this pose for five seconds before releasing and gradually returning to the initial position. Perform this action three times, then switch to your left side and repeat.


Facial exercises also promote relaxation, which is essential for maintaining healthy, radiant skin. When you’re tense, muscles contract (often subconsciously), leading to wrinkles and fine lines—so take a deep breath and give your face a mini-workout.

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I hope you enjoyed these 5 facial workouts that will boost your appearance.

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