5 Major Distractions To Avoid While Blogging

5 major distractions to avoid while blogging

Are you struggling to keep up with your blogging tasks because of the distractions surrounding you? Have you been sabotaging your blog’s content and growth by easily getting distracted? If this sounds like you, this post is for you! While there’s no foolproof way to entirely avoid distractions while blogging, there are many ways you can control and overcome some distractions. Lucky for you, I’ve been distracted far too many times that I have decided to put together a post with all the major distractions you should avoid while blogging. So, if you’re tired of getting distracted by every little thing (or big thing) and are ready to perform at your best, here are 5 major distractions to avoid while blogging.

5 major distractions to avoid while blogging

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Distractions, distractions, distractions! You hate them, but for some reason you can’t avoid them.

I totally get it.

It’s definitely hard to NOT get distracted when there’s so much happening in real life and on social media! And although it’s hard to entirely avoid distractions while blogging, it’s crucial to avoid as many distractions as you can in order to blog effectively! The thing is that you’re more than capable of writing exceptional content given the right amount of time, attention, and dedication.

So when distractions happen, that’s when your content suffers. Distractions have the capacity to sabotage the performance of your blog and the quality of your content. 


Opportunity cost means losing something to gain something bigger or of higher value instead. So, what is the opportunity cost of giving up toxic habits that sabotage your blog’s growth for habits that will help you grow?

Ask yourself this: “Do I want to give up my time doing this so that I can excel in something bigger?

What do YOU want to gain? In other words, what is the cost of eliminating a mere distraction to gain valuable time blogging? 

5 Major Distractions To Avoid While Blogging


A blessing and a curse

Phones can be a blessing as much as they can be a curse. 

Whether it’d be to check emails, take photos, post on social media, work, text loved ones, play games, watch videos, or surf the web, it’s so easy to get side-tracked when blogging. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with using your phone to do those tasks, it’s important to control the time you spend on your phone. Can you imagine the amount of things you would be able to accomplish by simply reducing an hour of screen time? What about two or three hours? 

So what can you do to avoid this MAJOR distraction? 

Throw away your phone? Absolutely not. Let’s not go to an extreme, either. Phones serve of great use if used properly. So, here are some tips to help you avoid being distracted by your phone when blogging.  

Stop doing this:

  • Checking your phone after every notification. Your notifications can wait, your blog can’t.
  • Checking your social media accounts every few minutes. 
  • Keeping your phone on you at all times – it’s okay to be phone-free every once in a while!
  • Texting everyone and their mothers, sheesh.
  • Watching videos on YouTube unless it’s your break time.
  • Using apps on your phone while writing.
  • Downloading apps that won’t help you with your blog. Don’t add more unecessary screen time! If anything, reduce, but don’t add more distractions.

Start doing this:

  • Limit your screen time – set time limits for apps through your settings!
  • Turn OFF all notifications.
  • Limit your time every time you go on social media (5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes, etc)
  • Use alarms when opening Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, or Pinterest that way you don’t spend too much time on there.
  • Use your social media MOSTLY for blogging purposes! 80% blog, 20% you.
  • Take ocaccisonal social media breaks
  • Keep your phone far away from you when you are writing – if possible, in a different room!


Are your surroundings inspiring you to write or distracting you from writing? What exactly are my surroundings, you may ask? Your surroundings can include anything from the people around you to your workspace! 

1. Set limits

Not to be rude, but are the people around you constantly distracting you or inspiring you? 

Your friends, family members, and significant other may not mean to distract you, but unless they really understand the world of blogging and respect your space, they most distract you 90% of the time.  They ask for 5 minutes of your time, but instead take 30 minutes, don’t they?

Although this seems minor, it not only consume your time, but distracts you from creating content. There’s nothing wrong with being around people, but knowing when to stay away from distractions is essential if you want to be able to create great content. So, learn to set limits.

If you’re able to write with noise, props to you. But if you aren’t, find a quiet space where you can write.

2. Create a cal environment

How does the environment you write in look like, feel like, and smell like?  Are you writing in a dark room that makes you feel gloomy instead of inspired? Remember, your tone and mood is reflected through your writing. If you are inspired, motived and excited, your writing will reflect just that!

3. Keep your workspace organized

Your workspace should reflect who YOU are as a person. An organized and clean workspace will motivate you to work and create, while an unorganized and messy workspace will cause you to be unmotivated and lazy. I’ve noticed that I am most productive when my workspace is organized. 

4. Block out noise

Avoid writing in noisy places where you can’t concentrate! Here are some tips to help you avoid distractions from your surroundings when blogging:

Stop doing this:

  • Avoid unnecessary gatherings (without ruining your relationships of course!) to focus more on your blog. Holidays are an exception, obviously!
  • Stop saying yes to everyone else when saying yes to others means saying no to your blog.
  • Stop leaving your workspace a mess.
  • Avoid writing in noisy and distracting places.

Start doing this:

  • Find solo time to write!
  • Avoid being around people who distract you when you’re writing. Hang out with them when you’re NOT writing. 
  • Learn to say NO to others 
  • Tell your friends you’re busy – it’s not a crime to say NO to an invite.
  • Block time for your writing! 
  • Organize your workspace.
  • Clean your workspace once a week.
  • Write in quiet places.


When I just began blogging I would write with music on the background. But the more I got into writing, the more I noticed how distracting music can be.

Set rules to help you stay on track

So, I have set rules for myself when it comes to listening to music while blogging.

If I’m creating graphics, taking photos, editing photos, creating freebies, or creating pins, I allow myself to listen to music. However, if I’m writing a blog post, scheduling tweets. or promoting my work, I cut out all music and only have instrumental music playing in the background. 

I even created myself a “writing playlist” on YouTube of only instrumentals. 

There’s a difference between inspiration and distraction

I’ve realized that instrumental music gets me pretty emotional, sort of “in my feels” and when I’m emotional, I’m the most creative, haha. If you’re able to concentrate with music, go for it. If not, definitely try to avoid music when you’re writing like I have. It helps so much!

Here are some tips to help you avoid being distracted by music when blogging:

Stop doing this:

  • Stop listening to your favorite songs while writing. It’s hard to not sing along to your favorite songs.
  • Stop listening to music that will make you want to sing or dance along.
  • If you have to listen to music, don’t turn the volume up high. 

Start doing this:

  • Write in silence so that you can hear your thoughts, if that makes sense 😉
  • Have instrumental music play in the background.
  • Create a “writing playlist” of instrumentals and piano music to play everytime you write.
  • Subscribe to relax daily on YouTube for inspiring, peaceful and relaxing instrumentals.


Oh hello Netflix, YouTube, and TV.

While there is nothing wrong with watching your favorite TV shows or videos, it’s important that you set some boundaries when working. Regardless of the of pleasure that entertainment brings, there is a time and place for everything. Being entertained while blogging can be very distracting. A TV show/movie/video won’t help you write more effectively. It will only distract you and cause you to produce poor content.

Here are some tips to help you avoid being distracted by entertainment when blogging: 

Stop doing this:

  • Don’t have your TV on while you’re writing! It’s hard not to get hooked during certain scenes.
  • Avoid going on YouTube to watch a “blogging related” or tutorial video during the time that you should be writing.
  • Avoid writing in a room where someone else is watching TV. The background noise and them commenting on the show will distract you. 

Start doing this: 

  • Use timers when you’re watching TV to control your time and make better use of it. 
  • Take days off from watching anything! Use the time you would use to watch an episode to write a blog post. 
  • Set times for your entertaintment and only watch videos/shows/movies during those times. 

Suggestions of when to watch TV:

When you’re eating a meal, cleaning your house, doing laundry, or creating pins and edits.


Mentality /menˈtalədē/ (n) : the characteristic attitude of mind or way of thinking of a person or group

At the end of the day you can eliminate all of the distractions in the world and even all of your surroundings, but if you have a bad mentality, you will still not be able to blog successfully. Talk about being your worst enemy, huh? A wise man once said, “a man is exactly what he thinks.” In other words, your way of thinking (your mentality) is who you are.

Don’t stand in your own way

If you have a negative mentality, how will you be able to create a positive atmosphere to write in? Or how will you be able to create content that will produce a positive outcome? Positive thoughts attract positive results while negative thoughts attract negative results. The “I can’t do this…..my writing is not good enough…..who will even read my posts…..” thoughts will completely block your mind from creating excellent content.  Your mentality can either help you create extraordinary content or serve as the worst blogging distraction.

Here are some tips to help you improve your mentality when blogging:

Stop doing this: 

  • Losing yourself to self-destructive thoughts.
  • Thinking that your writing is not good enough. Let your readers tell you otherwise!
  • If you are thinking negatively, don’t let those thoughts turn into words. Don’t express negativity. 
  • Letting others put your writing down or tell you how to write. If you created your website and paid for it, guess what? it’s your blog! No one can tell you how to run it or what to write about. 
  • Comparing your work to others. No one can compete with you to be a better YOU.
  • Surrounding yourself with negative people. Believe it or not, negativity is contagious. 

Start doing this: 

  • Read motivational/inspirational quotes on Pinterest to boost your confidence (follow my inspirational board, here!) 
  • Take a moment to consider the thoughts you are having – would you say all the hurtful things you say to yourself to another person? 
  • Apply the “fake it till you believe it” mentality. Trick your mind into thinking you’re successful until you actually believe it yourself. 
  • Challenge yourself to change your mentality for the better.
  • Surround yourself with positive people that are doing better than you. It will inspire you to be at their level. 


I hope you found these tips helpful and will implement them to avoid distractions while blogging. Let me know in the comments below the blogging distraction you find the hardest to avoid?

Until next time,

Gabby Abigail

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