5 Reasons You Need To Track Your Mood Daily

September 10, 2019
A woman is tracking her mood down on a notebook.

Although I may seem like a pretty happy person, I have my fair share of days where I’m anything but happy. As much as I advocate living a happy life (and try my best to be happy daily), I have to admit that I am not happy every single day. No one really is. However, this does not mean that we should indulge in sadness. This only means that it’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to not feel motivated and happy every single day of the year. After all, we are only human. What matters more than not being sad is being able to pick ourselves up from those gloomy days, change our mood around and continue living the next day. And of of the best ways to keep track of what habits make you happy and what habits make you sad is by tracking your mood! Below I’m sharing 5 reasons why you should track your mood daily!

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Over the last few months I have learned that there is no definite cure to sadness. 

If I had it, I would share it with you guys…trust me! However, I can assure you that there are things we can do to help us lead a happier life. At the end of the day we have the power to change our lives for the better or for the worst. What we do everyday could either help us or hurt us, make us or break us! 

Which is why, it is important to keep track of our moods, our patterns and our habits. 

Are we making ourselves happy or are we making ourselves miserable?


How can you control your habits if you aren’t aware of the effects they have on you? 

Let me ask you this, were you happy on the 5th of April? How about on the 4th of August? 

Do you know? How were you feeling those days? 

Do you remember? Probably not, unless you tracked your mood down! 

Because I have been tracking mood down every single day, I know exactly how I was feeling those days!

April 5th – Motivated and Energetic

August 4th – Stressed and Anxious

How do I remember, you may ask? It’s simple. I tracked my mood down with a mood tracker.


5 Reasons You Need To Track Your Mood Daily PIN



By keeping track of your mood everyday, you’ll be able to physically visualize how you were or are feeling each day of the year. Not a day of the year will go unnoticed. 

Were you happy, sad, excited, or uninspired on x day? Check your mood tracker. 

How many days have you been happy this month compared to last month? Check your mood tracker.

It’s sort of like keeping a diary, but easier. 

You don’t have to write out sentences describing how your day went. 

You simply have to color in the box with the mood color you were in that day. How easy!


Tracking your mood helps you notice pattens in your activities. 

Are you sabotaging your own happiness? 

With a mood tracker, you can notice the patterns in your activities to help you repeat the actions that bring you happiness and eliminate the actions that produce sadness. 

If you notice that every Monday your mood is sad & gloomy – take a moment to analyze what are all of the things that you do on Mondays to make you sad and gloomy. 

What can you do to change your mood around?


A mood tracker helps you become more present and conscious of what you do every day. 

Tracking your mood daily will make you somewhat accountable of your actions everyday. 

It will force you to be present and mindful everyday in order to accurately track your mood. 

Everyday lived is a day that you will never get back again. So, why not live it to the fullest, when you can? Everyday counts. Everyday matters!  


You can learn more about yourself by observing how you feel.

How often are you happy, inspired, bored, and angry?

On what days are you the happiest? And on what days are you the saddest?

There is so much you can learn about yourself and how everything you do affects your mood simply by tracking it down. Are you really a happy person like you think you are? 


Tracking your mood gives you the opportunity to reflect. 

One of my favorite parts of the day is when I get to track my mood down. 

I look foward to this time everyday, haha! I absolutely love sitting down for a few minutes to just reflect on how I felt/did during the day. 

What was my mood for the day? Was I happy? Was I inspired? Or was I sad? 

And once I come to a clear conclusion, I grab whatever color the mood I’m in represents and I color in the corresponding box. It’s so fun to do, too!


Okay, now that you know why you should track your mood down daily, let’s discuss the best way to do it! A few months ago, I created my very own mood tracker. I created it with the goal of becoming more proactive about my mental health and more mindful in what I do. 

So, I designed a mood tracker in a specific way so that it’s effective, easy, and fun to use! 

I gathered the most common moods, classified these moods into groups of two, and assigned each group a different color. Also, I created a grid for 365 days with more than enough space to color and track down your mood daily. 

NOTE: I have been consistently using this tracker for the last few months and I’m completely obsessed! 

The Ultimate Mood Tracker Printable


  • You can start using the tracker any day of the year – begin whatever day you want!
  • This mood tracker printable is in the format of a PDF to facilitate downloading and printing. 
  • You can print out as many copies as you can, but you only really need one copy every 365 days! 
  • It’s easy to attach to any binder, folder, or planner that is size 8.5 x 11″
  • There are 20 moods to choose from! Most mood trackers only include about 6 moods. 
  • It’ll provide you with a way to be proactive about your mental health.


  1. A grid for 365 days: months on the horizontal line and days on the vertical line
  2. A mood KEY BANK: Including 20 moods and 10 colors to choose from
    • RED – motivated & energetic
    • PINK – happy & blessed
    • ORANGE – excited & optimistic
    • YELLOW – hopeful & grateful
    • BROWN – relaxed & neutral
    • PURPLE – bored & gloomy
    • BLUE – stressed & anxious
    • GREEN – sad & uninspired
    • GRAY – depressed & exhausted
    • BLACK – angry & annoyed
  3. Days in the year section: record how many days in the year you were in x mood


If you have been loving what you have been reading so far, don’t wait any longer to get your hands on this mood tracker! Stop ignoring your moods and your feelings. Start being present and proactive. 

Click here if you’re ready to start tracking down your mood, one day at a time! XO

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If you do decide to purchase this mood tracker, I’d love to see photos of you using it! Be sure to tag me in your photos on Twitter or IG so that I can repost you and probably include you in a future post! 😉 I hope you have fun tracking your mood! 

Until next time,



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Comments (5)

  • The Newbury Girl

    September 10, 2019 at 6:14 pm

    I really love the way you articulated the importance and the fact that we all experience a full range of emotions from sadness to happiness (and everything in between). I def agree that it is okay to feel sad or feel less motivated, but to try to avoid falling into a slump of feeling like this always.

    Mood tracking seems like a great way to recognize when you’re feeling a certain way and could help provide clues on how to change habits. Proud of you for creating this, girl!

    1. admin

      September 13, 2019 at 3:20 pm

      Thank you, girl! mood tracking has definitely helped me a lot. It’s also a habit that I can’t give up on now 🙂


  • Geraldine

    September 14, 2019 at 6:21 pm

    Definitely see the importance of tracking your mood. Even though I know it’s okay to go through all of these emotions, If I knew what could’ve possibly triggered unhappy or angry emotions, perhaps I could be more proactive about preventing it next time. Thanks for sharing Gabby! <3

    1. admin

      September 16, 2019 at 10:42 am

      that is exactly the point! not a problem! xo


  • Cassie

    October 10, 2019 at 11:17 am

    This is a great idea! So often I don’t think about my mood until someone says something about it when I should really just take a time out each day and evaluate my mood.

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