5 Simple Traveling Tips For Successful Trips

5 Simple Traveling Tips For Successful Trips

GUEST POST – Wondering how you should successfully and safely prepare for your next trip? Whether you’re a traveling expert or someone who is just about to travel for the first time, it never hurts to learn a few extra traveling hacks and tips. There are a couple of things that you can do to either help you plan for the trip of your dreams or entirely sabotage your trip. In this post Joseph from Desperately Seeking Adventure will be sharing 5 simple traveling tips for successful trips. Use these awesome traveling tips to plan your next trip!

5 Simple Traveling Tips For Successful Trips

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5 Simple Traveling Tips For Successful Trips


Casting my mind back to when I travelled to Seoul, South Korea, this golden rule came to me after my first trip in 2018. Thinking that I had enough Korean Won to enjoy those South Korean delights, I had only took a limited amount of local currency with me. After the drinks started to flow and all of that good stuff, I had to run to the cashpoint (ATM) to replenish those holiday funds. What could I have done better?

Well, during 2019 I returned to Seoul for a weekend of shenanigans with equal amounts of the local currency and the currency of my then China Mainland home, with money in the bank I was able to manage the money which had already been converted with a clear back up plan in mind.

We can never predict what might happen during a trip, so keeping funds in many flexible forms will help you achieve holiday financial success! 


I am not one to be carting around bulky luggage, I prefer to take my baggage on as purely carry-on for peace of mind and to speed that arrival process. It had come to my attention during 2018 that my then current carry-on suitcase would not live to see another trip, I needed to consult my online shopping app! Going above my budget, I was able to find a swish carry-on suitcase that went onto accompany me on many pre-pandemic trips. It was more pricey than previous purchases but that carry-on has lasted much longer than those before it.

Truthfully speaking, I haven’t travelled internationally since UK lockdown was lifted but with extra space in that hand baggage, I would be able to fit in any smaller pieces inside the bigger bag to avoid more space being taken up in the overhead compartment on a future flight.

Invest in your carry-on, it will help you travel smarter! 


Getting lost wastes my time and quite frankly doesn’t impress me much.

To avoid any wrong turns during my 2019 trip to New York City, USA, I invested in a local sim-card. Going online, I was able to find a pre-paid AT&T sim card. Pre-selecting the dates for service coverage had me on the right path. Throughout my NYC travels and beyond I was able to use my mobile coverage to get from Midtown Manhattan right over the East River to Brooklyn without making any mistakes.

I had never bought a sim-card like that before, it was the best purchase because my sense of direction does sometimes fail me. If I was in a country where English wasn’t a major language spoken I would use that data to translate for my life because we all like to be understood! 

So, if you’re anything like me, I would suggest going to your trip prepared to avoid getting lost.


Because the coronavirus pandemic has rocked our world, traveling the world may not be the same. At least not for the next few years.

However, vaccines might help speed up the process of things going back to the way they used to be.

I might not be a scientist but I am doubled vaccinated with proof to show at a future borderline crossing. Countries like my own are requiring such vaccination apps and certificates to show vaccination status. In the UK, we have the NHS COVID Pass Letter, we use that for travel to show those cooperating countries our vaccination status. For us to eradicate those tests and to cross the borderline, having that paperwork in hand will be just as important as having my passport with me! Whether if we choose to be jabbed or not, the travel industry won’t wait for those unvaccinated to make up their minds! So, securing that certificate will help ensure that you don’t encounter any problems while traveling.


Having experienced three UK lockdowns, I had the perfect ‘travel research period’ and then some!

With that time at home I was able to trawl the internet to look deeper at destinations on my ‘post-pandemic travel list’. When I am ready, I want to ensure I have googled each destination beforehand to have a workable plan together. I hate being unorganised and with the world in a different state, having knowledge of different attraction entry requirements will help me plan my days out. No, you don’t even need to use an app.

I simply search on my go-to search engine and screenshot hot topics. I sometimes even plan tours with external agencies but in the event when I don’t, I’ll want to be half clued up about my destination. With the extra time on our hands, it’s wise to plan ahead and prepare yourself for your next destination!


Whether I have my money in three different currencies, in two different forms, I now know from previous experiences how to manage it during a trip. Spending more money on a sleek carry-on suitcase will ensure those post-pandemic cabin policies can be adhered to. Staying connected and on the right track with a pre-paid sim-card didn’t do me any harm in NYC, you know what to do! Vaxxed and ready to go, I know those papers will be ready for immigration completely! And staying organized will leave you on the right path, making the most of your life out of lockdown! Travel when you feel safe and remember those five golden rules! 


My name is Joseph Harrison, I am 30 years old and I’m from England in the United Kingdom. I have been blogging for almost ten years over at my blog ‘Desperately Seeking Adventure’. Blogging and travelling go hand in hand for me, throughout the last decade I was able to work in the United States twice and then in China for five years, blogging to capture each and every memory! I have travelled and blogged about my experiences in China, the U.S, South Korea, India and many more countries. 

Thank you Joseph for sharing these traveling tips to help us prepare better for traveling when the time comes.

Until next time,

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