5 Ways To Better Yourself And Manifest A Glow Up

5 ways to better yourself and manifest a glow up post

I read a quote today that said, “When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”- Paulo Coelho. You will not just wake up one day and be the best version of yourself. The journey towards it is a slow and difficult path. You’ll be required to practice self-discipline every single day. But once you start putting in the effort gracefully, you’ll notice the world around you will change. Reminds me of the famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi that says, “If you want to change the world, start with yourself.” Today, we’re going to look at exactly how we can implement little things in life and put in consistent efforts to manifest a glow-up. Here are 5 ways to better yourself and manifest a glow up.

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5 Ways To Better Yourself And Manifest A Glow Up


Oftentimes we’re so hard on ourselves, way harder than we’re on others. Every human being is created imperfect. This wasn’t a flaw or a mistake in the divine design. So, the fact that God made human beings imperfect, is by design. We make the mistake of thinking that for something to be good, it has to be flawless. That it has to be perfect. And that’s actually a myth!

We all make mistakes, some different than others. You might have made mistakes that haunt you to this day. People might be lying on your name to this day for the mistakes that you made five years ago. And that’s how people are, they have a hard time forgiving themselves and others. But you need to understand that healing starts when you forgive yourself. You are not your past; you are YOU right now. Can you show me the past? No, right? Because the past doesn’t exist. It’s just a thought in your head.

You’re being terrorized by a mere thought in your head.  We cannot change the past. We cannot change what we did or what happened to us. So, we need to come to the conclusion that growth and learning can only happen when we make mistakes. Would we even rise if we didn’t fall?

If you’re suffering from mental illness and haven’t been able to achieve your goals, forgive yourself. If you’re struggling with addictions and haven’t been able to quit bad habits, forgive yourself. And if you stayed in a toxic relationship longer than you should have, forgive yourself. Because when you block forgiveness from your life, you also block hope of transforming into a better version of yourself. Once you forgive yourself and move forward in your life, you’ll be able to look back and say “Wow! I’ve grown so much and I’m proud of myself.”


This point ties to our first point where we mentioned not feeling good about ourselves. So, what do we do when we don’t like who we are right now? We create a higher version of ourselves. The ego of the human being by default is lazy in nature. It wants to stay comfortable, doesn’t want to put in a lot of effort in life, enjoys instant gratification, and depends on others to make itself happy. That’s the lower nature of our spirit.

The higher nature on the other side is highly motivated, wants to achieve success in every little thing that helps us reach our ultimate goal, and participates in delayed gratification because it knows that’s where the contentment lies. So, in order for us to be a better version of ourselves, we’ll have to do things that the higher version of us would do. Take note of what the best version of you looks like in your head?

Maybe the best version of you has a little weight to lose. Maybe the best version of you has a degree in a subject. Or maybe the best version of you has a healthy romantic relationship. You get to decide what the best version of you looks like and when you have this picture in your head, you can start acting towards it. For example, I know if I want to lose weight, I can achieve it by going to the gym and eating healthier. But every single day when I wake up, I don’t feel like going to the gym. Then I think to myself, “What would the higher version of me do right now?” The higher version of me gets out of bed and says: “Thank you God for this blessed day, thank you for waking me up.

This day is going to be one step forward towards my goals.” She starts the day with positive affirmations and then puts on ’em shoes and goes for a walk. From the smallest things to the biggest. Remember to ask yourself this question before taking any action, “Will the higher version of me do this?” “What would the higher version of me do instead?” Honestly, doing this every day will make you a completely different person than before. I can’t tell you enough how much you’ll like this version of yourself.


If you can take away just one piece of advice from this post, let it be this one. It’s the most important thing you can ever do for yourself and that is, to believe in God. Communicate with God and make him your best friend. You’ll see miraculous things starting to happen in your life. Now, how do we communicate with God? Well, whenever you’re sitting by yourself or meditating, start talking to God like you would with a friend. Tell him how you feel, tell him what you want, ask him to help you.

Before going to bed, make a habit of talking to God for ten minutes every day. Tell him about your day, share your worries, and share your good and bad experiences. If you want something or need help with something, you start talking to God by showing gratitude for all the things you’re thankful for. Praise God and ask for forgiveness for your mistakes and shortcomings.

Now, ask him for whatever you want in life. From big to small. From good health to a lovely weekend at Niagara Falls. When you do that, you’ll literally start seeing things manifest in your life. You’re expecting things to come into your life, but did you ask God? The creator of all things? Did you ask for help? And once you ask for it, you have to accept things with open arms. God will send people in your life that will help you reach your goals. Learn to trust Him. Trust that whatever happens, even if it’s good or bad, it’s for your better. 

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With all that inner work, it’s time to look at practical lifestyle changes that’ll help us be physically and mentally healthy. Small daily actions over time will help you level up and become a better you. You’re what you repeatedly do so take some time to reflect on your daily habits. Our daily habits should help us grow towards the person we want to become. So, here are some of the tips we can implement to glow up starting from right now.

Lifestyle Changes For Physical Health.

  • Speak words of gratitude as soon as you wake up– Every morning is a new opportunity that God gives us to fulfill our purpose. Thank God for giving you the ability to wake up and experience this beautiful life.
  • Make your bed– Start your day by making your bed. This helps your mind to boost your mood and increase productivity. It also gives you the inspiration to stay organized throughout the day.
  • Hydrate your body– After you’ve had the chance to get up, the next thing you wanna do is drink a glass of water. This helps your body flush out the toxins and hydrate every cell of your body.
  • Get that sunlight- I can’t stress enough how important it is to get your vitamin D early in the morning. It provides energy to every single cell in your body and reduces cholesterol.
  • Move your body- Moving your body is so crucial for our health, especially in today’s time when all our work is done sitting at a desk. Move your body the way you like. Some people like to walk 10,000 steps every day while others enjoy dancing or running. You decide what works best for you.
  • Eat a healthy diet- On the road to a better you, change yourself from the inside out by being more intentional about the food choices you make. We all know by now that eating whole foods is the healthiest for the human body vs processed foods. 

So, start by making consistent healthy meals that you’d enjoy every day. 

Lifestyle Changes For Mental Health.

  • Avoid social media as soon as you wake up– Fueling your mind with a lot of information as soon as you wake up can be harmful to the mind. Feeling insecure, comparing yourself to others, and visual stimulation first thing in the morning can have a negative effect on your mental health. Allow your mind to wake up naturally.
  • Start Journaling- Journaling is an outlet that allows you to express yourself. When you do that, your mind feels lighter and your heart feels open. It can also help you see your thoughts and feelings clearly


Understand what healthy boundaries are

I know many people on social media and YouTube give us the idea that skincare and bubble baths are the ultimate form of self-love. But today we’re not going to look at it from that perspective. We’re going to talk about self-love in the form of maintaining healthy boundaries and moving away from being a people pleaser. Many of us come from dysfunctional families and it is known that such people can have a hard time setting boundaries with others and protecting themselves. Most of us have never even sat down and thought about where our boundaries are. And because we have not clearly defined our boundaries for ourselves and for others, people can cross those lines.

When was the last time you said yes to doing something that you really didn’t want to do or ended up sacrificing yourself just to keep the peace in the room? If you’ve been abandoning yourself to make sure that other people are okay instead of checking in with yourself if you’re okay, we need to change that right now.

Become self-aware of your needs

We need to take actions that don’t harm the soul and the mind that lies within us. You got to have your own back because you are your only true protector. Start by being self-aware of your needs and knowing what you can and cannot tolerate. If you don’t know what your preferences and desires are, people won’t know either and can end up crossing boundaries.

Set boundaries

Once you’ve had the idea of what your wants and needs are, you need to communicate those boundaries to others. If you don’t do that, people will not know where the line is drawn. Once you’ve communicated your boundaries, stick with them. Do not let guilt or discomfort break the boundary that you’ve set to protect your peace.

When you set new boundaries in your relationships, people will often start getting a sour taste in their mouths and would even discourage you from setting them in the first place. This shouldn’t make you break those boundaries because it’s not your responsibility to make everyone around you happy.

Raise your hand if you were ever in an uncomfortable situation where someone made fun of you and it hurt you but you just laughed it off? Yeah, right? The better version of yourself should be able to communicate by saying, “Hey, what you said there was hurtful and I don’t allow anyone to disrespect me like that. I hope you can respect my boundaries next time.” That’s it! It’s as simple as that. Setting boundaries doesn’t have to be unkind or unloving. You just need to be able to communicate in a kind and positive way.

Avoid toxic people

And lastly, avoid toxic people. This can be in friendships or relationships. If you’re with someone that ruins your peace and is always negative, you have every right to stay away from them without feeling any guilt. Because nobody knows you better than you and ultimately only you can take care of yourself.


Too much information all at once can be overwhelming, so take this post as a guide for your life. Start by doing one thing at a time and stay consistent with it. Build yourself slowly and allow healing to happen naturally. Stay away from distracting yourself and go through the pain with grace. Only then you’ll experience light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t rush! You are your own competitor, hence take your time and come back to let me know if any of these tips helped you in your life. I pray that you become the best version of yourself this year and never have anyone tell you that you can’t.

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