5 Work From Home Tips To Boost Productivity

5 work from home tips to boost productivity

Working from home, but not sure if you’re doing it right? While working from home may give you more flexibility and time for yourself, it can be easy to misuse your time and get very little done. Or on the other hand, because you have more time to work, it can be easy to let your work life completely consume you. If you want to make the most out of your time while working from home without becoming a workaholic, this post is for you. In this post I’m sharing 5 work from home tips to boost productivity.

5 work from home tips to boost productivity

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5 Work From Home Tips To Boost Productivity


It’s ironic that I’m starting the list with this tip because if you know me you know that this is what I have struggled with the most. I’m usually never in bed before 11pm and that explains why I struggle to wake up early. Since last year I’ve been letting myself sleep more in the mornings, but it has affected my productivity during the day. I’ve noticed that the days that I start my day late, I am less productive, motivated, and concentrated.

And if I wake up early after going to bed late, I struggle a lot during the day to stay focused and energized. A task that would normally take me an hour takes me 3-4. So, the key here is not to wake up early and continue going to bed late. The key is to get more sleep in order to function better during the day. This more well rested you are, the more you’ll accomplish during the day. So, going to bed earlier, even if it’s just an hour earlier, will make a huge difference in your productivity and energy levels the next day.

Like I said earlier, this is one of my weak areas. So, know that you’re not the only one who struggles to go to bed early. I do too, but one of my goals this year is to improve my sleeping schedule for health and business purposes.


Initially I had titled this second point “create an effective morning routine”, but after following routines for so long, I have come to despise routines myself. Routines can be helpful to an extent (sometimes they are necessary), but routines can become very draining, exhausting, stressful, and BORING. And trust me, I am speaking from personal experience.

You do not want to self-sabotage yourself by living a life full of routines. So, instead of encouraging you to create a strict morning routine for yourself, I encourage you to simply start every morning the right way.

Write down a list of goals or things you’d like to accomplish during the mornings. But instead of blocking out time to do x activity/task, give yourself the flexibility to do what you need to do every morning.

Some days this can mean doing a workout before breakfast. Other days, this can mean reading your Bible after going for a walk. Simply don’t limit yourself to doing a certain thing at a certain time. Do things that’ll help you start off the day feeling happy, motivated, and ready to tackle your goals.


Blame my love for fashion if you want, but dressing up before starting your work day is an absolute must for me. When I was working at an office, one of my favorite things about that job was getting to dress in cute outfits every day. Choosing an outfit the night before and putting it together in the morning was a habit that I was not going to give up just because I switched from a 9-5 job to work from home. So, ever since I’ve been working from home, I’ve made it a habit to get dressed as if I was going to the office. Just that at my office, jeans, sweats, and casual fits are allowed haha.

If you have to wear proper work attire for a 9-5 job, why not wear clothes that you feel beautiful and comfortable in when working for yourself? Dressing up influences your mindset, self-esteem, and productivity. Plus, you’re always picture ready. And if you’re some kind of influencer, blogger, youtuber, etc, you’ll always be ready to jump on stories or take photos. Set standards for yourself and dress like the boss babe you are!


What I mean by plan out your day is write down the goals and tasks you want to accomplish during the day. You can do this every morning or you can plan out your tasks for the week on Sundays (this is what I typically do). Please note that this is not the same as creating a routine for yourself. A routine is very strict and straight forward. However, planning out your day by writing down the tasks you have to do allows you to be very flexible.

For example, your tasks for the day can be:

  • Write two blog posts
  • Post on instagram
  • Record a TikTok
  • Workout
  • Do grocery shopping
  • Client work

But you are able to choose when you do each one of these tasks as opposed to a routine where you would have to do each task at a particular time. So although I don’t recommend a routine (unless it works for you), I do recommend having a planner so that you can set goals for yourself, keep track of what tasks you need to do, decide how you want to organize your time each day, and figure out what tasks you need to prioritize daily. Be flexible with yourself, but be firm on your goals.


The last tip I want to share is to learn how to balance your work life and your personal life. When working from home it can be really easy to just focus on working 24/7 and neglect your personal life, health, and social life. Again, I am speaking from experience. There was a time where I would work Monday through Sunday without taking any breaks. At first I genuinely loved doing this, but as time went by not taking breaks started affecting my work, my mental health, and other areas in my life. It’s important to set boundaries for yourself. Otherwise you’ll fall to one extreme or the other – hardly working or working too much.

Tips to increase your productivity

If you struggle to get work done when working from home, here are some tips that can help you increase your productivity:

  • Limit your screen time.
  • Work in a quiet area.
  • Unless absolutely necessary, don’t keep your phone on you at all times.
  • Block times during the day to work on specific tasks that require all of your attention.
  • Avoid distractions: tv on the background, music playing very loudly, scrolling on social media, talking on the phone, etc.

Tips to help you balance your work and personal life

On the other hand, if you are a workaholic and don’t know how to balance your work and personal life, here are some tips for you:

  • Take breaks in between tasks.
  • Make time to go outside to get some fresh air.
  • Take at least one day off from work during the week.
  • Get some exercise in.
  • Stop working after a specific hour to unwind properly before going to bed.
  • Pick up hobbies to do when you’re not working.
  • Use weekends to go on adventures, eat out, visit new places, and do things that don’t involve WORKING.


I hope you found these 5 work from home tips to boost productivity helpful! Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see more work from home kinda posts.

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