50 Easy Blogging Tasks For Blogging Success

50 blogging tasks for blogging success

Are you a blogger who wants to take their blog to the next level? Then, it’s time to fully invest your time, energy, and passion into your blog – like never before! While you don’t have to blog 24/7 to run a successful blog, you do have to devote your time tackling super important blogging tasks daily, weekly, and monthly! Whether writing 1,000+ words every so often may be a piece of cake to you or not, blogging is much more than just writing. Blogging requires you to wear multiple hats in order to handle multiple tasks. Therefore, today I’m going to give you a run down of 50 fairly easy (sometimes time consuming, but completely worth it) blogging tasks for blogging success! So, whether you want to create a blogging schedule for yourself, update your blogging to-do list, or up your blogging game, this list is for you!

50 easy blogging tasks for blogging success

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase by clicking on the link, I may be compensated – at NO additional cost to you. Read the full disclosure here. My blogging dreams would not be possible without you, so thank you for your continuous support. It means the absolute world to me! XO

50 Easy Blogging Tasks Successful Bloggers Do


1. Brainstorm magical ideas

Have a brainstorm session weekly – take at least 30 minutes to brainstorm new content ideas 

2. Write down your content ideas

Dump all of your ideas on to paper – this can be blog post ideas, content ideas, social media post ideas, or even new project ideas! Preferably, have a notebook where you can easily brain dump! 

3. Create a list with your best blog post ideas

Create a spreadsheet where you can list your new blog post ideas. 

4. Use your archives to create new content

Go through your archives (older blog posts) and try to come up with new blog post ideas. 

5. Freshen up + publish your drafts

Go through your drafts, make a list of all of the blog posts you haven’t finished, and finish writing those posts. 

6. Write quality blog posts weekly

Create 1-2 fresh blog posts every week. However, keep in mind that quality > quantity. One quality post is better than 5 poor posts. So, try to write frequently, but don’t force yourself to bulk create. 

7. Gather quality images for your content

Gather photos for your blog + social media posts. You can either download stock photos online or take your own photos.

Some free stock photo websites you can use are: 

  • Pixabay 
  • Pexels
  • Pixistock
  • Canva (I prefer using the paid version, but you can definitely benefit from the free version)
  • Ivory Mix (you can access 550+ free photos, here!)


1. Update older blog posts + featured images

Update your older blog posts + featured images to make sure they are SEO optimized (include keywords, optimized meta descriptions, proper use of headings, and are readable

Try to update your posts frequently. 

2. Clean your media library

Go through your media library and compress images by using TINYPNG

Remember, heavy images = slow website speed

3. Optimize your images for SEO

Make sure all of your images include a proper title + have alt text (with your keyword in it, if it makes sense to add it, of course

4. Research keywords

Research keywords to find out what terms are relevant and searched for enough to bring you traffic.  


1. Create click worthy pins

Bulk create click worthy pins! Make sure your pins follow a 2:3 ratio, include catchy titles, have overlays to make your titles stand out, are SEO friendly, have your logo or website, and are easy to read! Don’t like creating pins? Check out my pin creation services, here!

2. Create pin templates

Create 10-20 pin templates so that you can simply swap the text and photos every time you create a new pin.

If you need Pinterest pin templates, check out my pinterest templates shop here

3. Schedule pins daily

Schedule at least 10 new pins daily. You can either schedule all of your pins once a week or schedule them daily! I prefer to schedule my pins twice a week. So, on Mondays I schedule my pins from Tuesday-Thursday and on Thursday I schedule my pins from Friday-Monday!

4. Keep track of your pinterest analytics

Check your Pinterest analytics and keep note of your high performing pins and boards. 

PRO TIP: Recreate your high performing pins and pin to your most popular boards. 

5. Use the trends feature to create content

Stay updated with what’s trending on Pinterest. Use the Trends Feature to figure out what people are searching and loving on Pinterest. This will help you know what kind of posts you should create. 

You can also check out Pinterest 100 to discover the top 100 trending searches on Pinterest! 

6. Dive into Pinterest marketing

Learn more about Pinterest marketing. Whether you’re a new or seasoned blogger, it’s important that you understand Pinterest marketing to the fullest and that you stay up-to-date with any algorithm changes. I’ve taken a few Pinterest courses in the past months, but the course I swear by is Pinterest With Ell. So, if you too want to learn how to optimize your Pinterest account, explode your traffic, and monetize your blog, click my affiliate link here to be directed to my favorite Pinterest course, ever. 

Ell's Pinterest Course Description


Even though I use four different social media platforms for my blog, I’m only going to be touching on 3 of the most popular ones! 


1. Tweet Daily

Publish 7-10 valuable + relatable tweets daily. 

Here are some ideas of what you can tweet daily:

  • Helpful tips
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Important updates
  • Affiliate links that relate to your niche
  • Polls
  • Behind the scene photos 
  • Links to your old + new blog posts

2. Schedule tweets in advance

Schedule tweets once a week or a month in advance. 

If you need a free scheduler, try out TweetDeck

I like scheduling my tweets monthly, so I usually take about 3-4 hours at the end of the month to schedule tweets for the following month. 

3. Engage with your audience

Engage with your audience DAILY! Take a few minutes everyday to respond to questions, interact with your audience, and be present on Twitter in real time

4. Participate in blogging threads

Participate in blogging + social media threads if you have time. This is a great way to network with other bloggers, get more comments + views on your posts, and also discover new blogs! 


1. Create a landing page

Create a landing page with all of your blog links (check my landing page out here), add this link to your bio, and try to direct people to this link as much as you can.

2. Be active on Instagram stories

Be active on Instagram stories. 

Use Instagram stories to:

  • Share a new blog post (direct your audience to the link in your bio: your landing page) 
  • Remind your audience about older blog posts. Again, you would direct them to the link in your bio (unless you have the swipe up feature!)
  • Keep your audience updated on the latest news, projects, and events. 
  • Conduct fun polls to learn more about your audience + their interests.
  • Interact with your audience on a more personal level.
  • Share snippets of your life – your work behind the scenes.
  • Conduct small series. I currently share daily Bible verses on stories every day!
  • Share inspirational and motivational quotes. 
  • Open more conversations in dms!

3. Post frequently

Post valuable content on Instagram frequently. Once a day would be ideal, but if you can’t post everyday, try posting at least 3x a week. 

Pro tip: Be active 30 minutes before you post and 30 minutes after you post. 

4. Be active on Instagram

Be active on Instagram. Engage with the accounts you follow (like photos on your feed + leave thoughtful comments)! Instagram favors active accounts more, so try to be active as much as possible.  

5. Engage with your audience

Interact with your audience. Take a few minutes everyday to go through your dms and mentions. 


1. Share your blog posts on your facebook page

Share your latest blog posts on your Facebook page (here’s my Facebook page!) 

2. Be active in Facebook groups

Be active in your Facebook groups. 

I admit that I’m not as active on Facebook as I am on other platforms, but I try to participate in a few blogging + social media threads in some of the Facebook groups I’m in. If you don’t have a Facebook group or are a member of any Facebook groups, definitely try to join a few blogging groups! 

Here are a few PRIVATE Facebook groups that I am a part of: 

  • Blogger Babes Connect
  • Boss Girl Bloggers 
  • Pinterest With Ell
  • Boss Babes 
  • Blogging Babes 
  • Tiny Joyful Treasures 
  • Christian Women Faith Group 


1. Create solid landing pages

Create landing pages to grow your email list. 

Your landing page should include something of value to your audience. This can be a crash course, a 30 day challenge, a checklist, a free audit, or any kind of printable (that again relates to your niche!) 

2. Handle emails daily

Check and respond to emails daily. 

3. Send out quality newsletters

Send out a valuable newsletter either weekly, biweekly, or monthly. 

An ideal newsletter should provide value, include links (latest blog posts, affiliate links, or products/services you offer), and an update. Bonus if you can add in a freebie! 

4. Create freebies for your audience

Create valuable freebies for your email list. 

Here are some freebie ideas: 

  • Challenges
  • Printables
  • Templates
  • Cheatsheets
  • How-To Guides

5. Collect subscribers through forms

Create forms to add to your blog posts. 

For example, you can create a 10 day workout challenge freebie and include a sign up form in a blog post where your audience can receive this freebie if they subscribe to your email list. 

Which, by the way, feel free to subscribe to my email below and get a 50 blogging tasks cheatsheet! 

Once you sign up, you will get the password to my resource library and you will be able to download literally EVERYTHING and ANYTHING in my resource library



1. Join affiliate programs

Join affiliate programs + add all of your affiliate links to a spread sheet. 

2. Create pins for your affiliate links

Create + schedule pins to promote your affiliate links. Make sure to disclose that it’s an affiliate link.

3. Promote your affiliate links on Twitter

Create + schedule tweets to promote your affiliate links. Make sure to disclose that it’s an affiliate link.

4. Promote your affiliate links on instagram stories

If you have the swipe up feature on Instagram, use your stories to promote affiliate links. 

5. Share your affiliate links on facebook

Share your affiliate links on your Facebook page and on Facebook groups (only on designated threads and if the admin allows it!) Again, disclose that it’s an affiliate link. 

6. Create content for your affiliate links

Create content where you can add your affiliate links naturally. Let’s say you are a part an affiliate of an SEO course, then you would create a post related to SEO and add your affiliate link in that post (just make sure you disclose that you’re sharing an affiliate link).  

And if you have no clue what affiliate marketing is, need help making affiliate sales, or want to master affiliate sales to turn your blog into your business, Mastering Sales with Ell is for you! 

Click here if you want to invest in your blog + learn how to master sales (affiliate) 


1. Respond to blog post comments

Respond to comments on your blog posts weekly. And if you can, return comments (if the comment was left by a blogger).

2. Optimize your resource library

Optimize + update your resource library. 

If you haven’t yet, create a resource page to include all of your resources, printables, and affiliate links! This page should be password protected page so that only those in your mailing list can have access to this page. Make sure to update this page with new links + printables a few times every month. 

3. Learn more about blogging

Take courses, read eBooks, and dive into guides to learn more about blogging. 


If you want to learn how to properly use Pinterest to grow your blog, this course is for you! 

If you want to learn how to monetize your blog, make affiliate + product sales, and take your business to the next level, this course is for you! 

Ell's Pinterest Course Description

4. Update your plugins

Update your plugins monthly. 

5. Keep track of expenses + income

Keep track of your monthly expenses and income. You can create a spreadsheet to record all of your expenses and income or create a budget printable on Canva.

6. Plan out your content

Plan out your content a month or more in advance. I like taking a day at the end of the month to schedule all of my blog posts for the following month. 

7. Network with bloggers

Network with other bloggers on social media by:

  • Leaving thoughtful comments on their posts.
  • Sharing their posts.
  • Engaging with their posts.

8. Reach out for collabs

Reach out to companies and bloggers for potential collabs. 

9. Set blogging goals

Plan your blogging tasks + set goals every week, preferably every Sunday or Monday morning! 

If you need an effective + minimalist blogging planner printable to plan and keep track of your blog content every month, click here

10. Track your google analytics

Track your google analytics to determine what posts are performing well. But, only do this once or twice a week. Checking your stats obsessively will hinder your progress. 

11. Review your strategies

Review your goals, strategies, and progress monthly. Are your strategies working? Are you making any progress? Or do you need to change up your blogging game?

12. Take a break to avoid burnout

Lastly, take a break. I know it’s hard to rest when you just want to blog (If I could I would be glued to my computer 24/7, I totally would) but it’s important to take breaks in order to avoid blogger burnout! So, make it a habit to give yourself at least one full blogging-free day once a month. 

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There you have it – 50 blogging tasks you should have in your blogging schedule! I hope you found this list helpful and will continue to work hard on your blog. Blogging may be time consuming and a lot of work, but it’s worth it. So, this your reminder to continue hustling, improving, and growing as a person and as a blogger! Also, if you need more tips on how to increase your blog traffic, check out Brianna’s helpful blog post: 10 things that exploded my blog traffic. Now, let me know in the comments below which blogging task you want to work on today!

Until next time,

Gabby Abigail

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