50 Empowering Fitness Affirmations For Working Out

50 Empowering Fitness Affirmations For Working Out

Let’s talk fitness affirmations today! Have you been dragging yourself to the gym (or your at-home gym) only to leave the same way you came? Perhaps you’re showing up to your workout sessions, but you’re struggling to do the bare minimal because you’re lacking motivation. While it’s important to prepare your body before every workout session, preparing your mind is ESSENTIAL. If you want to have a productive and successful workout, you must train your mind before you train your body. In this post I’m sharing 50 empowering fitness affirmations for working out. Use these fitness affirmations to train your mind effectively, get rid of toxic mentalities, and enter every workout session with he best attitude.

50 Empowering Fitness Affirmations For Working Out

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Why Are Fitness Affirmations Important?

The same way you have to mentally prepare yourself for an interview, you have to mentally prepare yourself for a successful workout session. Because affirmations are statements that are meant to affect your behavior positively when repeated, repeating fitness-based affirmations will help you shift your mindset, get rid of negative thoughts, and find the motivation to have killer workout sessions. Sometimes you just need extra motivation to workout. So, having a set of fitness affirmations on hand before, during, and after your workout sessions will help you stay motivated.

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50 Empowering Fitness Affirmations For Working Out

Because it’s important to train your mind before working out, during your workouts, and after working out, I’ve categorize all 50 fitness affirmations in three sections. Below you will find affirmations to repeat before your workout, during your workout, and after your workout.

Fitness affirmations to repeat before your workout

Repeat these 20 affirmations before your workout

  1. I am not defined by laziness, self-doubt, or numbers.
  2. I feel blessed to be able to exercise.
  3. Today I’m going to treat my body to a killer workout session.
  4. I refuse to let my emotions stop me from working out.
  5. I let go of negative mindsets that are preventing me from working out.
  6. My body is ready to exercise.
  7. I am determined to train (muscle you want to train).
  8. I love fitness challenges and refuse to back down.
  9. Good results come to those who have good workout sessions.
  10. I am capable of thriving in my workout sessions.
  11. I am stronger than my biggest excuse.
  12. Wishing for a good body is one thing, working for one is another.
  13. I will workout because I love my body not because I hate it.
  14. I am willing to put in the work in during my workouts.
  15. Making excuses burns 0 calories.
  16. My fitness goals won’t work out unless I do.
  17. I am not too busy to workout.
  18. The only bad workout is the workout that didn’t happen.
  19. I am only one workout away from a good mood.
  20. My workout goals are not unattainable.

Fitness affirmations to repeat during your workout

  1. I can and will do this.
  2. I am more than capable of doing this workout.
  3. When an exercise gets harder, I get stronger.
  4. I am enjoying this exercise.
  5. I can complete this exercise successfully.
  6. Challenging exercises do not mean impossible exercises.
  7. I will not give in to weakness.
  8. I am stronger than how I feel.
  9. Negative thoughts do not control my body.
  10. The harder the exercise, the greater the victory.
  11. This exercise is helping my body.
  12. Hard doesn’t mean I will give up.
  13. The power to complete this exercise is already in me.
  14. This exercise is a peace of cake.
  15. I will stop when I’m done, not when I am tired.
  16. I will sweat now so that I can celebrate later.
  17. My body achieves what my mind believes.
  18. I will not stand in my own way while working out.
  19. I will train insane so that I don’t remain the same.
  20. My positive mindset will help me have a successful workout.

Fitness affirmations to repeat after your workout

  1. I am getting stronger after every workout.
  2. I am proud of my workout progress.
  3. Working out is worth it.
  4. I am excited for my next workout session.
  5. I am proud of what my body can do.
  6. Sore today, strong and fit tomorrow.
  7. I love what fitness does for my mind and body.
  8. I am passionate about all things fitness.
  9. Good workout sessions will continue to happen.
  10. I am capable of being the fit person I have always dreamed of.

Free 50 Empowering Fitness Affirmations Printable

50 empowering fitness affirmations printable

I created a free printable with the 50 empowering fitness affirmations I shared above so that you can keep these fitness affirmations with you forever! Simply download this printable + refer to this printable every time you need motivation to workout. Do you want this printable? Enter your email + name below to receive the password to my resource library! You’ll find this printable among many other printables (that you can download!)

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I hope you enjoyed reading these 50 fitness affirmations and will also find them helpful in your fitness journey. Use these fitness affirmations before working out, during your workouts, and after working out. Let me know in the comments below which fitness affirmation you liked the most.

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