50 Winter Self Care Ideas For Cozy Days

50 winter self care ideas for cozy days

Winter self care, anyone? Even though I’m a winter baby (I was born on the last day of the year, hehe) and do enjoy the holiday cheer, I am not a fan of winter. I dislike being cold, driving in the snow, and not being able to go outside without so many layers of clothing! The winter may be my least favorite season, but dreading it only makes it worst. So, I’ve come to peace with winter and have decided to make it a heck of a season this year by indulging in self care. That’s right, regardless of the season we’re in, self care never goes out of season! You can practice self-care all year round. So, whether you’re a spring, summer, fall, or winter kinda person, today I’m going to share 50 winter self care ideas for cozy winter days!

50 winter self care ideas

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50 Winter Self-Care Ideas You Will Love

1) Bake and decorate cookies (bonus points if you share them with kids around you!)

2) Drink a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

3) Make a gingerbread house, take photos, and upload them to Instagram!

4) Keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water. Maybe 2L sounds too adventurous for winter time, so try drinking 1L daily!

5) Play classic board games with friends and family.

Monopoly Classic Game

6) Print out holiday coloring pages online and color them (bonus points if you do this with kids!)

7) Create homemade cards to send out to your loved ones.

8) Recreate a tasty dessert from Pinterest.

9) Get nice and warm and drive around your neighborhood while listening to tunes.

10) Wrap yourself in a cozy blanket ( this one is my absolute favorite!) and take a long nap.

Plush Fuzzy Fleece Throw Blanket

11) Play an instrument.

12) Watch holiday movies while drinking something warm.

13) Cook a full dinner.

14) Read a book while drinking a cup of tea.

15) Start a bullet journal! Prepare your spreads for next year (check out this list of 200 bullet journal theme ideas)

Dotted Bullet Grid Journal

16) Try a Pamela Reif dance workout! This one is my favorite!

17) Go out on a snowy day and have a little winter photoshoot.

18) Try a holiday inspired make up look.

19) Scroll on Pinterest and find inspiration for winter looks, recipes, ideas, and crafts to do.

20) Start a fun crafts project.

21) Create a list of 10 goals for the new year.

22) Write a heartfelt letter to a loved one.

23) Create a winter/holiday painting or drawing. Hey, bonus points if you take a photo and share it online!


24) Paint your nails according to the season.

25) Listen to music while lying in bed.

26) Create a wish-list!

27) Buy yourself 1 item on your wish-list.

28) Try out a 7 day winter fitness challenge.

29) Reorganize your closet and donate anything you don’t wear anymore.

30) Repeat positive affirmations to boost your mood (here are 50 powerful biblical affirmations)!

31) Buy or bake an apple pie.

32) Watch funny TikToks.

33) Cut up apples, dip them in peanut butter or almond butter (my personal favorite), and enjoy them while watching a movie.

34) Create a list of things that make you smile (extra points if you add some drawings!)

35) Shop for new clothes or shoes on Amazon.

MVE Shoes Women’s Side Zipper Buckle Ankle Booties

36) Read 5 blog posts from bloggers you love.

37) Facetime a loved one.

38) Try an at-home workout.

39) Knit a scarf or a hat.

40) Order take out with a friend.

41) Eat chocolate guilt-free.

42) Look through old photo albums and share photos online.

43) Build a snowman and take pictures!

45) Treat yourself to Starbucks and enjoy your coffee while watching YouTube videos.

46) Write down the highlights of the year (the best and worst thing that happened to you every month).

47) Wear a very sparkly outfit + match your makeup!

48) Pray to God to thank him for another winter.

49) Go for a fresh walk around your neighborhood with a warm drink in your hand.

50) Make DIY winter/holiday crafts.


50 winter self care ideas checklist resource library

I created a fun printable to help you go through all of these self care ideas this winter! Just subscribe in the form below to access the printable.

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Like I said earlier, I may not be a winter person, but I’m always a self care kinda person! So, I hope you found these self care ideas helpful and will make the most out of this season by looking after yourself and your loved ones. Share with me in the comments below which self care idea you liked the most! Do you have any winter traditions? I want to hear all about them.

May you stay warm and fuzzy all season long.

Until next time,

Gabby Abigail

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