7 Powerful Life Lessons For Personal Development

7 best powerful life lessons for personal growth

As kids, we dreamt of becoming adults one day, living life on our own terms, and experiencing freedom. It’s only when we grow up, that we realize that the most freedom we ever had was in our childhood. As we grow old, we are faced with the truths of life, the light and the darkness in our hearts, and the responsibility of taking care of our own selves. That’s why it is so important to always keep reminding ourselves of the powerful life lessons that have been taught to us in life. In this post I’m going to share life lessons that will help you in your personal development journey and help you grow into a better person. Here are 7 powerful life lessons for personal development.

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7 Powerful Life Lessons For Personal Development


Self-awareness is a skill that anyone can cultivate with regular practice and the right tools. It’s the ability to be conscious of our inner and outer world. It allows us to observe our pattern of emotions, behaviors, self-talk, and triggers. Developing self-awareness allows us to break away from a reactive state to come to a place of assertiveness. Instead of being swept away by our thoughts, it allows us to objectively and thoughtfully respond to them.

For many young people, their self-awareness journey starts when they hit twenty and have had their first spiritual awakening experience. The world around you feels different, you start noticing things you would never have noticed before, and it’s then when you realize you now have to face life on your own. Many of us come from unhealthy or dysfunctional backgrounds and for such people, it could be difficult to discover their traumas, triggers, negative self-talk, and lack of boundaries. That’s the reason we must cultivate self-awareness and water it every single day to avoid self-sabotage and avoid fracturing opportunities to connect with other people.

As you experience more in life, you’ll realize that humans are all just traumatized people walking around. One has to take the responsibility to heal themselves for the present and the future generations because the cycle has to stop with you. The generations before us carried so much trauma with them and because therapy and self-awareness were not all that accepted back then, naturally they passed their traumas onto their children. But it has to stop with you.


In today’s modern times, where social media rules the majority of our lives, we must understand that it’s the gateway to inviting all kinds of comments into our homes. “What people don’t know, they cannot ruin.”

When you put everything on social media, know that not everyone who sees your story will be happy for you. People are struggling and suffering, they have been wishing for things you just posted their whole lives. That’s why sometimes it’s better to not talk about things until they’re done. You never know who’s praying for your downfall. 

Quit oversharing on social media. Because the same way there are people on there who love you, there are also people on there who dislike you. It’s not to say you should stop sharing everything on social media. Absolutely not. Maybe you’re an influencer, youtuber, or blogger (like me) and you have to share about your life. In that case, you have to share.  But we’re talking about the general public here and the more private you’re, the easier things will become for you. If you’ve achieved something, share it with your loved ones and close friends. If you have certain goals, talk about them less and work towards them more.


This one is for my ladies. In today’s society, women are pushed to become more masculine in every aspect of their lives. A woman’s greatest power and influence lie in being feminine and elegant. “The elegance is as physical, as moral quality that has nothing common with the clothing. You can see a countrywoman more elegant than one so called elegant woman.” -Karl Lagerfeld. Being elegant means being respectful towards others, towards our own self, and the environment. You don’t need to have a luxurious lifestyle to become elegant. You can start cultivating this skill right now from the comfort of your home. So, what are the qualities of an elegant woman?

  • An elegant woman is punctual and respects people’s time.
  • She is graceful and has a polite and positive demeanor.
  • She has a level of mystery and privacy in her life.
  • An elegant woman always says ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry.’
  • She stays far away from gossiping and backbiting.
  • An elegant woman gives generously because she knows it won’t diminish what God has in store for her.
  • Lastly, an elegant woman knows that money doesn’t equal elegance.


I don’t know how many of you from this generation need to hear this but you can be cool and still be virtuous at the same time. Yes! I remember meeting this woman at the park one day and she mentioned how her son was bullied for not choosing to smoke with his friends. This is such a common circumstance that happens in our generation where teenagers are bullied for being religious or having good morals.

You’re seen as this weirdo who’s unscientific and uncool for choosing health over partying or choosing to be kind than be a bully, and to believe in God than disbelieve. Let me tell you that you can be modern and believe in God at the same time. People who are virtuous are not losers as Hollywood portrays them to be. In fact, quite the opposite, the strongest people I know are God-fearing people because it’s so easy to be a negative person but it takes courage to choose to go against the crowd and be a virtuous leader.


Start taking responsibility for your life because only you can save yourself.I know what happened to you was not your fault but now what? Are we going to be the victim for the rest of our lives? When we were kids, it was our parent’s responsibility to protect us but as adults that responsibility is on our shoulders. Everything that happens to us is because of our own actions or lack of action.

The truth is inside you. That doesn’t mean other people can’t help you, push you in a certain direction or give you advice and protect you. They sure can, but fundamentally only you can save yourself because you have to take action. “Nobody can save a person that doesn’t want to save himself.”

It’s not upon others to save you, it’s upon you. You need to stop complaining and make the best of your life right now. What if I told you that you were going to die this week? Would you still remain in your bed crying about how other people hurt you? I hope not.

These are your youngest years and you’re not getting this time back. It’s upon you to turn your life around. If you’ve been wounded and nobody is coming to put a band-aid on you, you have to do it yourself.


As a kid, I remember going to the amusement park with friends. One of my friends was so scared of going on the rides that she didn’t want to talk the risk of experiencing them. She would get anxious at the thought of going on rides . However, one day she decided to face her fears and asked us to watch her go on this ride and not budge a bit. As we reached the place, I could tell she was already starting to feel the shivers going down her spine but she was acting calm and collected.

But she went for it. I could hear her scream the whole way and when she came onto the other side of it, she was so happy and fulfilled by the experience. She told me that everything that the fear was telling her was just in her head. Nothing like she imagined happened to her or would have happened. From that day she faces her fears with open arms because she knows that the only thing on the other side of it is growth, achievement, bliss, and contentment.

What I learned from this is to completely trust that God would never let anything happen to you that is not in his will. Even when you face the hardest obstacles, the outcomes are designed so perfectly, that it’s only going to help you grow into a better person. On the other side of all your terrors are the best things in life. And God has designed it that way so you can trust him and let life happen to you while you enjoy the ride.


Lastly, you are the people you hang around. “It is in fact, a combination of these two things: Who we know and what we do that influences more than any other factor, who we will become. Because what you do puts you around people, and the people you’re around affects what you do.” -Ryan Holiday

If you have friends that have no goals and aspirations in life, sooner or later you’ll become the same. It’s the inevitable truth. We think we can stand influence, but we can’t. Stay away from people that drain you. We’re so afraid to live by ourselves that we’d rather stay in toxic relationships. But that’s such dishonesty to yourself because if you’re in a toxic environment, you’ll never thrive.

You’ll always find yourself being pulled back down to their level and would never be able to achieve a higher purpose in life. Hence why you must be conscious of who you let in your life.


The journey to personal development is not an easy one but you have to take this road. This journey is a ride and no matter how scared you’re to get on, once you’re on the other side, you’ll thank yourself for taking the first step. I hope this post was able to help motivate you and guide you towards becoming a better version of yourself. Again, this journey is not linear and we’re bound to fall, and make mistakes but we need to promise ourselves that we’ll rise back up every time we fall. Let me know in the comments below which life lesson for personal development you were able to relate to the most and which ones are you going to implement in your life right now?

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