7 Signs You Are Emotionally Drained & What To Do

7 signs you are emotionally drained + what to do

GUEST POST: In today’s post, Louise will be sharing 7 signs you are emotionally drained to and what to do. If you’ve been having a hard time finding balance, this post is for you.

Life with its ups and downs can leave us feeling emotionally drained. Which is why you should address every situation so it does not become a mental health issue. But how do you know if you are emotionally drained or if you are just worn out? There are seven critical areas to knowing you are experiencing problems, and I will cover them in this article. Discovering why you feel mentally and emotionally exhausted will be the first step to resolving the situation before it progresses into something worse. I will also cover what you can do about feeling mentally exhausted and work out a plan for dealing with the current issues at hand. These thoughts and feelings can be resolved; they just take a little bit of time.

7 Signs You Are Emotionally Drained & What To Do

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What’s It’s Like To Feel Emotionally Drained

Many things can cause you to feel emotionally drained from divorce to prolonged stressful situations in the workplace. It can also be life in general and having too many commitments and not enough time for yourself. The signs you are suffering from emotional exhaustion are varied, and you might just brush them off as having a bad day, but if they persist, you need to rebalance your life to remove the negativity. The seven signs I have outlined are the most common ones you are likely to experience, and they can be addressed, and you can lead a more balanced life, albeit it may not seem like it at the time.

7 Signs You Are Emotionally Drained


You may find that starting new projects or continuing with the tasks you have to hand are getting too much, and finding the strength and the motivation to carry on with them is not available. You could find that everything seems hopeless and what is the point in doing it when you feel so worn out.

Or you could have a negative setback, which has knocked you for six, and the motivation you once had is not there anymore. You may feel as though everything you are trying leads nowhere, and the lack of motivation is growing more and more because of this.

You could be feeling numb, and what used to inspire you no longer does. Or you could be ignoring or not caring about studies or projects at work. Things that used to inspire you no longer have any depth of meaning, and you wonder what the point of it all is.


Being irritable is another sign of being emotionally drained, which can affect the relationships in your household and workplace. You may find you are snapping at people for no reason and that just having another person chatting a lot is too much to bear, and you need to either shut them up or run away from them. Perhaps you could find you are getting into more arguments. You are lacking any form of empathy because you are so tired. Or you might even discover that your irritability is being noticed at work or at college, and your friends and peers are avoiding you because you are becoming irritated over the smallest of things.


Another classic sign of being physically and emotionally exhausted is feeling nervous for no reason. We all know what it feels like to be nervous before a big event or when we go on a fairground round. But having that feeling when we are just sitting at our desk is another sign things could be going wrong.

It doesn’t just manifest mentally. It also shows physically through odd feelings in your stomach like butterflies, and you could even feel nauseous and be physically sick from it. The nervous feeling may last for several minutes or may last the entire day; this is a warning sign that you are feeling emotionally drained.


We’ve all had the feeling that something terrible might happen. Usually, it doesn’t, but if you are suffering exhaustive mental health, this feeling of dread could become consuming, and you feel as though something is about to happen to you, your loved ones or the entire planet.

Having the feeling of dread every now and again is not a problem it is when you sense it continuously that is the problem. This will lead to feeling even more emotionally drained than you previously were. The sense of doom can lead you down a path you do not want to go, and it ties in with the increased nervousness. The good thing is this feeling very rarely manifests as being accurate, but the physical and mental symptoms are all too real.


Sleep is often affected when we are emotionally exhausted, which sounds like an oxymoron, but it is true. The less rest you have, the more emotionally drained you will become. Which then turns into a vicious circle. You may find that no matter how many hours of sleep you have, you are still not waking up feeling refreshed and revitalised. It could be you are struggling to drop off to sleep or that you are waking during the middle of the night and not be able to get back off to slumberland. Addressing your sleep is one of the critical issues when it comes to balancing your life. You must focus on this first, as everything else will stem from it.


It is not just emotions that are affected. You can also be affected physically by mental exhaustion. You may even develop random aches and pains, which make your body feel tired and cumbersome. If you find it challenging to maintain your exercise routine because you feel so exhausted, you could be suffering from being emotionally drained. Usually, this is resolved through sleep, so it is essential to focus on that area first. Once your rest is balanced, you will find your energy levels improve too.


Another sign of being emotionally drained is the inability to concentrate like you used to. You find that the more minor task requires so much of the mental energy that you have little room for brain power elsewhere. This symptom may affect you at work and in your home life, especially if you need to concentrate on what another person is saying; you may start to be accused of not listening or daydreaming. Concentration becomes even worse when all of the symptoms are combined. Then this results in your lack of ability to function during the day and working on autopilot rather than enjoying life.

How To Become Balanced

Balance your sleep

The first thing to balance is your sleep, and you should work on this first. A healthy sleep pattern should start from the moment you wake up. You should make sure you are getting up at the same time each day and going to bed at the same time each night. If you are struggling with getting to sleep, you could try taking Melatonin supplements to help you with this; they act as a natural remedy to aid sleep.

Remove stress factors from your life

The second thing is to remove the stress factors from your life or reduce them one by one. Sometimes we need to learn different coping mechanisms for handling stress, and a good way of learning how to do this is by using cognitive behavioural therapy. It would be worth investing an hour or time with a therapist to readdress your work/home life balance.

Tell people

The third thing is to tell people, rather than keeping it to yourself. When we are emotionally drained, we can wrap ourselves away and avoid difficult conversations. But as the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved. You could find that your boss will reduce your workload or your family will take on more responsibility. But unless you tell them, no changes can be made.

Practice self-care

The last thing is self-care, be kind to yourself and take time out from a situation if it is causing you stress. If you are going through a divorce, spend time with your friends. Should your studies get to you, speak to your tutor and work out an alternative arrangement for the next couple of weeks. If it is work-related, book some time off and head to the spa and detox from the world for a bit. Think about you, as without your self-care, you are unavailable to anyone else; you need to be kind to you so you can return the favour to others.


I hope the above will help you towards improving your energy levels. And if the feelings of being emotionally drained persist, always visit your doctor for advice. They will be more than willing to help, and it could brighten your day knowing someone else has your back.


Lou Farrell is a holistic mental health coach and mental health blog writer. She has a website dedicated to mental health issues and wellness, covering meditation to mental illness. She writes from the perspective of experiencing mental health problems and shares her knowledge to help others. You can find her at her website, Twitter and Pinterest.

Thank you so much Louise for sharing the 7 signs that help you determine if you’re emotionally drained and how to live a more balanced life. I will definitely be looking out for these signs and trying to implement these tips.

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