7 Ways To Create A Productive Workspace At Home

7 Ways To Create A Productive Workspace At Home

GUEST POST – Are you having a hard time being productive while working from home? Although there’s nothing like being able to work from the comfort of your home, it can be quite tricky to remain productive when you’re not in a typical office setting. Therefore, creating a comfortable but productive workspace at home is essential to successfully WFH! If you’re struggling to create a workspace that works for you, today the lovely Sarah will be sharing her very best tips to creating a productive workspace at home. Boost your productivity at home with these awesome tips!

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7 Ways To Create A Productive Workspace At Home


One of the most important steps in creating a more productive workspace is having a dedicated space to work. This is important to help you get into the right mindset of actually working. Having a routine, like sitting down at a desk or space each day tells our brain its time to start working. Like having a morning routine, let’s say you start work after having your morning coffee or getting dressed for the day. This helps your mind switch from “relax at home” to “It’s time to work”. Because one of the challenges of working and being productive from home is knowing when it’s time to work. And mixing your home spaces with your workspaces can make that harder to do!

So, in order to be more productive, it’s best to have a dedicated space to work. If you’re lucky enough, you can have an entire room in your house for your office, but you can do this same technique even if you don’t! Try always working at your kitchen table, or anywhere in your house that you can consistently!

This also helps because you’ll have everything you need to work in one space and within reach. If you’re always changing where you work, you could be leaving planners, chargers, or any other important things needed for work all over the house and losing them! Having everything in one space will help you get to work faster because you’ll know where everything is and don’t have to spend more time looking for it!


You can create a productive workspace by simply just changing your surroundings!

I just recently did this in my own office. I had a bunch of clutter and unnecessary things piling up in my office. It wasn’t the greatest space to work in, and I felt uninspired being there. But, cleaning your workspace up can give you the extra productivity boost you’ve been needing! I know this worked personally for me in my own office. Once I got rid of things I didn’t need, clutter, and even moved around furniture in my office, it felt like a whole new space! Now, I feel so much more productive because it is a space I actually want to be in!

Doing this in your own space may make it feel like a whole new workspace! This may be a little harder if you don’t have an office like me, but you can do something similar in your own space! Change the direction or place your desk or table is at. If you work at a dining room table, change seats to give yourself a change in scenery, or even move rooms completely. I know this kind of contradicts the last point, but a change in scenery is sometimes good. It’s okay to change where your workspace is every so often as long as it doesn’t change every single time you sit down to work. You could also try working outside or in a coffee shop if you really need to change up to create a more productive workspace.

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Just because you have one space to work in, doesn’t mean it has to have that awful and boring office feel! If you can’t totally rearrange your office, there are other ways to change it up! You can spice up your office or workspace and make it fit your personality by adding decor! This can be inspiring decor with photos or paintings you really love or adding other decor. The environment you’re in really impacts your mood and your overall willingness to be productive. So, make it a space you actually want to be in! Your office should reflect your personality and inspire you to create or work.


Clutter can affect us in ways we don’t realize. I personally don’t work very well in a cluttered space. Chances are, you don’t either and you may not even realize it. Clutter is something that can fade into the background and become something we forget about or ignore. But, when you are working, it can become a distraction, sometimes known as “visual noise”, or lower your overall general productivity. I used to have a very cluttered office space, and it made me not want to be there. Once I re-organized and really minimalized the amount of stuff in my room, I felt so much more productive.

Something that I did that really helped create a productive workspace was buy cute storage bins, because sometimes we have clutter or things that we need, but they don’t have a place. Or it’s a bunch of small things we need that don’t look very inspiring. So, I bought some nice-looking cloth storage bins that I really love, to hide all the things I needed, but didn’t have a place for. This keeps everything in my office in reach, but also out of sight. Which I think is super important! So if you can, clear out all of the clutter you don’t need and hide all of the things you do need, but don’t want to look at all the time. And you might as well buy some storage bins that you actually like looking at to avoid ruining the look of your workspace!

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You don’t have to be uncomfortable when working in your office, because you want it to be a nice place to be! You’re likely going to be spending a lot of time sitting there, so you want to make sure that you are comfortable while you’re there! So my biggest recommendation for that is to get a comfy office chair! If you don’t like the traditional ones, go for something that you like better! Make sure you actually sit in the chair you decide to buy and that you can see yourself sitting there for a while in front of a desk and computer!

Because if you’re uncomfortable while sitting there for long periods of time, you could not only hinder your productivity because you’ll be uncomfortable, but you’ll also make yourself unwilling to sit there in the future!


No one wants a dark office, so the best place for your workspace probably isn’t the basement! I have my desk seated in front of a nice big window and I love to have it open and be able to see outside as I work! There is just something about having sunlight shining in to make you feel more productive! I know that I work better in the summer months when the sun is out for longer and you can see the nice weather! Sunlight for me puts me in a better mood which also helps to boost your productivity too! If this isn’t an option, make sure that you still have a lot of light in your office. You don’t want to be working in the dark! So invest in some nice lights to really brighten up your area.


Make sure that you have ample storage in your office! You not only want all of the unneeded clutter to be put away, but you also want to have room for all of the things you’ll need! So make sure you have shelves or baskets to put things in and keep them off of your workspace. You want to have everything you need in reach and in your office still, but that doesn’t mean it has to be cluttered, or even boring! Buy a nice shelf that you really like and include cute storage bins or other things on your wall that you actually enjoy using and looking at, as I mentioned earlier!


Hey! My name is Sarah, I’m a blogger and YouTuber over at sarahmarie.blog. I blog about productivity, mindset, manifestation, and blogging tips! On my YouTube channel, I mainly cover social media and Pinterest marketing! You can find me at my socials down below!

Thank you so much Sarah for sharing these tips to create a productive workspace at home. I recently rearranged my office and can confirm that it has boosted my productivity and inspiration to work! I hope you all enjoy this post and find these tips helpful.

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