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Thank you for stopping by. I am Gabby, the voice behind GABBYABIGAILL. 

I’d like to personally welcome you to GABBYABIGAILL, a lifestyle blog dedicated to all things blogging, fitness, faith, organization and wellness. This blog was born with the purpose of creating, sharing, and inspiring. I hope to create and share content that I’m passionate about and that will serve of value to you, while inspiring you to live your BEST life, as I’m trying to live mine.

I strongly believe that the key to living our best life is achieving a healthy mind, body and soul.

To get there, we all need a helping hand. As a young adult myself, I can understand just how hard it is to get on the right track on your own, create good lasting habits and completely change your lifestyle around. Which is why, this blog is devoted to being that helping hand in your journey of creating a life that you love, by providing knowledge, tips and inspiration on various topics.

Here are the four major sections of GABBYABIGAILL: 



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A little more about me:

  • I am a 23 year old lifestyle blogger located in Ohio, USA.
  • I grew up in the beautiful city of New York City. 
  • When I’m not blogging (which is rare, hehe), you can either find me exercising, bullet journaling, drawing, reading my Bible, shopping or visiting museums! 
  • I graduated college with a Business degree in Accounting back in May 2019. #Nerd
  • My nationality is Ecuadorian. I am bilingual – fluent in English and Spanish.
  • My favorite food on this planet is Pizza. And yes, I am 100% team pineapple! 
  • I created three blogs before creating this one! Don’t ask me for links, I am highly embarrassed of them, haha!

If you would like to reach out to me for collaborations, affiliate partnerships, advertising or any other inquiries, you can contact me directly through e-mail at gabbyabigaillblog@gmail.com

I look forward to connecting with each and every one of you! Let’s stay in touch on all social media platforms – | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook | TikTok: gabbyxabigail

 Who we were yesterday does not have to be who we will be tomorrow.

gabby abigaill