At Home Workout Plan Basics For Beginners

At Home Workout Basics For Beginners

So you’ve decided to start exercising at home, at your own pace and comfort, but you don’t know where to begin or how to begin. Right? I know the feeling all too well. It’s exciting but quite frightening. However, I’m here to help YOU design an effective beginner friendly at home workout plan suited for your body and schedule. There’s absolutely no catch. Yes, you read that right. No gym membership, personal trainer or expensive equipment is required. Just your desire to workout, body and time! Gyms may be closed due to Coronavirus, but you can still workout at home! So, get ready to learn all the basics of how to create an effective at home workout plan. 

at home workout plan basics for beginners

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At Home Workout Plan Basics

Please note I will be writing this post assuming that you have NEVER worked out at-home before. Again, this post is beginner friendly. Since there are quite a few things to cover! Therefore, I will be dividing this topic into TWO posts (two-parts) But before we could get into the actual portion of creating an at-home workout plan, we have to cover all the basics in this post.

  • Familiarizing yourself with fitness
  • Learning the basics 
  • Discovering what works best for you 
  • Preparing a fitness area 
  • Planning your fitness time 


What do I mean by this? 

Learn what you can about fitness

Online, through social media, books, articles, blogs, YouTube, through whatever stream you can! Try to expand your knowledge on fitness. The more you know about fitness, the more effective your performance will be. You don’t have to become an expert to have a successful workout. However, you do need to have some knowledge in the matter. You definetly need to know what you’re doing and how it’ll affect your body. Otherwise, you can injure yourself. Here are a few helpful articles that can help you get started:

Surround yourself with fitness related content and people

Let fitness be a part of your world. Increase the presence of fitness on all of your platforms. Here are some easy ways to do so:

  • Follow fitness influencers on Instagram –  Fitness Influencers typically share their daily workouts, exercises they are loving, new routines they are trying out, suggested exercises for specific muscles, and more fun stuff. This is a great way to learn new routines and exercises! My favorite fitness influencer is Pamela Reif!
  • Subscribe to fitness channels on YouTube – Fitness YouTubers post incredible workout routines and challenges that you can follow, and helpful fitness related videos. Here are my top five favorite fitness youtubers!

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Learn the basic bodyweight exercises:

  • their names
  • the form you should have when performing them
  • modifications for them

Here’s a list of 10 bodyweight exercises you should learn & master:

  1. Squats
  2. Push-Ups
  3. Crunches
  4. Planks
  5. Dips
  6. Glute Bridges
  7. Lunges
  8. Leg kickbacks
  9. Leg Lifts
  10. Jumping Jacks 

Look up these exercises online (YouTube) and practice them! Once you master these basic exercises, you can begin doing variations of these exercises. For example, variations of Glute Bridges would include: close glute bridges, wide glute bridges, weighted glute bridges, single leg glute bridges, glute bridge hold, etc! There’s just so many!! If you’re interested in practicing more exercises, here are 100 exercises you can try! 


This step goes side by side with step #2. As you’re learning basic bodyweight exercises and trying out variations of them, take a moment to see how your body reacts to each exercise. Ask yourself the following questions:


  • Do I like? 
  • Do I dislike?
  • Make me sweat the most? 
  • Hurt me the most?
  • Leave my muscles sore the next day?
  • Are the easiest/hardest to do?
  • Am I targeting when performing x exercise?

It is important to always try out new exercises so that you see how each exercise targets your muscles and how you can target your muscles from different angles. Since you are just starting your fitness journey, it’s important for you to only focus on a set of exercises that you like and work best for you.So, give yourself a two-week trial to discover what exercises you like and dislike and what works and what doesn’t. During this period, try out all kinds of exercises and make a note of which exercises work best.

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As you read in the title of this post, this workout plan is designed for at-home workouts! However, you can definitely take your workout to a different location, if you want to! Here are 7 different locations you can workout in! Considering that you do decide to workout at home: choose a place in your home where you can workout consistently. Make it your designated “workout area” or “mini-gym” if you have the space to do so!

1. Choose a place that:

  • Motivates you to workout in (how is the view? temperature? vibe?)
  • Is spacious – there is enough room for you to move around in.
  • You feel comfortable in!
  • Is accessible at all times.

Whether it be a space in your bedroom, office, living room, basement or a guest room, make sure you can consistently workout in this area. 

2. Prepare your workout area

Once you have chosen the area that you will workout in, it’s time to prepare it.

Basic equipment suggested:

  • Yoga mat
  • Resistance Bands
  • A pair of dumbbells
  • Stretching strap
  • Kettlebell
  • Step platform 
  • Waist Trainer

Once you have purchased the basic equipment listed above, it’s time to place the equipment you have/will use during your workouts in your NEW workout area. 

TIP: Keep all of your equipment together that way you can easily locate them during your workouts. It’ll save you time!

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How much time are you willing to devote each day to your workouts?

  • 15 minutes?
  • 20 minutes?
  • 30 minutes?
  • 40 minutes?
  • 60 minutes?

How many days a week can you workout for?

  • 2 days?
  • 3 days?
  • 4 days?
  • 5 days?
  • 6 days?

You can’t design a workout plan that will fit with your current schedule without knowing beforehand how much time and how many days a week you can devote to working out. So, make sure that you can consistently stick with whatever amount of time and days you choose. Consistency is everything here!

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Now that you have all the basics down, you are ready to begin designing your own workout plan! I don’t want to throw everything at you at once, so we’ll pick up from here in part 2. In Part 2 of this series, I will be showing you exactly how to design a successful at home workout plan fit for you, while sharing my tips and tricks. Part 2: How To Design Your Own At Home Workout Plan.

Until next time,

Gabby Abigail

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