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  • how to successfully find your passion to blog

    How To Successfully Find Your Passion To Blog

    admin August 13, 2019

    Start a blog, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. While blogging is absolutely fun, it can also be a true hassle when you don’t know what to write about or when you don’t have any inspiration to create content. You don’t have to be positing frequently to be a successful blogger. In fact, I’ve seen many bloggers do pretty well without posting often. However, you do need to be…

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  • 20 social media tasks for bloggers

    20 Important Social Media Tasks For Bloggers

    admin July 30, 2019

    Have you been spending hours and hours working hard on your blog but are still receiving little to no traffic? Are you on the verge of quitting blogging because your hard work isn’t getting the attention and traffic it deserves? I’ve been there. It’s definitely discouraging to pour your heart out writing blog posts, but not seeing any results afterwards. However, unless you’re a SEO pro, your blog posts won’t…

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  • 40 specific blog post ideas that you will love

    40 Specific Blog Post Ideas That You Will Love

    admin July 2, 2019

    Are you experiencing severe writer’s blog? Whether you’re a lifestyle blogger, a fitness blogger, a beauty blogger, or any kind of blogger, facing writer’s block is inevitable! It’s not always easing coming up with new blog post ideas and finding topics that you genuinely like writing about. Which is why, it’s important that you’re always equipped with fresh, creative, and specific blog post ideas to help you defeat writer’s block.…

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  • The best fonts in canva according to bloggers

    The Best Free Fonts In Canva According To Bloggers

    admin May 7, 2019

    While writing good blog posts is an absolute must, it is also important to create attractive graphics to go along with them. Did you know that the fonts you use in your graphics can either captivate your readers attention or discourage them from reading more of your work? Well, it’s true! The graphics you create for your blog and social media are the first things your readers see. So, if they are bad,…

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