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In this section you’ll find the best Christian songs, bible study tools, baby names, and more Christian favorites!

  • A women is listening to christian songs

    100 Best Christian Songs To Listen To On Repeat

    admin August 26, 2020

    Looking for Christian songs that are worth listening to? This post is for you! For the longest of time I thought it was impossible to find a good Christian song to listen to on repeat! However, after diving into the world of Christian music and listening to a variety of Christian artists, I’ve come across a plethora of great Christian songs to listen to. Obviously, not every single song that…

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  • A Christian woman is praising God

    The Top 10 Christian Songs For The Soul

    admin December 10, 2019

    There are songs that bring you joy, happiness and energy, while there are songs that penetrate the soul. I love listening to Christian music because of how deep some of the songs are. There’s been many times where one simple song has been able to entirely change my mood around, uplift my spirit and give me hope. Therefore, I want to share with you all 10 of the best christian…

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  • An ESV Journaling Bible

    The Bible Collection Of A Girl Who Loves Jesus

    admin November 12, 2019

    If I were to ask you, “What is your favorite book?” what would your answer be? Personally, as a girl who loves Jesus (as if the title of this post didn’t give it away!), my answer would be the Bible, in a heart beat! Simply put, the Bible is the most wisdom packed, soul-touching, inspiring, and powerful book that was ever created. Just think about it, a book completely inspired by…

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  • 80 Biblical Baby Names

    80 Cute & Rare Biblical Baby Names.

    admin July 9, 2019

    Who else has doesn’t have kids yet but loves going through lists of cute baby names? Believe it or not, it’s not just mamas or mamas-to-be who do this. Personally, I love going through lists of baby names, discovering new names, and learning the meaning and origin of each name. It’s just so fascinating to me! Since I love these kinds of lists so much, I decided to compile my very own…

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  • A Bible for Bible study

    Ultimate List Of Bible Study Must-Haves

    admin March 26, 2019

    While Bible study may come easy to some, it can be quite intimidating to others. It’s understandable. I wasn’t always passionate about Bible study, either. In fact, it has taken me years to genuinely enjoy studying the Bible. Unfortunately Bible study is portrayed as a religious and boring activity that Christians have to partake in. So, many people try to avoid it. I was one of them. However, after years of…

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  • ESV journaling bible

    ESV Interleaved Journaling Bible Review

    admin January 4, 2019

    Studying the Bible is essential for all believers because not only does the Bible nurture our soul, but it thoroughly unravels the mysteries that God has hidden from the world and saved for those who seek him. Noticed how I said “studying” instead of “reading”? There’s a huge difference between reading and studying the Bible. And that difference is the key. When you read the Bible, you only absorb what’s on the surface.…

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