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  • 10 easy christian habits to help you live a godly life

    10 Easy Christian Habits To Help You Live A Godly Life

    admin August 13, 2021

    In John 17: 15-16 Jesus said, “I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil one. They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.” Although we have responsibilities, goals, dreams, and tasks to complete while we’re on earth, it’s important to remember that our time on earth is only temporary and our eyes…

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  • 100 powerful bible verses everyone needs to read

    100 Powerful Bible Verses Everyone Needs To Read

    admin November 20, 2020

    Are you looking for powerful bible verses that will boost your mood and strengthen your faith? You, my friend, have come to the right place! As someone who finds total delight and comfort in scripture, I’ve become familiar with the most powerful, soul-touching, and comforting Bible verses! Which is why I’m going to share with you the 100 most powerful Bible verses everyone (starting with you) needs to read. So,…

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  • 10 affordable christian gifts for women

    10 Affordable Christian Gift Ideas For Women

    admin October 23, 2020

    Hey there! Are you looking for affordable Christian gifts for the Jesus loving woman in your life? Perhaps her birthday is coming up, or the holiday season is approaching, or you feel like buying a gift just because you want to express your gratitude towards her. Regardless of the ocassion or intention behind your gift, there’s nothing as thoughtful as getting a Christian woman a gift based around her faith.…

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  • 100 Best Christian Songs To Listen To

    100 Best Christian Songs To Listen To On Repeat

    admin August 26, 2020

    Looking for Christian songs that are worth listening to? This post is for you! For the longest of time I thought it was impossible to find good Christian songs to listen to on repeat! However, after diving into the world of Christian music and listening to a variety of Christian artists, I’ve come across a plethora of great Christian songs to listen to. Obviously, not every single song that is…

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  • 50 powerful biblical affirmations that will change your life

    50 Biblical Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

    admin July 24, 2020

    Are you the type of person who always finds themselves typing “positive affirmations” in a search bar? Perhaps, you’re trying to be more intentional with your thoughts and words. Or you’re looking for powerful phrases that can drastically transform your life. Or simply, you enjoy repeating positive affirmations to help you overcome negative thoughts. While regular affirmations are powerful, they are not enough to change our lives because they are…

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  • 35 comforting bible verses about peace

    35 Comforting Bible Verses About Peace

    admin June 17, 2020

    When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade, but instead come to Jesus. In Matthew 11: 28, Jesus said, β€œCome to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” Jesus is not indifferent to our suffering. He knows, sees, and feels the pain we suffer because he was once in bone and flesh, too. Jesus knows suffering all too well. Which…

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