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  • A woman is tracking her mood down on a notebook.

    5 Reasons You Need To Track Your Mood Daily

    admin September 10, 2019

    Although I may seem like a pretty happy person, I have my fair share of days where I’m anything but happy. As much as I advocate living a happy life (and try my best to be happy daily), I have to admit that I am not happy every single day. No one really is. However, this does not mean that we should indulge in sadness. This only means that it’s…

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  • A blogger is using social media on her computer

    How To Schedule Social Media Time For Your Blog

    admin July 30, 2019

    Have you been spending hours and hours working hard on your blog but are receiving little to no traffic? Are you on the verge of quitting blogging because your hard work isn’t getting the attention and traffic it deserves? I’ve been there. It’s definitely discouraging to pour your heart out writing blog posts, but not seeing any results afterwards. However, unless you’re a SEO pro, your posts won’t get much…

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  • A flat lay of pink office supplies

    5 Supplies to have to be Organized & Productive!

    admin April 11, 2019

    Between being a baby blogger, a full-time student, a part-time eBay seller and a girl with many hobbies (I like doing so many things, send help!), habits, goals and aspirations, it can sometimes be quite challenging to juggle everything at once without getting overwhelmed and stressed. Which is why, I have to rely on my favorite organization supplies. Without them, I’d be completely insane. So, if you’re anything like me, you’ll…

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  • A woman is holding her iphone

    Declutter your Camera Roll

    admin February 26, 2019

    We get rid of the clutter in our closets, make up collections, art collections, and what not, but why do we hold on to the clutter in our camera rolls? Why are we hoarding over 5,000 photos/videos in our camera rolls? Ask yourself, are all those photos and videos really necessary? How many of the 5,000 photos actually bring us joy? Will these photos matter in five years from now? Not many, huh? At…

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  • Easy DIY Manila Folder Planners

    Easy DIY Manila Folder Planners To Organize Your Life

    admin January 15, 2019

    Whether 2018 was a good or bad year for you, aspire to make 2019 a better year. A new year calls for some serious growth. But how will growth occur if you continue to repeat the same things you did in 2018 & past years? Don’t let 2018 sneak up on you this year and certainly don’t live in the shadow of past years. Leave the past years behind and start 2019…

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