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  • A woman drinking coffee during her morning routine

    How To Create An​ Effective Morning Routine Suited For You

    admin January 8, 2019

    If I were to define what a morning routine is I’d say it is the way you consistently start off your day everyday. Even though we all have different schedules and start off the day during different times, we all start the day at some point. Don’t we? Everyone has some kind of morning routine, whether it’s a planned one or not. Whether it’s effective or not. However, only a few people actually…

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  • simple monthly workout planner

    Simple Monthly Workout Planner

    admin December 27, 2018

    Hi guys! I hope you have all been enjoying the holiday week. We’re currently in between Christmas and New Years Eve- that period of time where we have no idea what day of the week it is. In this period we’re all just trying (and struggling) to recuperate from all the food we’ve had and slowly get back into our regular routines, diets, etc…… well at least until New Years…

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