Easy DIY Felt Mini Notebook Covers!

January 10, 2019
A mini composition notebook covered in yellow felt paper.

You guys, I’m SO excited to share with you all my very first DIY on the blog because I am a major DIY girl! I love trying out new DIYS. And if you do too, you are in for a treat today! I have decided to share a very simple DIY that does not require many supplies. So, whether you want to create a cute mini notebook for yourself, need a good gift idea, love crafts or you just simply love DIY’s (because who doesn’t?), I will show you how to beautify mini notebook(s) in less than 20 minutes! Are you ready?

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A mini composition notebook covered in yellow felt paper.

DIY Notebook Covers

Supplies You Need:

  • Mini Composition Notebooks (they sell a pack of 3 for $1 at the Dollar Store)
  • Felt Squares (you can choose any color you like)  
  • Tacky Glue (again, you can find this at the Dollar store!)
  • Scissors 

Decorations of your choice:

  • Autocollants Stickers (Inspirational stickers)
  • Regular Stickers
  • Lace Ribbon
  • Washi Tape


1. Cut the felt to the size of the notebook, for both the front and back cover.

2. Add glue to the front cover. And then the back cover after completing step 3.

3. Paste the peace of felt on both the front and back cover.

4. Add decorations of your choice (stickers/ribbon) to the front cover.




And there you have it! Did you see how easy it was to turn a very basic and cheap notebook into a cute must-have notebook? You definitely have to try it out, yourself. 

PS: You can follow the same process with notebooks of any size! 

Until next time,



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