Easy Tips To Be More Feminine This Summer

Best easy tips to be more feminine this summer!

Looking for good tips to be more feminine this summer?

It’s that time of the year again when everything’s bright and colorful. Summertime is a happy time! The flowers have bloomed, the oceans are calm, and the sky is clear blue. Summers naturally bring out the femininity of the women even more. In this post, we’re going to look at how you can develop your femininity to the fullest in the summer. You can maximize this time to explore your feminine side and incorporate it into your daily lives. Are you ready to find out how to be more feminine this summer?

easy tips to be more feminine this summer

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Easy Tips To Be More Feminine This Summer


It’s so incredibly easy to dress femininely in the summertime because of the typical feminine clothes like dresses and skirts. We don’t have to put in the effort to look feminine without wearing floral dresses every day because it’s legal in the summers. Haha!

Another cool thing about dressing femininely in the summertime is, that you don’t have to hide behind layers of clothing like in the winter and it’s really easy to show your feminine silhouette with clothes.

1. Bring out your flowy dresses

Flowy dresses with floral prints, beautiful ruffle sleeves, and flowy bottoms should be a staple in your wardrobe for this season. Wearing clothes made up of thin material which is more on the flowy side and hugs you in the right places to show your silhouette is what we’re trying to achieve here. Wearing dresses makes you feel romantic, beautiful, and ladylike. Dresses are more comfortable than wearing a T-shirt and jeans in the summer.

2. Wear silk/satin outfits

I find silk to be such a light material to wear in the summers. It looks so delicate and classy, and the best part? The fabric is so cooling on the body, you won’t have to deal with the heat when wearing a flowy silk dress.

3. Go with light colors

Wearing dark colors in the summer makes you feel hot and takes away from the overall freshness of the look. When in summers, ditch out all your black tops and tees as we already have enough of them in the winters.

4. Look dainty with laces & cotton dresses

Just like silk, cotton dresses are delicate too and make you look and feel so fresh. Cotton is a natural heat absorbent so you don’t have to worry about feeling hot or sweating throughout the day. Cotton dresses are the breeziest of all.

5. Play around with skirts

Unlike jeans, skirts allow air to flow through the fabric and thus not get sweaty like you would in your jeans.

6. Try open-toe footwear

Open-toe footwear is the way to go when we enter the summer months. Our feet tend to produce so much heat and sweat during the day so it’s very important to wear something that allows the air to flow through to not accumulate sweat and dirt.

7. Embrace accessories

Scarves, hats, sunglasses, etc. are some of the accessories that are so feminine and add beauty to your personality. And these accessories are not just to add beauty but they also act as functional pieces. Hats are great at keeping you away from the sun and saving you from the heat on your face. Scarves add character to our hair but at the same time protect your neck from sweat when you put your hair up. Sunglasses make you look so classy, at the same time they are great at protecting your eyes from the sun.


Femininity is tightly linked to sensuality which means embracing how things make us feel. A feminine woman is deeply rooted in enjoying how her body feels in the moment and expressing her creativity.

Summers are the best time to explore your sensuality by going outside and feeling the rays of the sun on your body, listening to the birds chirping as well as feeling the wind in your hair.

Nature is always described as a feminine thing, that’s why we call it ‘mother nature. We can learn so many things as feminine women from nature alone like, creativity.

You can do your everyday activities outside in nature during the summer months such as journaling, eating, writing, gardening, doing your hobbies, and even sleeping outside during the night sometimes. It doesn’t even have to be somewhere far; you can take pleasure in these activities in your backyard.

When you do things in nature it makes you grounded and calm. I highly recommend you to not wear shoes outside when in nature. Let the moist grass touch your feet, let yourself feel the coolness of the soil, let yourself smell the fragrance of fresh flowers, and allow yourself to embrace the femininity that nature brings out in you. If that doesn’t sound like a fun thing to do, let’s look at some cool outdoor activities we can do this summer:

1. Hiking in the forest

Hiking is a great way to enjoy nature and spend time with your friends and family. It allows you to explore new places and you get to experience the best of what nature has to offer like rivers, ponds, fountains, birds, animals, and everything that makes your hike memorable. It’s such a fun way to exercise and enjoy the beautiful scenery alongside while you burn them calories.

2. Berry Picking

There’s just something amazing about picking ripe berries off the vine, closing your eyes, and enjoying every bit of the juicy goodness of the fruit. From children to the elderly, everyone loves berry picking in my opinion. Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries, all of this juicy goodness can be picked to make jams, pies, and muffins. Is it even summer without jams and pies? Haha! Of course not.

3. Stargazing

Even though you can stargaze any time of the year, it’s extra special in the summertime. Laying on the cool grass, with the wind blowing slowly across your face and the stars twinkling like glitter in the sky. Stargazing is undoubtedly one of the most surreal experiences you’ll ever go through. You don’t just get to see the stars but also meteor showers, the sight of the broad Milky Way, and the shooting stars.

4. Picnicking

It’s the perfect weather during the summertime to go on a picnic with friends and family. The weather is warm and sunny outside just as it should be to enjoy it. You can have a great menu prepared for the day and can also host a camping party in the evening.


It’s so important to beautify your home, not to show off on social media but to create a space that’s comforting, warm, and inviting. Your home should be a place that you feel excited to go to and feel a complete sense of rest. That are so many ways that you can romanticize your home such as:

1. Add feminine wallpaper

Wallpapers are a great way to add texture, beauty, and character to your home. It changes the mood of the house completely and enhances it by making it warm and colorful. It showcases your home’s personality and provides meaning to the empty, boring spaces.

2. Add fresh flowers

Fresh flowers bring natural beauty and it’s the easiest way to add a feminine touch to your home.

3. Add more prints

Mixing and matching different prints in your table cloth, bed sheets, pillows, etc. can add a soft, romantic feminine touch to your space. Having prints on your decor items adds fun, color, and vibrancy to the mainstream beige and white furniture spaces.

4. Use your expensive dining set

I know we ladies like to put the best things away and never use them because we don’t want the items to get dirty or damaged. But what’s the use of buying beautiful kitchen items and keeping them as a showpiece? If you’re trying to level up your femininity game in home decor then start using those pieces that you so easily put in your cupboard.

5. Add more color to your space

Adding color to your home, especially soft, light colors to bring out playfulness and creativity in the summertime is the way to go. It doesn’t only have to be the walls, it can be your bed, couch, or even coffee table.

6. Bring greenery into the house

Bringing the elements of nature into the home is always a good idea. Making your kitchen garden and decorating the spaces with house plants will create a fresh and calm indoor environment. These house plants bring life into your home in addition to being beautiful.

7. Decorate with fairy lights

Are you also obsessed with fairy light decoration ideas on Pinterest? This time I suggest we take it even further and decorate the garden with fairy lights to give a romantic and whimsical vibe to your home.


I hope these tips to be more feminine this summer were able to bring warmth to you and open your heart toward exploring the femininity within you. The essence of femininity is to love being a woman and I wanted to remind you exactly that through this post. Let me know in the comments which of these tips resonated with you and which best practices are you going to implement in your life to level up your feminine journey.

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