How To Choose The Best Hair Clippers: WiseBarber Guide.

How To Choose The Best Hair Clippers: WiseBarber Guide.

AD | Wondering how to choose the best hair clippers? In this ultimate WiseBarber guide, I’m showing you how to choose the best hair clippers. Every gentleman needs a hair clipper of their own, whether for home use or to take along to the barbershop. However: Shopping for hair clippers for the first time without proper guidance is never a great idea. You are likely to wind up with a device that won’t serve the intended purpose effectively. In this post, I will put in your hands the complete guide on how to choose the best hair clippers.

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How To Choose The Best Hair Clippers

1. Consider your hair barbing skills and experience

Some clippers are easier to operate and barb with for beginners. Others are sophisticated with extra features that can be handled by professionals alone. Luckily, most manufacturers brand each model as either “Professional” or “Beginner”. So, if you’re new to hair barbing and are buying a clipper for home use, go for a beginners-rated one

Psst….you can check this top-rated clippers list of both home-use and professional cutting devices.

2. Examine the motor

Just like the engine in your car, the motor of your hair cutter is literally the powerhouse. A powerful motor makes for an efficient clipper that lasts long. But it comes at a high price. There are three types of hair clipper motors namely magnetic, rotary, and pivot. Hair clippers with pivot motors offer low cutting speed. They are used for barbing thick, heavy, wet hair. On the other hand, magnetic motors are associated with high-speed cutting clippers for trimming no-frails and voluminous hair. Lastly, clippers with rotary motors are the best. They are versatile, durable, powerful, and will cut both wet and dry hair at a reasonable speed.

3. Review for maneuverability

Some clippers have cords while others do not. The good thing about cordless clippers is that you can maneuver them without wire restrictions. Sadly, while corded clippers can be used when charging, you’ll have to wait for their cordless counterparts to recharge once out of power. This can cause operation interruption or delay.

4. Evaluate for durability

It’s always worth checking out what housing shell your hair cutter is made of. Some clippers have high-quality ABS housing that withstands stress and heat. On the other hand, others clippers are encased in cheap plastic that breaks easily when dropped. Plastic shells also heat up to cause handling discomfort when used over a long period.

5. Choose blades wisely

Blade clippers come in different sizes and materials. Basically, there are two blade materials namely ceramic and steel. Steel blades are the most durable but heat up faster on clippers with high-speed motors. Contrary to this, ceramic blades are fragile but retain their sharpness longer.

Also, ceramic blades are more expensive than their steel counterparts. However, ceramic blades stay cool even when used on clippers with the highest-speed motors. You have to make sure your clipper comes with the blade sizes you need. This is because some haircuts are impossible to achieve if you don’t have the right blade size

For example, the blade size 1 is the ideal size for a Buzz Cut. In addition, if you have a busy lifestyle, always go for haircutters with self-sharpening blades.


When choosing hair clippers, you should consider your barbering skills level and experience. After that, you should choose a clipper that is durable, easy to handle, offers high cutting precision, and aligns with your budget. Remember that some clippers are rated high-maintenance while some are easy to maintain. By the way, if you need some powerful hair tips, these simple hair loss solutions work like charm. If you have a question or want to share how you have successfully bought some of the best hair clippers, use the comments section below.

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