How To Create A Pinterest Pin That Actually Converts

How To Create A Pinterest Pin That Drives Traffic

Struggling to create a pinterest pin that drives traffic to your blog? While pinning aesthetic pins to your boards makes your account look dreamy, it takes more than an aesthetic image to drive traffic to your blog! If you’re using Pinterest to grow your blog/business, you need to create pins strategically and effectively. The goal is to create well-designed pins that convert without spending hours and hours creating them. So, if you’ve been having a hard time creating pins that convert, or you’ve never created pins before, below I’ll show you how to create a pinterest pin that converts from scratch and using pinterest templates.

How To Create A Pinterest Pin That Actually Converts

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How To Create A Pinterest Pin From Scratch


First things first, you’re going to need Canva! I have been using Canva Pro for awhile now, but when I first started my blog, I would only create pins using the free version. So, if you’re not ready to upgrade your account just yet, not to worry! You can quickly create a free canva account. So, go create your Canva account before we continue. I’ll be waiting for you here. And if you already have a Canva account, let’s continue!


Now that you’re logged in to your Canva account, it’s time to choose the right size for your pin. So, go to the homepage and type in “Pinterest Pin” on the search bar. A few options will show up, but you’re going to want to click on the first option: pinterest pin

search bar: pinterest pin


Once you click on “pinterest pin”, a whole bunch of Pinterest pre-made pin templates will pop up. However, you’re going to click on the first option: create a blank pinterest pin because we’re creating the pin from scratch.


Before we start designing our pin, let me give you a quick rundown of the features you can use in Canva.


A good and catchy pin always include an image. When people are scrolling through Pinterest, the images that you use in your pins can either captivate their attention or make them scroll right passed your pin. So, it’s important to not only include images in your pins, but to choose them wisely! Luckily, Canva makes it very easy for you to use images on your pins. In fact, you have three options when it comes to adding images to your pins:

OPTION 1: Upload your own images.

Whether you want to use stock images from free sites or paid stock membership sites, you simply have to upload your images in the “upload” section and then drag those images to your pins. It’s that simple!

upload media to canva

OPTION 2: Use Canva’s FREE photos.

If you want to use the free images that Canva already provides, just go to photos, and type in a keyword related to whatever topic your pin is about. So, if I’m creating a pin for a fitness post, I’ll type in fitness keywords in the search bar.

For the sake of this post, I’ll be creating a pin for this blog post: 20 motivational fitness quotes to get you to workout

So, some of the keywords I would type in to find the perfect photo are:

  • fitness girl
  • fit woman
  • exercise at home
  • woman exercising
canva photos

PS: free photos are labeled: FREE. Meanwhile, paid photos are labeled: PRO

OPTION 3: Use Canva pro photos.

If you have Canva pro, you can use either free or paid images. Since I have Canva pro, the majority of photos I use are pro. However, there are some occasions where I’ll use one of the free images, too! This is up to you.


You can filter your photo by colors, orientation, and availability. If you just want free photos to show up, then click on the free box and click apply filters. And if you only want pro photos to show up, click on pro and then apply filters!

filter photos in canva

Something I like to do to discover more photos is play around with the colors (My sister taught me this neat hack!) This will helps me find photos in the colors I want. So for this example, I have chosen to filter the images by a beautiful shade of pink. After filtering the images, this is what the results look like now:

canva filtering photos example


Although Pinterest is a very visual social networking app, search engine, or whatever you want to call it, pins that convert into link clicks are pins that have text! So, make sure to always add text to your pins! Pin images are great to save to boards, but pins with text are the ones that bring in the traffic! So, make sure to include headings, subheadings, and regular text in your pins to make them stand out.

canva text

In Canva, there are free fonts and pro fonts. So if you’re using the free version of canva, you’ll only have access to the free fonts! But don’t worry, there are plenty fonts for you to use. In this post, I shared some of my favorite free fonts on Canva! And if you’re using the pro version, then you can choose between free and pro fonts!

Here are some font posts that you will find helpful:


The last major feature that you need to worry about when creating pins is the elements feature.

canva elements


  • Create logos
  • Add image frames
  • Add overlays
  • Include fun graphics
  • Add arrows

And once again, there are free and pro elements! So, depending on the version you have, you can play around with elements and add them to your pins!


Now that you’re familiar to the main features in Canva, it’s time to start designing your first pin! Below, I’m going to share my process of creating a pin.

1. Come up with a title for your pin.

Brainstorm, research, and finally create a catchy seo-optimized title with keywords.

Gabby’s Pin Example: 20 short and powerful workout quotes for women

2. Add your title to the pin.

Make sure the fonts you choose are clear, appealing, and bold. Do not use distracting fonts/font colors and stick to only 2-3 fonts! Overtime, you’ll come to realize that LESS is MORE on Pinterest. So get creative, but keep it simple.

Gabby’s Pin Example:

  • “20”: font: gilham bold and size: 150
  • short and powerful workout quotes” font: gilham and size: 60
  • “women” font: featherly” and size : 200

3. Add your URL to the pin.

Pins get stolen way too often on Pinterest, so make sure to always include your url or logo in all of your pins. Also, adding your url/logo will also help people recognize your pins more. So, don’t forget this step!

Gabby’s Pin Example:

  • “” font: gilham thin, size: 24, and lettering: 775

This is what my pin looks like so far:

canva pin example

4. Add an image.

Browse through Canva’s photos or your own and add an image to your pin! You can add more than one image if you’d like, but I usually only add one.

5. Play around with your design.

  • Decide whether you’re going to keep your background white, change the color, or use an image as your background.
  • Play around with the positioning of your titles, image, and url.
  • Include text overlay whenever your text is over an image, or if you want to make certain text stand out.
  • Play around with the color of your fonts! I like using black for my titles, but sometimes I’ll change the font color of a keyword or number.
canva pin example
canva pin example

After adding all the important text, I decided to play around with the template and make the following additions/changes:

  • Changed the font color of the number 20 and the word “women”
  • Added an overlay to the url text and changed the url font color to white.
  • Changed the position of the title and went from having 4 lines to 6 lines.
  • Added an image and placed it under the text.
  • Included a white text overlay and a mauve element under the white to create an outline.
  • Made the phrase “workout quotes” bold

If you want to check out more pins I have created, you can check out my Pinterest account, here!


Once you’re finished designing your pin, it’s time to save it! If you’re saving a regular static pin, download your image as a PNG size: (1,500x+) and make sure to name your file for SEO purposes! I always name my file after the title I use for the pin. So in this example, I would name my file: “20 short and powerful workout quotes for women” And if you want to create an animated pin, simply click on “animate” choose an animation and then save your pin as an mp4 video!


Finally, upload your pin to Canva! You can either publish the pin immediately or schedule it for another day. I created a graphic to help you publish pins to Pinterest quickly and effectively.

So, follow this template whenever you’re uploading pins to Pinterest:

publishing a pin to pinterest template
  1. Upload your photo.
  2. Save pin to the most relevant board.
  3. Use the same title you used in your pin as your title. Feel free to add more keywords if you want too, just make sure to not stuff keywords!
  4. Create a SEO optimized description that includes a call-to-action. I like restating my title, adding 1-2 questions with keywords, briefly stating what the blog post is about, adding a call-to-action at the end, and including 3-5 relevant hashtags.
  5. Add alt text describing your pin. This is a new feature on Pinterest, but if using it means making your pin more accessible to others and adding more keywords, then it’s worth using!
  6. Include your URL. Every pin should have a destination, so make sure you always include the link you want your viewers to visit when they click on your pin.
  7. Publish immediately or schedule for later.

How To Create A Pinterest Pin Using Templates

If you want to save time and energy creating pins, then I highly recommend using Pinterest templates. By using Pinterest pin templates, I am able to create tons of pins for myself and my clients in just a few hours. So, if you’re going to use Pinterest templates, follow these steps to create pins:

  1. Create, download, or purchase Pinterest templates.
  2. Open up the templates on Canva.
  3. Switch out the templates titles and photos.
  4. Play around with fonts, colors, and elements.
  5. Save your pin.
  6. Upload/schedule pin.
  7. And repeat!

Don’t know what Pinterest templates to use? Check out the Pinterest templates packets I have in my Pinterest templates shop, here!

ultimate pinterest templates shop

Another Option To Create Pins

And if you absolutely despise creating pins or don’t have time to create pins, let me help you! I offer affordable pin creation packages for bloggers who need pins instantly. Or if you need someone to manage your Pinterest account, I also offer Pinterest management services. You can learn more about my pinteres services, here!

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Whether or not you have created pins before, I hope you were able to learn how to create a pinterest pin that will boost your traffic! Did I miss out any other tips? Let me know in the comments below what other pin creation tips or hacks you would add to the post!

Until next time,

Gabby Abigail

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