How To Create A Unique Color Palette For Your Brand

how to create a unique color palette for your brand

Creating a color palette for your brand may be one of the most exciting and overwhelming things to do. Although coming up with a color palette and logo from scratch can be overwhelming, it’s something that you can’t just overlook, ignore, or set aside (the sooner you figure it out, the better!) Why? Simply put, your brand is the essence of who you are as a business and it’s what differentiates you from other businesses. And I’m if you’re here reading this it’s because you’re aware of this. Your business/brand should be unique. So, whether you want your business to stand out from other business, have it’s own aesthetic, and personality, today I’m going to help you create a unique color palette for your brand

how to create a unique color palette for your brand

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If I were to ask you what colors come to mind when you think of big brands like McDonalds and Facebook, what would you say? I’m sure the colors yellow and red came to mind when you heard the word McDonalds, right? And I’m sure blue was the first color that you associated with Facebook! Pretty insane how quickly you can associate those brands to their colors, isn’t it? Well that’s the power of branding. While an attractive logo can be alluring, colors are memorable. This is why it’s important to create a color palette that will not only make your brand stand out, but will also help your audience remember you and recognize you from other brands.  


Although there are many ways you can go about creating a color palette for your brand, Canva is by far the easiest and most convenient option. If you’ve never used Canva before, what are you waiting for? Canva is my go-to platform to create graphics for my websites and social media because it has a lot of helpful features and it is very user friendly. 


Hex color codes in Canva

When I just started using Canva, I wasn’t aware that every color had a color hex code. So, every time I would create a new graphic, I would use different colors. Unfortunately, I’d only be able to use a color once and it would be gone forever. So, every design I created would consist of similar colors but never of the exact color because I didn’t know how to pull up the same color again. 

Recently, I discovered that the only way to locate the same color is by entering the color hex associated to that particular code. Although it’s embarrassing to admit, It took me a some time to realize that colors aren’t really labeled by names but my codes.

Seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? Yep, tell me about it! 

Differentiating colors in Canva

If you didn’t know (like me), colors aren’t differentiated by names, but by codes. There could be a handful of colors named “Tan” but every color has a hex that makes them different from each other. Makes sense? I know, it took me a bit to realize this too, haha! Anyways, once you know the code of a color (ex: #CEA78C), you can always locate the same color again.

This feature allows you to create a color palette for your brand without paying anything. All you have to do is play around with the colors in Canva, find colors that you like and manually save them for future reference!  

NOTE: Unless you have the paid version of canva, you can not directly create a color palette on Canva. However, there is an easy way you can save colors and create a color palette for your brand without investing any money. Keep reading to find out! 


When you open up a new design in Canva, you have to click on the color wheel icon in order to find a color to use.  

color wheel


This is where you type in a color name or a code to locate a specific color. 

color search bar


Once you have found a color you like, you click on the + sign and it will open up a gradient of the color you have chosen with it’s code number

Find Canva Code


A color code is pretty much a combination of letters and numbers that create a color. 

Canva Code

How To Create A Unique Color Palette For Your Brand

Discover colors for your color palette

Now that you are familiar with the basic tools, let’s start finding colors! 

There are four different ways you can discover colors YOU like on Canva. 


The first way you can find a color is by typing in a color you like in the color search bar.

You can type any color name like blue, nude, teal, etc. 

For example I chose to type in “tan” and all of these colors popped up.

color palette in canva

What’s really neat is that Canva not only shows you colors named “tan” but they also show you customed palettes where you can choose other colors from! Look at how many pretty colors pop up!

In this case, let’s say that I want to choose the third color in the palette named “Right on time

If I were to choose that color, I would simply:

1. click on it

2. hit the x button on the search bar

3. lastly, click on + to discover the code of the color. 


If you are struggling to come up with color combinations, let Canva help you!

Canva has a free color palette generator where you can upload a photo and they’ll create a color palette for you that consists of 5 different colors.

What’s really convenient about this method is that you can center your brand around a photo you like, your profile photo, a drawing, or even a photo of you (like I have chosen for this example!) 

Once they generate a palette for you, they include the name and code of each color! For example, they generated a gorgeous palette of colors:  #CEA78C, #DBCEC0, #4A4846, #AA8873, and #806e61 based on the photo that I uploaded. How cool, right?

Gabby color palette


Another incredible feature that Canva offers is a Color Wheel page. 

You can use their color wheel to generate any color you like! 

It’s so fun to play around with the hue, saturation, and luminance to create the perfect color. 

Once you create a color, you can choose a color combination to add to your palette. In other words, you can choose a second color to add to your palette based on the first color you created. 

Some of the color combinations you can choose are:

  • Complementary – this combination consists of two colors from the opposite side of the color wheel.
  • Monochromatic – this combination consists of three colors with different shades, tones, and tints of one base color. 
  • Analogous – this combination consists of three colors from the same side of the wheel.
  • Triadic – this combination consists of three colors that are evenly spaced on the color wheel.
  • Tetatric – similar to triadic, this combination consists of four colors evenly spaced on the color wheel.

What I love about using the color wheel is that once you find the color you like, the code for that color and the color’s combinations are automatically shown to you! 

Color wheel website


This method is very similar to the last method we talked about! 

What I like about this specific method it’s that you can choose a color from the color wheel straight from the page you’re creating your design. As you can see in the image below, I was playing around with the color wheel and chose the color #845544 – a brown shade – and made it the background color of the design I was creating. The only difference between this method and the previous one is that you can’t get as specific with the colors in this method because you can’t contol the hue, saturation or luminance of the color! However, this method is still very convenient! 

color 845544 in canva

How to save colors to your color palette

Once you find colors you like, you have to save them! 

I like to save the colors as I find them that way I don’t lose them in the process. 


1. First, I open a page in Canva and make the background of the design the color I am trying to save.

2. Then, I add a box of text and write the code of the color.

3. Finally, I add another box of text to add a name for the color! I only come up names for colors if I wasn’t able to locate the name of the color already!

Here are a few examples of colors I have saved in the past:

color #b9d1d6
color #ffe5d4
color #e8bfa6

Create a color palette on your computer

I created a folder in finder named “Colors” to save all of the colors I find. Inside this folder, I created a different folder for every palette that I create. For the purpose of this post, I have created a palette using 5 colors. I took a screenshot of the files inside of the folder and as you can see I have only added the colors of this palette to this folder. 

So, basically, every folder represents a different palette. Every time I need to refer back to a palette, I can just click on it’s folder and baam I have the palette, the colors and the codes right there for me.

a color palette in Mac

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I hope you found this post helpful! If you haven’t created a color platte for your brand yet, hopefully you will now!:) I absolutely love playing around with Canva and discovering new features all the time. So, let me know if you would be interested in reading more Canva related posts.

Until next time,

Gabby Abigail

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