How To Master Pinterest – Tips From A Pinterest Expert

How to master pinterest - tips from a pinterest expert

Have you been struggling with Pinterest? Has your blog been drastically affected by the new Pinterest algorithm update? Perhaps, you’ve been trying out new strategies and none of them seem to work. Or, you’re tired of creating and scheduling a batch of pins only for them to get 0-30 views? Well, if you can relate to any of this, you’re in the right place. Although the new algorithm update has shaken things up for all Pinterest users (you’re not the only one), I’m here to tell you that Pinterest still works! However, since I am no Pinterest expert, I have reached out to Ell from ellduclos and bossgirlbloggers, a well-known Pinterest expert, and asked her to share her best tips to help you master Pinterest, adapt to the new algorithm update, and grow your blog traffic! 

How to master pinterest 11 tips from a pinterest expert pin

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Mastering Pinterest With Ell

Before we get into the actual interview with Ell, I’d like to properly introduce Ell to you.

Get to know Ell from Ellduclos

For those of you who don’t know, Ell is a successful full-time blogger who runs two blogs: ellduclos and bossgirlbloggers. She is currently generating over 100,000 blog views every month and has a community of over 40,000 bloggers!

What’s her secret, you may ask? Pinterest marketing

With over 6.8 million monthly viewers on her lifestyle Pinterest account and 1.2 million monthly viewers on her blogging tips Pinterest account, Ell manages to get thousands and thousands of blog views daily from Pinterest.

Ellduclos Pinterest Account
Bossgirlbloggers Pinterest Account

And even after the algorithm update, Ell has been able to grow her blog traffic and increase her revenue effectively. In fact, she recently tripled her monthly blog income this June and made her first $10,000 (click here to read exactly how she did it) So, it’s pretty safe to say that Ell knows what she is doing on Pinterest! 

Learn Pinterest marketing with Ell

Now, I know what you’re thinking….

Only bloggers like Ell can master Pinterest and achieve those results

“I don’t know how to use Pinterest to grow my blog/business

I can’t possibly get those results

Well, guess what? IT IS POSSIBLE

Don’t neglect Pinterest marketing

I also had my doubts when I started blogging and thought that it wasn’t possible for small bloggers/new bloggers to get results from Pinterest. So, I pretty much neglected Pinterest marketing my first year of blogging and unfortunately missed out on so much traffic! Even though I regret not hopping on the Pinterest train early on, I am so glad that I FINALLY did during quarantine. 

In quarantine I decided that it was about time to stop doubting myself and time to start learn everything I could about Pinterest marketing. So, I took Ell’s affordable Pinterest course (aff link) and have been following it ever since! After taking Ell’s Pinterest course, not only have I been able to grow my monthly viewers on Pinterest from 30k to over 3 million monthly views in a few months, but I have also successfully created viral pins that have brought me thousands of blog views!

Take a look at these two pins that went VIRAL! 

A Pin example

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You Can Master Pinterest Too

Even though I’m still working towards my Pinterest marketing goals, I have come a long way since and have surpassed all of the blog views from my first year of blogging in only three months! So, if I can do it, you can too! You’re capable of not only growing your Pinterest account, but mastering Pinterest marketing, as well. Believe it. And luckily for you, Ell has kindly taken some time from her busy schedule to do an interview with me today to share some of her Pinterest marketing knowledge and help you learn how to master Pinterest, even after the new Pinterest algorithm update! 

So, it’s time for me to turn this post over to the Pinterest expert, Ell. 

How To Master Pinterest Interview With Ell

Thank you so much Ell for taking your time to do this interview to enlighten us with foolproof Pinterest tips! 

1. What is the biggest Pinterest mistake bloggers make?

I think one of the biggest mistakes I see bloggers make is that they don’t pin their own content enough. If you don’t pin your own content you won’t get the results you want from Pinterest. Pinterest also recently said that they are prioritizing fresh pins over repins. If you aren’t creating fresh pins often, you are missing out on traffic! 


2. How long does it take to see results from Pinterest?

I always say with the proper Pinterest strategies being implemented you should see results within 3-6 months. If your account is new you need to give it time. Just like anything else, results won’t usually happen right away unless you have a pin that goes viral. It took my account 2-3 months to see results but, my account was already established as I was using it to pin others’ content beforehand. Since my account already had traction, my pins went viral quicker. 


3. How long did it take you?

It took my account 2-3 months to see results but, my account was already established as I was using it to pin others’ content beforehand. Since my account already had traction, my pins went viral quicker. 

4. Why is Pinterest SEO important?

Pinterest SEO is so important because it helps your pins rank in searches. It also lets Pinterest know what your pin is about so they can properly distribute it to the right audience. 

5. What are 3 things all bloggers should know about Pinterest marketing?

  1. Monthly views aren’t as important as link clicks. It’s so easy to want to focus on monthly views on Pinterest because everyone can see them. However, if you aren’t getting link clicks to your blog then your monthly views are pointless. 
  2. Pinterest monthly views will go up and down constantly. It’s very normal to have your views fluctuate. Don’t stress and panic when this happens. Create new pins and continue implementing Pinterest marketing strategies and they will eventually increase again.
  3. You can market more than just your blog on Pinterest. Get creative and market affiliate links, digital products, and even your email opt-in freebies to grow your email list!


6. How do you go about creating catchy titles and optimized descriptions for your pins?

I like to do keyword research. I teach this in my Pinterest with Ell course! It’s also important to use power words in your titles. These power words will help increase your link clicks. I also find adding a call to action helps too. 

7. What should bloggers do to adapt to the new algorithm?

In order to adapt to the new algorithm bloggers should make sure to create new pins every week. I aim for 5 a day. Bloggers should also test out video/animated pins as Pinterest seems to be favoring those right now. Refrain from repinning often.


8. What kind of content performs better on Pinterest?

If you want to create viral pins and content that performs well on Pinterest it’s important to pay attention to what’s trending.

Topics that are trending on Pinterest means that if you create content and pins related to those topics, those pins will most likely perform well. Recipes, DIY, home improvement, personal growth, fashion, beauty, parenting are a handful of topics that usually perform well on Pinterest. 

If you have content that is more specific you most likely won’t get as many link clicks. Broad topics perform better. 

For example if you are a travel blogger a post “50 bucket list travel destinations” will probably perform better than “10 things to do in (a super specific city)” 

9. How can bloggers effectively create pins that convert?

Creating a pin that converts consists of a few things:

  • 2:3 ratio 600 x 900 in size or 1000 x 1500
  • Easy to look at colors 
  • Easy to read fonts 
  • Titles using power words 
  • Add a call to action 
  • Inspiring, high quality images

Canva is a great place to create pins and if you aren’t the best at creating pins, invest in pin templates.


10. How much time should bloggers spend on Pinterest weekly?

I usually spend 30-40 minutes a day and once a week I spend 1-2 hours creating and scheduling pins. 

11. What is your best tip for bloggers who want to explode their blog traffic using Pinterest?

My best tip would be to invest in a Pinterest course that teaches the proper strategies. Implement those strategies for 3-6 months and you should see an increase in your blog traffic! 


Ell's Pinterest Course Description


  • Learn how to properly set up a fully optimized Pinterest account. 
  • Create viral pins that bring you thousands of blog views.
  • Learn how to find keywords and add keywords to your pins to rank high in searches!
  • Drive insane traffic to your blog through Pinterest. 
  • Learn how to use Pinterest marketing to promote your blog posts, sell digital products, and make affiliate sales.

(If you want to take your Pinterest account to the next level, up your blogging game, and learn everything you need to know about creating viral pins, growing your traffic, and monetizing your blog using Pinterest, I highly recommend Ell’s super affordable Pinterest course here! – If I could go back in time, I would have invested in this Pinterest course as soon as I started blogging)


Ell has been blogging since 2017 and since then has created a community of over 40,000 bloggers. She is the creator of Boss Girl Bloggers, where she teaches bloggers how to grow and monetize their blog, and EllDuclos, where she shares her best lifestyle tips!

Ell from Ellduclos


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Ell also has an incredible Facebook Group with over 40,000 bloggers! I’m sure she’d love to have you in it, so don’t be afraid to send her a request! x


Once again, thank you so much Ell for accepting to do this interview with me! I absolutely enjoyed doing this interview, getting to connect with you, and of course, learning more from you! I hope you all found this post helpful and were inspired to MASTER PINTEREST, too! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂 

Until next time,

Gabby Abigail

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