How To Organize Your Home With A Busy Schedule

how to organize your home with a busy schedule

GUEST POST: Have you been having a hard time keeping you home organized because of your busy schedule? Today, Vourneen from The Plain Simple Life will be sharing her best organization tips and will show you how to organize your home with a busy schedule.

Do you feel like you’re always rushing around to get things done? Losing track of where your keys are or forgetting what you need for work in the morning? Life is hectic, and if you’re anything like me, your house can easily get out of control. It’s hard to find the time or energy to tidy up after a busy day at work. But it’s important not to let chaos take over our lives – we all need some form of order in our homes. With a little planning ahead, you can get your house in tip top shape without spending hours every week on chores. The key is to have a plan and you‚Äôll be able to organize your life and home in no time! Below I’m going to share tips on how to organize your home when you have a busy schedule.

How To Organize Your Home With A Busy Schedule

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How To Organize Your Home With A Busy Schedule


Our most productive hours are those first ones after we wake. I often set my alarm for two hours before I need to start getting ready for work and in those two hours, I get more done than I would any evening. I make the bed, get a wash on, straighten up any messes from the night before and pack my lunch. Once I’m done with those items, I have time to make breakfast and have a little bit of me time before starting work.


It might seem impossible, but if you look ahead at what’s coming up in your calendar you can decide what needs to be organized now so that it’s ready when you need it.  If you know that Thursday evening is date night this week, start organizing other tasks that don’t require your undivided attention into other days of the week where they will fit better under tight timelines. That way, when date night rolls around on Thursday evening, everything has been taken care of and you won’t have to worry about anything other than having a great night. 


Don’t get overwhelmed by setting unrealistic expectations that you can’t keep up with. If today is Saturday, maybe don’t set out laundry to do – try picking a day when there’s less going on around the house and work your way up from there.  There’s no need to go overboard and turn something into a chore if you can make sure everything gets done in a reasonable amount of time (or even faster than you thought!)


Give yourself an incentive to get organized! I like to pick one day every weekend where I know that things will be getting messy or disorganized beyond normal levels (Saturday!) When this day comes around, I set myself the goal of staying clean for the whole day. This may seem like an impossible task, but with a little planning you can make it happen! Just pick one or two tasks that will need to be done in advance (like cooking all your meals in advance) and then at the end of the day when everything is done and dinner has been made, you’ll know just how possible it was to stick to your goals throughout the entire day.


Some people are naturally good at keeping organized – they don’t even need to try because they’ve simply got so much self-control. But if you’re anything like me, creating a simple list is probably the most helpful way to get organized.  I have a few lists that I manage with my smartphone, simply typing in each errand as I think of it and checking things off when they’re done  If you need a little extra incentive to stay on track, try rewarding yourself every time you cross one thing off the list! This will keep your enthusiasm going until everything is completed and your home is back in order.


There’s no need to go from cluttered mess to perfect house overnight – not only do you risk losing motivation but it’s also just too overwhelming for anyone! Instead, start at the beginning and work your way through one room per day or even one task per day. Don’t worry about other areas of your home and life – just work on one thing at a time and if you’ve finished it, move on to the next. You’ll find that each task is simple enough to complete in less than half an hour so you won’t feel like you’re stuck doing the same boring chore for hours on end.


Part of staying organized is having help from others, but delegated help can be hard to come by. If there’s anything that needs to be done around your house, ask those close to you first.  They might not always be enthusiastic about it but it’s a great way of keeping the household chores even and teaching the little ones.  You can offer to help them with a task that they’re finding difficult – this is a win-win situation and will keep everyone happy!


It’s all well and good saying you’ll remember something, but unless you’ve got an amazing memory you probably won’t! Personally, I need reminders everywhere to make sure I stay on track with my To-Do list. We all have our phones these days so put your lists on your mobile phone or tablet and set it to remind you when each task is due.  If you don’t want these reminders constantly distracting you, try picking the same time every day (like mid-morning) and then switch off noise and vibration settings. That way you’ll get the reminder but won’t be distracted by it until it’s time to start working on that particular task.


The best way to keep organized is to make sure everything gets done before something else needs doing. If there are any tasks that you can do while waiting for things (such as cooking dinner, ironing or washing up) then do them right away before moving on to the next thing.  Throw them in at the end of whatever you’re already doing and know that when that one is finished, everything else will be too! You can chop vegetables during commercial breaks or fold laundry when you wake up in the morning – just find what works for you and work with it!


If you manage to stick to the same routine every day, then there’s no need for as much planning or erasing and rewriting of To-Do lists. Instead, just keep an eye on what needs doing and do it at the usual times. Have a quick clean sweep before bed every night so you can go to sleep in a clutter-free environment. Don’t forget about weekends – have one big clean all at once plus errands and grocery shopping so everything is spick and span for Monday morning. I try to get everything done and dusted by Saturday so that Sunday is free for relaxing and enjoying a day off.


When you’re in a busy house with lots of people, clutter can easily build up. The best way to keep things tidy is to give everything its own space so everyone knows where to put it back when they’ve finished using it!  Have a decluttering session with the whole family where you declutter your house in one day, room by room. Once everything has a home, you’ll feel so much better. Be mindful of what you bring into your home too. Everything you bring in comes with its own job – that new plant needs watering, that new ornament needs dusting, etc. The less clutter you have in your home, the less work you’ll have to do to keep it clean and tidy. 


Can I let you in on a secret? Nobody’s home is completely perfect. Mine isn’t, your neighbor’s isn’t. And yours doesn’t have to be either. Don’t spend so much time trying to make everything 100% spick and span that you never have time for anything else.  Nobody cares if your dishwasher looks a little bit dirty or the windows are slightly grimy – keep on top of the basics but don’t feel pressured to be spotless! You’ll get things done faster when you’re not fighting with yourself.


As you can see, it’s not always easy balancing your family and work life. But it is possible to organize your home, get more sleep and spend quality time with the people you love. When life gets busy, staying organized can seem impossible. But you don’t have to be a superhero – if you stick with it and work on one thing at a time, then soon you’ll enjoy the benefits of an uncluttered home and more free time for yourself.

I hope this article has given you some helpful tips to get your home in order without the stress of a busy schedule. Your home is a sanctuary, and it should be clear, organized and relaxing for you. It’s time to take back control!  Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed with all of your responsibilities, know that there is a way to organize your home in order to make both worlds co-exist together more peacefully. 


Bio: Vourneen is the creator of The Plain Simple Life where she helps overwhelmed women to regain control of their homes by switching their mindset, decluttering and organizing and introducing simple and sustainable living practices into their daily routines.  

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Thank you so much V for sharing these amazing organization tips with us! As someone with a super busy schedule, these tips have definitely come in handy and have inspired me to organize my home! I hope you all find these organization hacks helpful as well.

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