Is The Quality of Life Higher In Ohio?

Is The Quality of Life Higher In Ohio?

Guest Post: Thinking about moving to Ohio? Emma from will be sharing some of the most important factors to consider for your Ohio move.

Ohio has been named both the best and worst place to live in the U.S. Though opinions may vary, its economic opportunities and high quality of living can’t be disputed. Ohio is one of the best states to live in for anybody who’s seeking a low cost of living coupled with a promising job market. If you’re overwhelmed by the prospect of moving to a completely new state, though, you’re not alone. You can alleviate these woes by doing some research on what to expect, including the job market and living expenses you’ll encounter in Ohio. If you’re thinking about moving to Ohio, below I am sharing some tips for your Ohio move! Is the quality of life higher in Ohio? Keep reading to find out!

Is The Quality of Life Higher In Ohio?

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Anti-Anxiety Moving Preparation

Any kind of move can be difficult, but an out-of-state move is particularly taxing. You can combat moving-induced anxiety, though, by planning in advance, such as working with a professional organizer. Also, start by looking at houses or apartments several months before your intended move date so that you have a good idea of what to expect for pricing.

It can be helpful to compare average mortgage rates with average rents to see whether it’s more affordable to rent or buy a home. In many cases, buying a home may come with a lower monthly cost. Before committing to a home, though, you should secure employment. Then you can look at homes that are nearby your new job.

To find a job, you should start looking as soon as possible before your move date. The more time you have to look, the more prospects you’ll likely have. If you aren’t able to find a good fit that’s a full-time, permanent position, you may widen your search and look for positions that are part-time or contract work.

Connect with a Doctor

Moving can be nerve-wracking in a lot of ways, including having to change healthcare providers. Searching for a new doctor in a new state can be difficult, so you may want to consider finding your doctor online via a telemedicine platform. Meeting with a doctor online can be much more convenient than an in-office appointment because you don’t have to make time to travel and can meet from the comfort and privacy of your home. Another convenience is that an online doctor can send any prescriptions for you to your local pharmacy for pickup. Finding a new doctor can be less stressful!

Cost of Living Figures for Ohio

Ohio is known to have a low cost of living, but it can help to get specific estimates when you’re trying to establish financial expectations. According to research, a family of four faces an average annual food expense of $8,621. This is substantially lower than the national average of $9,354.

By contrast, transplants can likely expect to see a slight rise in their utility bills. Ohio is rated the 13th most expensive state for general utility expenses and the 6th most expensive state for natural gas costs. The total average monthly utility expenditure is estimated to be $447.30 for an Ohio household, which is marginally above the national average of $422.08.

Any aspiring business owners who are relocating to Ohio should be aware of the expenses that may impact their business, too. Class A office space in Ohio costs an average of $22.10 per square foot — compared to a national average of $19.66. Business owners can plan for this and other expenses by creating a business plan. Your plan should include an outline of funding, financial projections, marketing plans, and the company’s internal structure. If you need help when you’re just figuring things out, research how to start a business online. A formation service can help you simplify many aspects of the filing process.


Ohio is a great place to live if you love Buckeye trees — or if you’re simply looking for affordable expenses and high quality of life. You can enjoy a job seeker-friendly economy and affordable groceries while enjoying the natural beauty of the Midwest. If you’re looking to start a business, these factors make it a great place to do so. Make Ohio your home and see why so many people move to Columbus. You can achieve success with your business thanks to the low cost of living in the area.


Thank you Emma for sharing these helpful tips! As someone who currently lives in Ohio, I can say that living here is very wonderful. I experienced what it was like living in big city like New York City and also in a different country like Ecuador. While I enjoyed my time in both places, Ohio is by far my favorite.

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