MacBook Makeover: 11 Tips To Personalize Your Mac

MacBook Makeover: 11 Tips To Personalize Your Mac

AD | Are you looking for easy ways to personalize your mac? Unleash your creativity and make your Mac computer truly yours with these easy hacks. Today I am sharing 11 simple tips to personalize your mac. This guide offers exciting and unique tips to personalize your computer and create a stylish digital sanctuary that reflects your individuality. Are you ready to give your MacBook a makeover?

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MacBook Makeover: 11 Tips To Personalize Your Mac

MacBook Makeover: 11 Tips To Personalize Your Mac

1. Use Custom Wallpapers 

Selecting a custom wallpaper is the easiest method to add personality to your Mac computer.

This can add the required charisma and spunk to your computer to give it an aesthetic appeal whenever you switch on the computer. 

macOS provides you with a plethora of incredibly beautiful wallpapers, but you can take it to another level by using your favorite artwork, photos, and even creating custom designs.

Canva, Pexels, Unsplash, and similar websites offer top-notch quality, free pictures for personal use. 

All you need to do is right-click on your desktop and choose Change Desktop Background.

Then, you can let your creativity shine. 

2. Rename Your Mac Computer 

Most users do not consider changing their Mac computer’s name, but this is one of the quick ways to personalize your device. 

How to rename my MacBook? If this is your question, the answer is simple.

Click the Apple logo > System Preferences > Sharing > enter the name you want for your Mac next to Computer Name. Then, click anywhere outside of the box to change your Mac’s name. 

3. Customize the Dock 

The Dock is an important part of the Mac’s user interface.

You can customize the Dock by rearranging the app icons, hiding the icons, or changing their size. This will help organize the appearance of the Dock and make it appear neat. 

You can quickly drag icons out of the Dock to create space or if you want a minimalist appearance.

You can even toggle on the option of automatically hiding and showing the Dock if you want more space on the computer’s display. 

4. Organize the Desktop 

A cluttered and chaotic Mac desktop can be an eyesore.

It might make it difficult for you to identify and look for files and folders that you need. As a way to personalize your Mac and make it look appealing, you can organize the desktop. You can neatly organize the files into folders or stack them up. 

A decluttered desktop not only makes the screen look visually appealing but also keeps files organized and easily searchable. 

5. Use Keyboard Shortcuts 

You can boost productivity by creating customized keyboard shortcuts.

Go to System Preferences > click Keyboard > Shortcuts.

Then, you can define shortcuts for a plethora of actions, such as:

  • navigating folders,
  • opening apps,
  • or executing specific commands. 

The custom keyboard shortcut must not be the same as system shortcuts, such as Command + C, Command + Spacebar, Command + X, etc. They must be unique.

Then, you can use the shortcuts to streamline your workflow. 

6. Use Personalized Screensavers 

Personalized screensavers can add a touch of personality to your computer during its downtime.

You can find an incredible selection of in-built screensavers.

Or, you can create custom screensavers using videos or images. 

7. Personalize Trackpad Gestures 

You can transform the way your Mac’s trackpad behaves by customizing the gestures.

Head to System Preferences and click Trackpad.

Here, you can personalize the gestures and even modify the actions associated with specific gestures. 

You can create customized taps, swipes, and pinches to navigate through the system, apps and effortlessly manage windows. 

8. Use A Customized Color Scheme 

It is possible to mix and match different color presets for highlights and system accents to create a fresh color scheme. You can do this by navigating to the System Settings app > clicking Appearance and picking a new color under Highlight and Accent color. 

Once you are satisfied with the color scheme, click to Apply the changes.

The custom color scheme will be reflected across boxes, buttons, selections, menus, and other elements. 

9. Use Dark Mode 

If you want to give your computer a dark appearance, you can choose the Dark Mode theme.

This will darken the appearance of your computer, along with elements like app windows, menu bar, the Dock, etc. The Dark Mode theme is easier on the eyes. It will prevent you headaches when using your MacBook during the night or after long hours.

10. Use Custom System Sounds 

You can change the system sounds by using custom sounds.

Head to System Settings > Accessibility > Spoken Content > System Voice and choose a different computer voice than the default one. Moreover, you can personalize the alert sounds of your computer by going to System Settings > Sound > Sound Effects. 

11. Activate Hot Corners 

You can automate some tasks performed on your computer by activating Hot Corners.

Head to the Desktop & Screen Saver preferences pane and then click the Screen Saver tab.

Then, click Hot Corners and use the four corners of the screen to perform actions, such as opening the Launchpad, launching the screensaver, opening the Notification Center, etc.

Activate the actions by moving the mouse. 


Use these tips to transform and give some flair and personality to your your MacBook in no time.

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I hope you found these 11 tips to personalize your mac helpful!

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