The Ultimate Mood Tracker Printable


Keep track of your mood every day of the year with the Ultimate Mood Tracker. Track your happy days and gloomy days, as well as your motivated days and uninspired days. Don’t let your mood on any day go unnoticed! Download, print this mood tracker and begin tracking! XoXo



Keeping track

How can you control your habits if you aren’t aware of the effects they have on you? 

Let me ask you this, were you happy on the 5th of April? How about on the 4th of August? Do you know? How were you feeling those days? Do you remember? Probably not.

These were my moods on those days:

April 5th – Motivated and Energetic

August 4th – Stressed and Anxious

How do I remember, you may ask? It’s simple. I tracked my mood down with the ultimate mood tracker printable. So now I’m able to go back and see how I was feeling those days. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

The Ultimate Mood Tracker Details

A mood tracker helps you notice the patterns in your activities so that you can repeat the habits that make you happy and eliminate the habits that make you sad. 

Track your mood every day of the year and learn more about yourself, your habits, and lifestyle with the ultimate mood tracker printable.

You can easily add this printable to any of your planners, binders, or notebooks.

Page size – 8.5 x 11in Portrait

File Format – PDF

Color and B&W options available for printing.

Due to this product being digital, this product is NON-REFUNDABLE.

NOTE: This is a printable product – you will have to print this on your own. No digital product is shipped!

The Ultimate Mood Tracker Includes:

A grid for 365 days: months on the horizontal line and days on the vertical line

A mood KEY BANK: Including 20 moods and 10 colors to choose from

    • RED – motivated & energetic
    • PINK – happy & blessed
    • ORANGE – excited & optimistic
    • YELLOW – hopeful & grateful
    • BROWN – relaxed & neutral
    • PURPLE – bored & gloomy
    • BLUE – stressed & anxious
    • GREEN – sad & uninspired
    • GRAY – depressed & exhausted
    • BLACK – angry & annoyed

Days in the year section: record how many days in the year you were in x mood

The ultimate mood tracker makes it easy for you to notice patterns in your habits by logging your mood daily, weekly, and monthly.


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