Simple Monthly Workout Planner

December 27, 2018
A monthly workout planner

Hi guys! I hope you have all been enjoying the holiday week. We’re currently in between Christmas and New Years Eve- that period of time where we have no idea what day of the week it is. In this period we’re all just trying (and struggling) to recuperate from all the food we’ve had and slowly get back into our regular routines, diets, etc…… well at least until New Years Eve. Right? Yikes!

Speaking of the holidays, how many of us have actually been loyal to our workout plans? Or did we put our workout plans on hold until 2019? Trust me, I get it! That was me in the past years. I’d begin something and when a great excuse like the holidays would come up, I would fall back and put my plans on hold. Unfortunately, putting my plans on hold meant forgetting my plans all together. How many of you can relate to that? Are you this kind of person as well?  

Thankfully, this year has been different for me. I worked out on Christmas Eve, took the next two days off (the amount of days I usually rest my muscles for, every week), and I am all ready to get back to working out today! I am so EXCITED to get back on track TODAY – something I would have never ever said before. So, what is the difference between this year and the past years for me? Three things.

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Do you ever wonder why many people begin working out and after a few weeks they randomly stop? 

The answer is simple really. They either never started working out with motivation, consistency, dedication or if they did, they lost it along the way. When working out it’s very important to be motivated, consistent, and dedicated in order to achieve great results. These three factors are crucial! 


Motivation is what leads you to create goals and objectives. In order to see change or growth in your life, you have to set goals for yourself. Without a clear goal, there is no purpose in doing something. You shouldn’t just workout to workout, you should workout with a clear goal. Your goal can be to either lose weight, grow muscle, get toned, etc. 

With a workout planner, it is easy to fabricate goals and physically watch them be accomplished. 


While motivation leads you to goals, goals depend on consistency in order for them to be accomplished. 

A workout planner will inspire you to be consistent, because when you write down what you do, you become more accountable for it. With a planner, you will be more conscious of the days that you choose to skip a workout – ultimately making you want to skip less and workout more consistently!


Dedication is what transforms your goals into realities. Dedication helps you stay consistent. You can’t have dedication without consistency, or consistency without dedication.

 A workout planner will inspire you to remain dedicated because you get to reward your dedication by filling in what you have accomplished! And who doesn’t want to see success on paper? 

Considering the three factors mentioned above, I have put together a free printable (workout planner) to help you track down your workouts, stay motivated, consistent and dedicated every month. This workout planner will help you keep track of the days that you workout, the muscles that you work on, and the routines that you choose to follow. I have also incorporated on the side some ideas on which muscles you can work on and challenges you can also follow. 

I typically aim to workout 5 times a week. Therefore, when I complete 10 day challenges, I complete them in the span of two weeks, I do half of a challenge on one week and the remaining half of the challenge the following week. That’s how I do it (in order to give my muscles two days to rest) but you can go about this however you’d like. 

NOTE: These challenges are meant to be added to your workout, not replace your workout. 


Challenge 1: 30 Squats

Challenge 2: 10 Push ups

Challenge 3: 25 Glute Bridges

Challenge 4: 15 Crunches

Challenge 5: 50 Jumping Jacks 

Challenge 6: 10 Burpees

Challenge 7: 5 Minute Plank / Regular plank (2:50 min) & Reverse plank (2:50 min) – You don’t have to do the 5 minutes all at once, you can divide the times up and spread them around in your workout.

Challenge 8: Bella Body Challenge 


This is one of my favorite 10 day challenges ever. Each challenge takes place in a different location – both indoors and outdoors. The Bella Twins do an amazing job in explaining which muscles you target in every exercise and how to properly complete each exercise (regular and modified version). They have even included timers for each exercise. I have completed this challenge myself multiple times and I could honestly never get tired of it. If you’re interested in trying out the 10 Days Bella Body Challenge, I have linked their playlist down below.

VIDEO CREDIT: Bella Twins Youtube Channel 



REST DAYS – although it is important to work hard, remember to let your muscles recover from workouts by taking at least 2 rest days every week! On rest days, you can substitute a workout with a good walk. Remember to always take good care of your body! If you don’t take care of your body, who will? 

MUSCLES COMBO – Some days you can focus on working on a specific muscle. While other days, you can follow workouts that combine muscles. Abs & Glutes? Glutes & Arms? Cardio & Abs? It’s up to you.



  • 10 Minute Ab Workout, click here!
  • 7 Minute Booty Workout, click here!

I truly hope you enjoyed this post. I hope this post will serve you for your fitness journey! Before the year ends, print out the free workout planner that I have provided for you. Start 2019 on a bright note! Don’t let 2019 be like every other past year.  


Until next time,



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DISCLAIMER: All the information/advice/tips given above are to inspire you, not to replace the advice of a fitness professional. Although GABBYABIGAILL has taken much time, consideration and research to ensure the accuracy of the information displayed above, GABBYABIGAILL will not be responsible or liable for any actions taken by your part.

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  • Annelize

    August 6, 2019 at 4:19 pm

    This is so great! I haven’t actually thought of doing challenges, but it sounds like a great plan especially since I need some motivation 🙂 xx

    1. admin

      August 7, 2019 at 4:34 pm

      yes, challenges make working out much more fun! 🙂


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