• How To Find Peace During Difficult Times

    How To Find Peace During Difficult Times.

    admin April 11, 2020

    Finding peace in a troubled world seems impossible and even silly. It’s too much to ask for, isn’t it? I know what you are thinking, “How can I find peace when the world is crumbling down right in front of me, next to me, and besides me” You are right, the world does seem to be crumbling down through every angle that we look. There are tragedies, illnesses, viruses, suicides,…

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  • ESV Interleaved Journaling Bible Review

    admin January 4, 2019

    Studying the Bible is essential for all believers because not only does the Bible nurture our soul, but it thoroughly unravels the mysteries that God has hidden from the world and saved for those who seek him. Noticed how I said “studying” instead of “reading”? There’s a huge…

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