The New Self-Care Is Self-Sustainability

the new self-care is self-sustainability

GUEST POST: In today’s post, Tori will be sharing how the new self-care is self-sustainability.

When we think about caring for ourselves, we usually think of small activities that are considered “self-care” rather than looking at it holistically. Picture the mainstream activities like taking a long bath, doing a workout, or meditating. These are all self-care practices, but they are individual self-care activities that people find hard to schedule into their everyday routine. Have you ever looked at your schedule and wondered how you’ll ever make time for yourself on a regular basis? This is where the idea of self-care shifts to self-sustainability. Using this expression of self-sustainability puts a new word to the practice of caring for yourself. 

how the new self-care is self-sustainability

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The New Self-Care Is Self-Sustainability


Introducing a new concept is tough sometimes… but, let me start off with a novel definition of self-sustainability.

Self-sustainability: consistently implementing and living within all that fulfills you.

When we’re breaking down this new concept of self-sustainability even further, we can look at the two parts of this idea: yourself (self) and the ability to be maintained at a certain level (sustainability). The goal of self-sustainability is to have the ability to preserve our positive energy and maintain the best version of ourselves. This is achieved through the cumulative effects of self-care practices and choosing experiences or opportunities that fill your cup. Through this you can create a balanced lifestyle, easily reach your goals, and mold your mindset to look at your entire routine as self-care.

How To Practice Self-Sustainability

By including things in your life that mean something to you, you will feel more balanced and excited about your day-to-day routine. Self-sustainability is achieved when you’re able to maintain your best self on a daily basis. This is showing up as an energetic, happy, vibrant person through every meeting, class, or outing. The first step in showing up as this person, is determining who this person actually is. The concept of self-sustainability was introduced to me by an amazing self-care warrior, Anna Del Castillo – she posed these two questions to ask yourself:

  • What does it look like when you’re at your best?
  • What does it look like when you’re at your worst?


You’re reading this post for a reason – maybe you’re lacking self-care, going through a life crisis, or starting a health journey… Your critical moment is everything that brought you to this point. Take time and reflect on these 4 areas at this critical moment in your life (adapted from the Audre Lorde Project).  We each need different things to fill our cups…and the only way to determine these needs is to reflect on each area of life. What do you need?


Ask yourself, what do you need to keep your mind right? 

1) Identify your emotional needs and what you need to keep your emotions in check. 

2) Identify your spiritual needs and your priorities in terms of a spiritual practice or dedicating time to improving your spiritual self.

3) Identify your mental health needs, how you can work on healing, and ways that you can be supported during tough times. 


Ask yourself, what do you need to keep your heart fulfilled?

1) Identify what intrinsically motivates you.

2) Identify when you feel connected to yourself and those around you.

3) Identify what fulfills you and brings you joy.


Ask yourself, what do you need to feel in touch with your body?

1) Identify your physical needs (diet, rest, etc.).

2) Identify what type of movement makes you feel good.

3) Identify your health needs and what healing methods work for you (acupuncture, supplements, doctor visits, etc.).


Ask yourself, what do you need to surround yourself with the best environment?

1) Identify where you feel most comfortable.

2) Identify where you feel most focused.

3) Identify what elements you need to be surrounded with to stay relaxed.


It’s important to pour into yourself, especially as someone who focuses too much on making others happy. Self-sustainability includes seeking out work that aligns with your goals, mindset, and passions. It includes making time for “power hour” with a workout, a podcast, and a homemade meal. Going to events that you’re too tired to attend, skipping time to yourself to run an errand for someone else, working a mindless day job just to stay busy – these are all common practices that some of us force ourselves to endure. Why not curate a lifestyle that only includes things that serve us?


If you were to google “self-sustainability” right now then you’d find a bunch of articles that talk about being a self-sufficient person with little help from others. Imagine if you couldn’t call on anyone to support you when you were down, or if you didn’t have anyone to delegate to. It’s important to understand that you can’t do this alone. They say it takes a village – this applies to achieving self-sustainability too. Connection and relationships are just as important as being independent. The only way to make sure you have time for you, is if others can help you make that time.


Tori is a Latina wellness blogger and health coach in training from the East Coast. She created as an outlet to share her knowledge and tips on creating a well-balanced self and to connect with other like-minded people bettering their mind, body, and soul.

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Thank you so much Tori for writing this insightful piece and exploring the idea of self-sustainability being the new form of self-care! As someone who loves all things self-care, I found this new take on self-care very refreshing!

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