Top 8 Benefits of Working Out At Home.

February 8, 2020
A woman is working out at home. She is using a yoga ball to exercise.

Whether you want to build muscle, burn calories, stay fit, or simply be active, working out at at home may be the ideal option for you. I’m sure you have heard of at-home workouts before and have probably seen a lot of fitness influencers like Pamela RF share at-home workout videos, but have you ever considered working out at home yourself? Did you know that there are multiple benefits of working out at home? Yes, the gym is not the only place where you can burn calories, tone your body, and train your muscles. So, today I will be sharing 8 incredible benefits of working out at home.

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Before we get into detail, I’d like to address that by no means am I against going to the gym. 

I actually LOVE the gym – it is one of the greatest places on earth. In fact, this post has nothing to do with liking or not liking the gym.

This post is only meant to help you expand your options, inspire you to workout in a place where you feel comfortable, and know that it is completely okay to workout at home! While there are many positives to working out at the gym, there are also benefits of working out at home! 


top 8 benefits of working out at home



One of the benefits of working out at home is that it is completely free. 

Working out at home saves you monthly gym membership fees and transportation costs (uber, public transportation or gas money!) 

Many people opt to not go to the gym, not because they don’t care about their health and fitness, but because of the expenses that come with going to the gym consistently. 

I completely get it!!! Who doesn’t want to save money? 

Working out at home gives you the opportunity to save some money, even if it’s only $40 a month!

 You could use the money you would spend on memberships, transportation and personal trainers to pay bills/debts, treat yourself to something nice, buy gym equipment for your home or to save for future investments and purchases!


Being able to exercise whenever you feel like it or whenever you are available is certainly one of my favorite perks of working out at home! It’s never too early, late, far away, or crowded to workout. 

You can workout for however long you want, as early or as late as you can and no one can tell you otherwise. There are no restrictions. You are the boss of your time and your workout sessions.

Plus, your “home gym” (click here to choose the perfect at-home location to workout in) will be accessible to you 24/7, regardless of the date or the time. 


“I don’t have time” is probably one of the best excuses people use to avoid working out. 

Well, guess what? Everyone has at least 20-30 minutes to spare during the day. And if you don’t agree, check your screen time and take a look at how many minutes or hours a day you spend on your phone. Yikes, right? We all have time. 

Although I believe we can all make time for a workout (at least 3x a week), I’m also aware of the amount of time it takes to drive to the gym, workout at the gym (change outfits, wait for equipment, etc) and come back from the gym. It’s time consuming! 

While some of us are only a few minutes away from the gym (I personally live 5 minutes away from two different gyms – lucky, I know), others live 40+ minutes away from the gym. Can you imagine spending more time driving to and from the gym than actually working out? What if you could save that time?  

If you workout at home you don’t have to waste extra time driving to the gym, changing outfits or waiting to use equipment. 

If anything, you are able use the extra time to workout longer. Instead of rushing in a 20 minute workout, you can enjoy an effective 45 minute workout with the extra time you have.


The purpose of working out isn’t to watch or measure the progress of the person next to you. 

The person next to you is already doing that! 

If you’re dedicating time to workout, it’s important to use that time wisely to focus on yourself. Instead of focusing on the person next to you, focus on making PROGRESS yourself. Train to burn calories, tone your muscles and to be fit. 

Work on you for you. Don’t let anyone distract you from your goals or your purpose. Make the best out of your workout, every time. 

The only person that can distract you when working out at home (unless you live with others) is YOU. When you workout at home – you can solely focus on YOU. 



Whether you have social anxiety, don’t like crowded places, need your personal space, or don’t like to be watched while working out (completely understandable), working out at home is definitely the ideal option for you. 

When you workout at home, you have all the privacy you want. 

You could workout in whatever (exercise-appropriate) clothes that you want! There is no pressure of looking or exercising a certain way in front of others.

Working out doesn’t have to be yet another anxiety trigger. If you don’t want to be around people while you workout – guess what? You don’t have to be. 

If you have to skip the gym for your mental well being, do so. But don’t skip your workout all together! Did you know that exercise is good for your mental health?


Comparing yourself to others is NEVER okay. 

It is hurtful and honestly….it’s disrespectful to yourself. You are a unique creation of God – you don’t have to look like the girl or guy next to you. You’re extraordinary just the way you are! Your progress is YOUR progress. It doesn’t make sense to compare your day 1 working out with someone else’s day 150th. 

I know that it’s hard to go to the gym and NOT compare yourself (your progress, strength, body) to that fit person lifting 100+ lbs, when you’re just struggling to lift 25 lbs. Although it should be inspiring, it can sometimes be quite discouraging.

Well, when you workout at home, the only person you can compare yourself to is yourself. The only person you have to try to be better than is yourself. 


Is it too hot to go out? It doesn’t matter. 

Is it raining? It doesn’t matter. 

Is it snowing outside? It still doesn’t matter. 

When you’re at home, you don’t have to worry about the weather interfering with your workout. Whatever is happening outside, is happening OUTSIDE. 

When you workout at home, you don’t have to worry about dressing for the occasion, changing into outfits, getting sick because of the weather or driving in the snow and the heat. The weather is simply not your problem. You can workout no matter how cold or hot it is outside. Bye bye snow days. Hello more workout sessions.


Overall, I’d say that working out at-home eliminates about 80% of your excuses to not workout. T

he excuses of not having enough time to travel to the gym, having social anxiety, the weather being too hot/cold, or not being able to afford a gym memebership are all gone. Just like that. POOF. 

Regardless of how healthy you eat, your body will always require physical activity.

Exercising is so important! Of course life happens and what may me accessible to some may not be to others – that is all understandable. However, don’t let obstacles get in the way of achieving your goals. Eliminate excuses and always look for options. There are always options! 

Remember that at the end of the day, the only person that will benefit from working out or be affected from you not exercising is YOU. Only you. 

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Like I said before, this post is NOT meant to discourage you from going to the gym. If you’re able to to go to the gym, definetely go. But, if the gym is not an option for you, please know that it is also okay to not go because there are many benefits of working out at home. Let me know in the comments where you currently workout. 

Until next time,



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  • The Newbury Girl

    February 9, 2020 at 1:25 pm

    You’re totally right that working out at home adds a level of privacy and helps with feelings of self comparison that going to the gym can bring. Do you have any recommendations for getting motivated to work out at home or how to stay focused?

    1. admin

      February 11, 2020 at 6:16 pm

      Should I create a post with tips on how to workout at home successfully??

      1. The Newbury Girl

        February 12, 2020 at 10:52 pm

        OMG pls – I’m desperate for tips!! lol

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