December 21, 2018

To anyone reading this, welcome to my blog (gabbyabigaill.com) I am so happy to have you here! Today is December 21st, 2018 – the day that I launch my blog. I have been waiting for this day to come for quite some time now. When I first created my blog, I knew that I had to launch my blog on a meaningful day. So, I have been holding off my launch until today – December 21st. Why December 21st, you may ask?

Well, since my birthday is on the 31st of December, this is the last month of me being 21 years old. Therefore, I thought it would be perfect to launch my blog on the 21st day of my birthday month while I’m still 21 years old. Yes, I’m that kind of person, haha! Well, now that you know the meaning behind my launch date, let me share with you all what this blog will be about.

This is a lifestyle blog – that will be focused on various topics from anything lifestyle, to fitness, to faith, to organization! yes, I’m a lover of many things (:

Mission of the blog: transform into the best you, for YOU.

A Healthy Body + A Healthy Mind + A Healthy Soul = A Healthy YOU

& A Healthy YOU is the Best YOU

So, whether you’re here for fitness, art, faith, or anything lifestyle related, please join me on this journey! 

Until next time,



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