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Hi there! My name is Gabby. I’m a lifestyle blogger who’s passionate about all things entrepreneurship, blogging, healthy living, and growing.

I love the idea of living a life you love by doing the things you love. And one of the things I truly love is Pinterest. I’ve been blogging for almost two years, but it wasn’t until I started using Pinterest that I actually started seeing results. Pinterest helped me grow my traffic and finally monetize my blog. So, yes, I’m 1000% for using Pinterest marketing to grow your blog/business. And since you’re here, I can assume that you are too! Right?

Well, whether you’re a Pinterest newbie or a Pinterest expert, I want to help make your life just a tad easier (if you let me, of course!) by offering you my pin creation services. I know just how time consuming creating pins can be! So, I want to help reduce some of your workload by creating your pins for you! That’s right – I don’t have to take over your Pinterest account or manage it for you (I’m sure you prefer to do this yourself otherwise you would outsource a Pinterest manager) but I can take over the part where you spend hours upon hours creating pins.

Benefits of Outsourcing Pin Creation Services

Pin Creation Perks

The Importance of Fresh Pins

When I just started using Pinterest for my blog, I would create around 30 new pins every month and repin the same pins over and over again (big rookie mistake!) Did I see results doing this? OF COURSE NOT! I was stuck at 30k monthly viewers on Pinterest for a loooong time and I rarely ever got link clicks! Evidently, the lack of fresh pins was hurting my account and my traffic. After taking Ellduclos Pinterest course, I decided to change up my Pinterest strategy. So, I upped my number to 5 fresh pins daily, then to 8 pins daily, then to 10 pins daily, and recently 15 fresh pins daily! And guess what? My account and traffic significantly grew. I’m currently at 1.4million monthly viewers and I’m getting 300-500 views daily.

So, spending time to produce enough fresh pins daily is well worth it!

Here are 3 things you have to know about fresh pins:

  • The key to success on Pinterest is creating fresh pins that are clickable.
  • Pinterest new algorithm prioritizes fresh pins over repins. So, if you’re only repining, your account will suffer from it!
  • The more fresh pins you have, the more chances there are for you to get impressions and link clicks! (However, be careful to not over do it! Your account can get marked as spam if you post too many pins in a day.)

While creating enough fresh pins daily is essential for your Pinterest and website growth, it’s a never ending job! Since I schedule 15 fresh pins daily and post around 2-5 pins daily in real-time, I have to create around 100-130 pins weekly so that I can have enough pins to post. If your numbers are close to mine, you know just how time consuming creating that many pins can be!

Lucky for you, you no longer have to worry about that. Below, I’m going to be sharing the packages I offer!

Pinterest account @gabbyabigaill

Pin Creation Packages ( Details + Prices)

Basic Package 100 pins – $25.00

  • 100 fresh pins with titles of your choice or 100 fresh pins with keyword rich titles that I come up with (extra $5.00 fee)
  • Time frame: 2 days
basic pin creation package

Standard Package 200 pins – $40.00

  • 200 fresh pins with titles of your choice or 200 fresh pins with keyword rich titles that I come up with (extra $5.00 fee)
  • Time frame: 5 days
standard package

Premium Package 300 pins – $60.00

  • 300 fresh pins with titles of your choice or 300 fresh pins with keyword rich titles that I come up with (extra $5.00 fee)
  • Time frame: 7 days
premium package

Custom Package – $0.25 per pin

  • You can request 50-400 pins with titles of your choice or 50-400 fresh pins with keyword rich titles that I come up with (extra $5.00 fee)
  • Time frame: 5-7 days
custom package


How does the process work?

If you’re interested in any of the packages, send an email to with your request.

Then I will send you a form to fill out with all the information I need to create your pins and your signature.

Once you fill out the form electronically and send it back to me through email, I will send you an invoice with the amount due.

And once the amount has been paid, I will begin working on your pins.

When do I have to pay?

  • Once you fill out this form and send it back to me, I will send you an invoice through Paypal.
  • Work will only be completed after the invoice is paid in full.

In how many days will I receive my pins?

This depends on the package you choose.

1) PACKAGE 1 – 2 days

2) PACKAGE 2 – 5 days

3) PACKAGE 3 – 7 days

4) PACKAGE 4 – 5-7 days

How will I receive my pins?

I will send out your pins using WeTransfer! You should get an email (like the image below) with the option to download the files to your computer.

NOTE: You only have 7 days to download the files to your computer, so even if you don’t need to upload the pins right away, make sure to download the pins as soon as you get the email!

we transfer image

Are there any deals if I become a recurring customer?

Absolutely! If you would like me to create your pins monthly, we can discuss a convenient monthly fee (depending on the amount of pins you want monthly) instead of having you pay for a package over and over again!

Refund Policy:

Considering the nature of the service, I do not accept any refunds.

Interested in my pin creation services? Click here and let’s talk!