How To Spend Time With God In The Mornings

How To Spend Time With God In The Mornings

Spending time with God is so essential to every believer. Unfortunately, we don’t always make time to spend with God because of our hectic schedules. However, we need to remember that we need God daily in our lives in order to be able to tackle the demanding tasks that come with our day. Below I am sharing how to spend time with God in the mornings to help you and hopefully inspire you to make time for God every single day.

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How To Spend Time With God In The Mornings

Spending Time With God Is Essential

Personally I have noticed that the days that I don’t spend time with God, it’s a lot harder for me to have patience and be able to deal with my busy life. Whenever I don’t spend time with God, my spiritual cup feels like its running low and I desperately need to run back to God to help me feel better. 

When you spend time with God first thing in the morning, not only does your mind clear up but your heart opens up. You can see things clearer and your mind is at ease because you remember that God is good and He will always be. You can optimize your life just by spending an hour a day with the Lord.

How To Spend Time With God In The Mornings

If you want to develop an effective morning worship routine, I’m going to share 5 effective habits that you can implement into your routine every morning. These morning habits will help you be able to fully spend time with the Lord and make you feel as though it has made an impact on your spirit.

1. Make Your Morning Time With God Relaxing.

The first thing that you should aim for is to wake up before anyone else in your home is up.

This helps minimize the stress of taking care of others before you fill your cup up with God.

Every time I think about spending time with the Lord, the image comes to mind of an empty cup that I need to fill back up as soon as I possibly can. So, just like we drink our water or caffeine to have energy, we must spend time at the feet of the Lord in order to replenish our spirit daily.

Remember that your spirit and heart are as important as your physical and mental health.

To prepare for a relaxing morning with God you can make yourself a cup of coffee or your favorite drink. There is just something so relaxing and calming about opening worship with your favorite mug in hand.

2. Pour Your Heart Out To God In Your Favorite Journal.

You can use whatever notebook you’d like for your prayer journal.

But this should be private journal where you can write anything you want to the Lord. You can pour out to the Lord all of your fears, worries, and thoughts into this notebook. Or you can use it to reflect.

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Writing to God can be so therapeutic and that’s the best way to put it. Sharing your most intimate thoughts, worries, and fears to God is like writing love letters to your best friend/lover. I always think of my prayer journal as my love letters to the Lord because of what I trust Him with in those letters.

Using a prayer journal will help you pour out your heart to Him and refill your cup each morning.

God appreciates the time we set aside for Him and in return rewards us with peace and happiness.

3. Worship God With Sooting Worship Music.

Worship music is essential to your faith because it helps you grow intimacy with God without pressure. You can do something as simple as play worship music in the background and close your eyes as you turn your thoughts and heart to God. Or you can hum/sing along to your favorite songs. Every single day may be different, but what matters is to genuinely worship the Lord and to focus on Him.

Give various worship songs a listen and give yourself some time to feel the Holy Spirit.

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Some mornings you may find yourself playing music for a long time. Other times, it may just be for a few minutes. It really depends on what you are specifically needing from God that morning.

Worshiping with music and songs is always a great way to grow intimacy with God on a daily basis.

Remember, interruptions are bound to happen when you are praising the Lord. And that’s because life happens. But don’t let that interfere with you worshiping the Lord. For example, if you have a little one, you can have them color next to you or sing with you. Just be sure to give yourself the time to listen to Christian music to worship. The more time you sing to the Lord, the more you can feel an impact.

Think of beautiful it is to worship God in church on Sunday and now picture it every morning for a few minutes! That’s how this devotional time will end up feeling after a few weeks of committing to it.

4. Read Scripture In Your Own Way.

If reading multiple chapters in the morning feels like too much for you to absorb and process early in the morning, try reading only one chapter every morning. Committing to one chapter a day is very realistic. So, you can pick and choose where you want to start to read every morning. You can follow your church and read what they’re reading. You can follow a reading plan. Or you can choose any book in the Bible to read. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll find that any book in the Bible you pick is just right for you.

Reading the Bible is helpful because it adds to your knowledge about the Lord and guides you in how you should live your life. An easy way to make reading your Bible fun and engaging is by highlighting in your Bible. You can also make notes to be able to refer back tot them in the future. Studying the Bible is important for a Christian to do in order to grow a closer relationship with the Lord.

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5. Communicate With God Through A Heartfelt Prayer.

A great way to end your mornings with God is by putting everything aside, closing your eyes and bowing your head to pray. There is nothing like ending every single morning devotional strong with a closing prayer. Out of respect for God, thank Him for allowing you to spend this necessary time with Him. Thank God for letting you fill your cup right up.

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Final Thoughts

Those are the habits that will help you spend your mornings with God daily. You don’t have to commit to an hour, you can commit to half an hour if that’s what your schedule allows you. Just know that as a Christian, you need to crave time with the Lord. Make time for the Lord and watch Him transform your life and fill your cup everyday. I pray this post finds you well and inspires you to spend your mornings with God. Leave a comment down below if you tried some of these morning habits and how you enjoyed them.

Until next time,

Gabby Abigail

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