5 Hacks To Blog Consistently Even On Busy Days

5 Hacks To Blog Consistently Even On Busy Days

What are the secrets to a successful and active blog? Although taking on a 9-5 office job has definitely changed up my schedule and filled my plate with more responsibilities, I’ve still managed to keep up with both of my blogs, my online shop, and make some passive income on the side! How, you may ask? Well, that’s what this post is going to be about. While every blogger has their own way of running their blog(s), some techniques definitely prove to be more effective than others. That’s why today I am opening my book of secrets to share 5 foolproof hacks to blog consistently even on busy days.

5 Hacks To Blog Consistently Even On Busy Days

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5 Hacks To Blog Consistently Even On Busy Days

First things first, I do want to note that as a twenty-something year old with no kids yet only a pup (who btw gives me trouble like a little child would, but I guess it’s still not the same lol), I do have more flexibility with my time than a parent would. So, I can’t speak on behalf of parents. But I can say that if you apply these hacks during the free time slots you have, you’ll be able to manage just fine. Hey, we all make time for the things that are important to us. Parent or not! Anyways, let’s get into the hacks now! 

1. Use your phone, not just your computer. 

For the longest of time, mind you I’ve been blogging almost 5 years now, I’ve mostly used my computer to blog. And while that was always more convenient to me, it no longer works for me with a 9-5 job. 

In this season of my life, I no longer have my laptop with me 24/7 to just open up whenever I’m ready to blog. However, I always have my phone on me. So, what I have found helpful is making the most out of the apps I have on my phone to blog when I’m away from my computer.

These are the apps I use on my phone:

Google Docs

I like using google docs to:

  • jot down blog post ideas,
  • create drafts,
  • and plan out the posts that I want to write next.

It’s so much better than using the notes app on my phone!

You can highlight, underline, change fonts, add links, add photos, and so much more. And you can easily access the same document anywhere by simply logging into your google drive account! 

Google Sheets

If you want to get more organized, I suggest using google sheets! I currently use google sheets to help me keep track of the posts I schedule, the pins I create/post, and the old blog posts that need to be updated. But you can use google sheets to keep track of blogging tasks you need to get done, the income you make, collaborations, etc! And again, this file can be accessed on your phone, computer, or anywhere you are able to log into your google drive account! 


And once I’m ready to write my post, I use Jetpack! Instead of wasting time copying and pasting from notes or google drive or waiting until I’m on my computer to start writing my post on wordpress, I write my blog posts on wordpress straight from the Jetpack app.

On Jetpack you can easily:
  • add headings, photos, links, and other blocks
  • choose categories
  • upload and choose your featured image 
  • save your work to give your final touches on your computer
  • publish or schedule your post 
  • check your stats 
  • view and respond to comments 


I love using Canva for any graphic that I need to make or use in a post! I use Canva for the following:

  • content calendar (we’ll get more into detail later on in this post) 
  • featured images
  • in-post pin 
  • pins for pinterest

These are the 4 apps I use to help me create posts. I use more apps for other blogging tasks, but I think I’m going to create another post to go more in depth on each app I use and why I use each app for my blog! Also, once the post is complete I do make sure to give it one final touch on my computer! I do 90% of the work on my phone and 10% on my computer when I’m home. 

2. Let little tasks ADD up!

The worst thing you can to yourself is pressure yourself to write a certain amount of posts or spend a certain amount of time blogging. Pressure will only produce burnout! So don’t do it.

Instead, do little things here and there during your free time. 

What I like to do is split a blog post into parts. From the concept, to the outline, to writing the post, to publishing, there is so much that comes with publishing a good blog post! So, splitting the post into parts will help you write more posts without pressure or feeling overwhelmed. 

Here are some ideas of small tasks you can do:

  • jot down blog post ideas
  • come up with good SEO-optimized blog post title
  • create a featured image & pin for your post
  • write the intro to a post
  • create an outline for your blog post
  • write a paragraph at a time 
  • write a good meta description  
  • revise your post
  • schedule a post 
  • add links throughout the post
  • add your disclaimers, affiliate links, or ads  
  • create pins to promote post once it is published 
  • compile related posts to include in a “more posts you may like” section of the post 
  • write a conclusion 

You can do all these little tasks throughout the day! 

If you are consistent enough it can take you 1-2 days to finish one blog post in multiple sittings! And if you have more time on your hands, you can do a couple of tasks at once and finish in less time!! 

Personally with a 9-5 (well in my case, a 7-4) I am able to write at least two new blog posts a day when I set my mind to it. I usually aim for one, but if I’m extra focused I get two down with the little time slots I have! 

3. Write posts in bulk when you are motivated. 

Something that I have learned over the years is that you are not always going to be inspired to write.

It’s not realistic. So coming to terms with that is so important! 

Instead of forcing yourself to write a blog post daily, I say to take advantage of creativity bursts and free time to write what you can then! There are weeks that I push out 4-5 blogs posts when I’m feeling extra creative and motivated. But there are also weeks that I don’t write any posts at all. And I’m okay with that because I know that when I’m feeling motivated, I usually make up for that. 

By writing in bulk when you are motivated, you will be able to have blog posts published weekly even on weeks that you don’t write at all! That is how I’ve been able to publish consistently on both of my blogs since I launched my blogs.

I rest when I’m unmotivated, but I make sure to hustle when I’m motivated and have time.

Honestly, it’s all about balance.

I currently publish two new blog posts on my faith blog every single week. I took a little break from doing this on this blog because I’ve been focusing on growing my faith blog. But now that I got the hang of running both blogs and my faith blog has grown a lot, my goal is to publish two blog posts weekly on both of my blogs. How will I be able to keep up? By writing in bulk when I’m feeling motivated! 

4. Switch around between posts to avoid burnout or boredom! 

I don’t know about you, but if I have to stare at the same post for hours without any progress, then that post needs to go to the back burner while I work on another post!

I can’t stand writing and deleting sentences over and over again! Nope nope nope! I refuse to be stuck on one blog post when I can work on multiple at once! This may be a toxic habit for some people, but it has honestly helped me create many posts at a time without getting annoyed! 

I like to start a couple of posts at once and work my way through them! I’ll add a featured image for one post, create an intro for the other, and just add in details to each post as my brain 🧠 decides to!!! 

And bonus points if your blog posts are related!

There will be times that I’m writing a post and suddenly I want to go more in depth on a particular point/topic in the post. So that’s when I’ll create another post to work on, on the side.  

Remember for SEO, the more of an expert you are on a subject, the better!

So you can write about the same topic over and over again as long as you cover different angles, perspectives, questions, and points! 

An example of this would be:

“20 Bible Verses About Being Humble” being the main post, you can come up with related posts like:

•10 Examples Of Humility In The Bible

•What Does The Bible Say About Humility?

•5 Women In The Bible Who Were Humble 

5. Use a content calendar to help you stay ahead of the game. 

If you want to stay consistent, you absolutely have to plan for it.

Don’t expect to publish x amount of blog posts a week without an actual plan. What I like to do in order to stay ahead of the game and avoid losing my mind is the following!

1) Use my content calendar to mark the dates I want to publish a blog post on.

For my faith blog, I like to publish Mondays and Thursdays. So, I mark all of the dates I have to publish a new blog post on my calendar. 

You can do this for the month or you can get ahead and do this for the following months! 

2) Then, I like to plan what blog posts I want to write & publish on those dates. So, I fill out the title of the post I want to publish next to each date. I do try to be flexible with this. So, if I end up writing about something else, I’ll just update my calendar and add whatever post I did not write yet to my list of blog post ideas. 

3) Lastly, I use my calendar as I write new blog posts.

So every-time I write a new post, I go to my calendar and make sure to schedule the post to be published on the day I have planned for on my calendar. Once I do that, I update my calendar and highlight the dates that I have a post scheduled for! This helps me visually see what posts I need to work on, what posts are being published, and how ahead or behind I am with blog post writing! I also use my calendar to jot down any other blogging tasks I need to do.

You can use Canva, google docs, google sheets, or any other app to create a calendar for yourself.

But, if you want to plan and prep like I do, I have created fillable templates on Canva that you can purchase and use and re-use forever for only $5.55! Click here to learn more! (AD) 

🐝 Ideal Blogger Calendar for busy bees! 🐝

Busy Blogger Calendar

Fillable calendar template on Canva 60+ Pages, including:

  • Aesthetic Elements on Canva page,
  • 12 Monthly Fillable Calendar Covers,
  • 12 Fillable Mood-boards,
  • 12 Fillable Goals & Categorize Tasks Sheets,
  • 12 Fillable Week In A Glance Sheets,
  • and 12 Fillable Blog Calendars.

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2,000+ words later and we’ve reached the end of this post. I hope you enjoyed reading these 5 hacks to blog consistently even on busy days and put them to use! Let me know in the comments below which hack you are ready to put to practice first. And remember, my dm’s are open if you need some help!

Until next time,

Gabby Abigail

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